Sunday, October 25, 2009

Sims 3 Painting Glitch

More bizzare Sims 3 glitches.

Take a look at Laura, she went to town square to brush up on her painting skills, and all of a sudden she began to do this odd form of possessed painting. While she looked over to the sde, her arm magically sailed off in an awkward position and began painting.

Friday, October 23, 2009

The City, Season 2 Episode 4 Recap

My article also on AC

This weeks episode of The City (season 2, episode 4) the episode took us into the dating world of Whitney. The whole entire episode was a bit odd, and fast played, but nonetheless a good episode.

Whitney's pal invites her along to some Lifeguard party, honestly I was not paying attention to what the event was, but while they are there they run into a few good looking (well they thought they were good looking, I thought they looked like deformed Ken dolls) fellows.

Whitney's pal invites the guys along to a BBQ, they accept the invite, and small chitter chatter goes on between Whitney and her friend about how cute the guys are.

Meanwhile Roxy is feeling snubbed, and chats about it at a local hot spot with a date. He tells Roxy to be nice, because its pretty clear that Roxy does not mesh well with Whitney's friends.

Olivia is still getting the cold shoulder from Erin (a fellow employee at Elle). It's honestly no wonder though, because if you recall from the very first episode, Olivia was in total bitch mode when Erin nicely critiqued her work. At any rate, it's really old news, and Erin is taking the whole 'I hate you' bit a little too far.

Me thinks Erin is jealous of Olivia, and it becomes quite clear later on at a small cocktail party for Elle.

Last week Olivia impressed her boss, while Erin yawned and had no choice but to suck it up...although numerous eye rolls were included. You could just see the resentment on Erin's face though, it was pretty hilarious.

Regardless though, Erin was as professional as one would expect, and Olivia walked on in as if she owned the place. Erin was not having it, and I don't blame her.

Anyhow, at the cocktail event, Olivia impresses everyone, is friendly, courteous, and seems to know everyone in the room already. Erin watches on with an evil eye, plotting, hating, and clearly disgusted by the entire thing. Erin excuses herself early on from the party in a rude manner.

Now at this point you can see the jealousy, but you think as a viewer that Erin will just suck it up, and her and Olivia will become the best of friends, and laugh about their raunchy start later on. Only...this never happens. More details later on.

Fast forward to a scene that takes place back at People's Revolution. Whitney and Roxy are sitting at their desks having casual conversation about the guy Whitney met, and likes. Roxy tells her to go for him, but Whitney is not sure she should because her friend might have a thing for him. Whitney for some reason...AGAIN....takes Roxy's advice, which is really making her look like a weak individual. Roxy got her into trouble just last week with the boss, so why Whitney would take anything Roxy says into consideration is beyond me?

The boss Kelly walks in and tells Whitney to stay late, and Roxy lets Kelly know that Whitney has a BBQ, and that she would stay late instead so Whitney could go meet a boy.

Whitney seems bothered by Roxy's jumping in that way. Not too bothered though because the next scene is the BBQ.

Back to Whitney and the BBQ.

The scene is short lived, and it becomes clear that Whitney is digging on one of the guys that were invited the previous day to the BBQ.

The next scene takes us to Whitney and this man having dinner together and walking out with arms wrapped around each others backs. A little too touchy touchy for someone you just meet Whit! Gez! At any rate, its obvious her friend will have an issue with this later on? Its anyone's guess though.

Anyhow, back to Olivia and the Erin battle.

Erin walks into Elle while Olivia is sitting down doing work. Erin smiles, but its obvious its got ill intentions behind it.

Erin asks Olivia how she liked the cocktail party, and Olivia is mild mannered and states she had a lovely time. Erin then asks her if she got to meet any of the designers. Olivia nicely tells her that she pretty much knew all of the designers there already.


Erin seems jealous by this, and her claws come out. She yaps on about how Olivia should have been working and not socializing. How she shouldn't have an attitude with her all of the time, and how she is there to help her, not fight with her.

I smell B.S.

Olivia gets up from her seat without saying a word, and exits the room. The exact same thing I'd have done. But alas, what comes around goes around. Olivia was the first to show disrespect, but then again, Erin acted as if she owned the place and had it out for her the moment she met her, passing judgments without even meeting her...Erin just happened to bump into a challenge, let's see which of these women can handle things gracefully.

