Thursday, July 24, 2014

Real Chance at Love: Season Premiere Recap

Oddly it was circulating through the Internet that the reality show Real Chance at Love would be airing on November 3. However, I turned on the tube last night and was surprised to see the premiere being aired on VH1.

For those who sadly missed it, fear not. VH1 is legendary to re-play their episodes over and over again.

If you are still interested though... you're probably wondering what you missed right?

Well for those who didn't tune in, you missed some lame cat fights that involved nothing but annoying catty verbal threats, and big mouths flapping from the gills. You missed some really nasty, dirty, whorish scenes, and some pretty funny events as well.

For those who are new to Real and Chance, I may as well let you in on who exactly they are.

First I will mention that they are The Stallionaires. A rap music group of their own. You can check out some of their beats on their Myspace pages. Besides that though, Real and Chance are brothers, and they were both dumped by Tiffany Pollard (aka New York), on the I Love New York 2 show. Real was double dumped when Hoopz denied a proposal from him on the I Love Money Show.

Anyhow, the premier of Real Chance at Love, begins just like all of the rest of these reality love shows, only there are 2 men looking for love, instead of 1.

The show starts off with Real and Chance greeting all of the female contestants at the front door to their huge VH1 provided mansion. After saying hello, they tell the girls to go pick their beds.

Normally the bed selections lead to some sort of ridiculous cat fight, and on the Real Chance at Love show, there was no exception. A little tiff broke out, when one of the contestants began jumping up and down on a bed and broke it.

After the bed selection, Real and Chance have the girls go up on a stage one by one, while they ask them a few meaningless questions in order to hopefully figure out a more suitable nickname. Some girls got a decent nickname, while others were branded with names like Meatball, or Milf.

One particular girl was named Stalker, do to the fact that she came onto the show with some crudely handmade clock with Chance's photos all over it. I think she thought she was meeting Flavor Flav though, because I personally have never associated Chance with Flav. In fact New York was the one going after Flav... wouldn't giving Chance a clock remind him of that, and sort of be insulting?

At any rate though, he threw the clock into a wall which caused it to break into a bunch of little plastic shards. Stalker didn't actually watch him do this, but I'm sure if she tunes in to the show she will!

Once the naming process is over and done with, the social begins. A social is where Real and Chance take the time to meet or talk with the girls one by one. As with any reality love show gathering though, the social usually turns into chaos. The men don't get much one on one time with any of them, but those who did prove to be the most impressive stay.

Once the gathering is over, the guys then decide which 7 women they want to keep. One by one the guys take turns picking 7 women each. One of these 7 women will hopefully steal their hearts. Sadly none of these celebreality couples ever work out. Still though, it's fun as hell to watch.

The season premier started off pretty good, and already we can tell which girls will prove to be wickedly violent, and which ones are likely to steal the hearts of Real and Chance.

The entire seasons sneak peek rolled at the very end of the show, and proved to offer some awfully delicious episodes, with cops involved, violence, and fights!!! Ahh... now this is some dang good reality TV!

I speculated that Chance should have gotten a show last year after New York let him go! I'm pretty excited to finally see him in this reality show! By the looks of it, it is going to be one heck of an interesting drama filled show.

With that all said, without Flavor of Love, none of this would have ever been possible, so honestly I think VH1 needs to crown Flav, the king of Reality Love TV.

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