So far I'm on team Olivia

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Recap! The Hills, Season 6- Episode 3: Strike One

Last night we were graced with the presence of episode 3 on season 6 of The Hills. Titled Strike One.

In this episode we meet up with Stacie and Kristen (I like thousands of others are still wondering how these two became friends), they are shopping at some porn/sex toy shop for a birthday gift for Brody.

Now when we hear that it is Brody's birthday, as fans, we begin to wonder if Lauren Conrad will be attending her friend's birthday. Well folks, she's a no show.


While shopping Kristen pokes some mild 'mean girl' attitude in her conversation regarding Jade, Brody's girlfriend. We learn that Kristen dated Brody way back in the day. Who knew!?

The next scene moves on to her and Justin at the beach, where Kristen invites Justin to go along with her. He accepts the invitation, and we are led to believe the two are together, dating, and all of that fake fun stuff. God they must have to pay her a wad of cash to hang out with that hairy chested beast.

Anyhow, back into Audrina's world. She is having lunch with Justin's best friend Derek! Yay! Derek seems nice, and seems like he could really treat her well. Sadly, we all know Audrina is not the brightest star in the sky, and that Derek is just the rebound guy to make Justin jealous. Yawn!!!!

Skipping ahead, we see Spencer and his old man friend shooting some golf in Spencer's back yard, when little Enzo *the annoying kid next door* takes it upon himself to join in. Spencer as usual is a douche-bag to the kid.

The Spencer/Heidi scenes are getting really lame. Zzzzzz....

Back to Kristen. She just arrives to Brody's surprise birthday party where she does her rounds of meeting and greeting some of the others at the party.

Brody shows up, yadda, yadda, and all of a sudden his mom comes into the picture, and while Kristen is giving Mrs. Brody a big ol hug, the conversation switches to how 'Brody would be so lucky to date Kristen.... or something along that line. At any rate, Jade is standing right there when his mom passes the comment. Ouch! I guess his mom does not like Jade very much...if at all. It was mean, but frankly no one knows what goes on when the cameras are not there.

Lo and Stephanie meet up with Kristen where they pry for information on Kristen and Justin. They ask her if she is dating him, and Kristen conforms that she is in fact dating him. Yay, gossip for Audrina!

Anyhow, the next blow to Jade comes pretty quickly, compliments of Kristen while Brody was opening his gifts from her.

It was not a front, Kristen really got Brody a sex whip and a dog collar complete with a leash.

She blurts out a comment in regards to the whip, and how its Jades, and how she has Brody whipped. Jade did not find the comment to be funny.

Before we know it Kristen is inviting everyone over to her place for an after party. Jade is pissed, and I can't blame her. She worked really hard at pulling together the party for Brody, and when he wants to just take off and go to an after party thrown by Kristen, she is fuming.

Jade walks away, Brody calls her a bitch in front of everyone. He throws more salt on the wound by telling her 'good, walk away, nobody wants you here anyway'.

Wow, smooth. Nice way to talk to your girlfriend. Ugh, I used to like him too. I thought he was a gentleman, but low and behold, those true 'spoiled little rich boy' colors came shining through.

Anyhow, Kristen is stood up by Justin, as he never arrives to the party. Brody continually asks where her man is, and she just shrugs.

Brody of course attends the after party, and Jade stays home. How convenient!

Brody and Kristen have a short stupid little conversation about love going bad. Yawn. You just called your girlfriend a bitch for throwing you a party and wanting to have a nice dinner with you- sweetie.

The comment seems to be more geared at Kristen than Jade, almost as if Brody is living down memory lane or something. Its too easy to see, and you don't even have to be a good observer to realize ow ridiculously staged it was.

Next we fast forward to Kristen and Stacie. Stacie is cozy on Kristen's couch (or they are living together, I've yet to figure it out) sipping on some sort of morning martini!? Kristen stumbles downstairs, where she yaps on about Justin not showing up to the party, and not answering her texts. She does not really care though, and it's pretty clear.

At any rate, she says 'Strike One', thus the title of the episode.

Monday, October 12, 2009

The Hills, Season 6, Episode 2

This weeks episode of The Hills is a little late coming from me, but the episode was good enough for me to recall every dirty little detail from start to finish, so for those of you who have not seen the episode, this one is for you... and for those who watched it and just want to complain or add a comment about it. The box is down below! Haha!

Anyhow, if you managed to catch episode 1, you likely noted how meticulously staged every single scene was. Well unfortunately episode 2 was pretty much the same drill. Perfectly staged drama.

We start off with Kristen, who just came in to town, conveniently sitting down with Stacie. Anyone remember her as last seasons Speidi villain? Yeah, shes the girl who Spencer was spending some 'secret time' with. Or staged time, what have you.

Anyhow, Kristen mentions to Stacie the drama that unfolded last week when she and Audrina bumped heads over Kristen saying 'Hi' to Justin. Yawn... normally I would not take Kristen's side, but in that instance, I was on her side. Audrina and Stephanie blew the whole situation way out of proportion. Bad idea, because it made Justin seem all the more untouchable... and all the more yum-o-licious to Kristen. People always want what others tell them they cannot have. Tee-hee!

At any rate, we learn that Kristen wants to clear the air with Audrina.

Next we move on to what appears to be Lauren's old job, hanging clothing on racks. In the scene we have Audrina and her sister. Audrina stops mid work to let her know that she got a text message from Kristen asking her to meet her for lunch. Audrina tells her sister she is not meeting her, and that Lauren warned her that Kristen is a man eater! Yay! Our very first Lauren name dropping scene!

Next we see Stephanie meeting with Spencer and Heidi at the new Speidi Castle. Stephanie loves the house, but mentions that its not baby proof. Yup boys and girls, Heidi has babies on the mind, which is pure insanity. The Speidi scenes this year are a little more low key, and Spencer is less of a douche than usual, but still, very much a douche.

While he is a little more 'tamely mannered' he has adopted some new wardrobe malfunction. I guess instead of focusing on his drab messy attitude, the audience is now focusing on his appearance. Last week he graced the premier wearing a hoe-down cowboy getup, and this week he wore some ridiculous charm necklace with large opals, gems, and charms. I mean really? Who is paying him to wear this crap?

Anyhow, I would go more into detail on their scenes during the episode, but frankly they were boring.

To make a long boring story short, Heidi and Spencer meet the neighbors, and Heidi takes it upon herself to invite the little kid they have living with them, over to her house to play the Wii. Spencer gets mad, Spencer acts rude... and walks the kid home.

The moral of the scene? Heidi wants a baby, and Spencer is anti-kid. Following?

Likely the season will end with the announcement of a Speidi Baby, and some stupid Speidi Baby spin-off show. Sadly it will fail as far as ratings go. The married couple bit is just boring.

Anyhow, back to Audrina and Kristen.

Audrina does a no show for the arranged lunch with Kristen. Instead Lo shows up, which I'm sure just pissed off LC the moment she caught the episode on TV. The Lauren/Kristen drama makes the Lauren/Speidi drama look like a nice walk in a puppy filled field.

At any rate, here we have Lo and Kristen sitting together for some form of lunch. Lo never eats anything, but listens intently while Kristen spats out how she feels about Audrinas behavior.

Lo looks at her with her too easy to read beautiful bright blue eyes. You can pretty much read what she is thinking, without her saying it out loud.

Yes Lo is listening and being polite, with a near two-face sort of vibe, but only to bring back some gossip to Audrina later on. Which naturally she does.

Oddly though when the girls, Audrina, Lo, and Stephanie are all together later on, Lo and Stephanie think that Audrina should apologize. This is strange considering Stephanie was pretty much the fuel to the entire fire that went down a week prior.

Audrina catches on to the vibe, gives them both a weird look, and refuses to apologize to Kristen.

Stephanie then invites Lo and Audrina to come along with her to an opening of a new club. They have prior arrangements though to meet with/watch a band that will be playing.

Anyhow, while Lo and Audrina are watching the band, Stephanie is out at the club. The camera cuts to a cozy crew containing last seasons regulars. Brody and his posse, and his 'ready for a fight' girlfriend Jade. If you recall, Jade was the pissed off girlfriend last season. She wanted to beat down Audrina for schmoozing with Brody. Righteously so!

Conveniently Kristen walks in to the same club. You are not sure whether or not her and Justin arrived together or not, but it appears that way.

Brody makes fun of him for his wardrobe, and pretty boy hair cut and shave. Yes folks, Justin Bobby shaved for this scene! I'm sure Kristen would have it no other way.

Anyhow, in the background you can hear Jade telling one of her pals that she hates Kristen. I don't recall the two having any past history, but regardless Jade hates her, which means something will eventually 'go down'. Likely a lame puss wuss yelling-fest.

Justin and Kristen make off to the dance floor, where the two share this ridiculously old fart 'lets pretend we are in love' slow dance. Shortly afterward, the two are in some empty booth room, making out. Tongue to nasty tongue.

Stephanie catches the action. It's only a matter of time till the news gets back to Audrina.

The next morning Stephanie is itching to tell Audrina what she saw. They meet for lunch where Stephanie quickly tells Audrina the news of the make out party she witnessed Justin and Kristen having. I felt so bad, because you could see that Audrinas heart had just fell to the floor, like a fish out of a fishbowl, flopping around, and gasping for air. Poor girl. Regardless of the staged scenes, Audrina is pathetically and hopelessly in love with Justin still. God only knows why, the guy... like her sister a douche bag.

Likely MTV promised him a raise. You pretty much catch on to that later on when the scene cuts to him and Kristen riding on his motorcycle to some restaurant.

At the restaurant Justin mentions Audrina... which clearly means he loves her too, but is too stupid to figure things out before she moves on.

We learn that Kristen and Justin just want to be in it for a good time. Basically he wants to screw, and she does not seem to mind. We also take note of Kristen's wall eye a few times during this full blown staged scene. She does a good job at hiding it though, by looking to the floor or to the side quite often.

All in all, the whole make out party seemed to be Kristen's way of getting back at Audrina for ditching her lunch invite.

Season Premiere Recap of the City, Season 2: Sleeping with the Frenemy

Season Premiere Recap of the City, Season 2: Sleeping with the Frenemy also posted on AC. My original work.

Last night was an MTV orgasm. Not only did viewers get to sit down for a half hour of drama on season 6 of The Hills, but we were also given the first slice of The City, season 2.

We learn during the narration segment at the very beginning that Whitney has began working for Kelly again at People's Revolution, but still remains in the city. Her Aussie caveman boyfriend is also gone. Thank God!

Anyhow, an old high-school friend named Roxy is in The City as well, hoping that People's Revolution will hire her as well. During her interview with Kelly, Roxy comes off as a cold, crass, bitchy individual who has nothing good to say about anyone. She is clear when she tells Kelly she does not like girls. Kelly immediately notices Roxy's inner diva, and asks her how she likes Whitney.

At first Roxy has good things to say, but her Poison Ivy vibe quickly comes out when she mentions being shocked that Whitney works in fashion. When Kelly asks her why, she goes on to tell her how bland and dull she was in high-school, always wearing colors like yellow.

To me Kelly has played this protective role when it comes to Whitney. I actually really like the relationship the two have. Kelly plays the role of her boss, the role of her mentor, and she even has this warm caring motherly side about her that only shines through for Whitney.

After the interview, Roxy meets up with Whitney, where she weasel's her way in to letting Whitney crash at her place.

Olivia is off about to get hired by Elle. She is told by her boss that he wants her to meet his publicist Erin, whom is excellent at her job. He raves and raves about Erin, and shortly Olivia is introduced to her. Erin seems a little turned off by Olivia.

Olivia obviously senses the bad vibes, so she politely excuses herself. After she leaves, Erin yammers on about how Olivia has an attitude, and how she thinks that Olivia thinks she knows more than she really does. Erin obviously watched season 1 of The City, and had passed judgments long before even meeting Olivia.

Erin though is pretty good at spotting a crude individual, because Olivia's true colors shine through like a star.

While at work, Olivia is sitting at her desk erasing something off of a piece of paper when Erin walks in. They say hello, and all seems fine.

Erin then asks Olivia and one of the interns to complete a very mind numbingly simple task. Seriously a monkey could have done the job.

She tells her to pick out a beach scene outfit for under $25.00, and an office setting outfit for under $75.00. Erin also requests that she picks the outfits up in different sizes.

Basically the job is to compare the low priced clothing to expensive ones. Kind of what you see in all those gossip magazines. The fun little section where they pick a superstar, and give cheap suggestions on mimicking the look.

Anyway, I could have completed the job with my eyes closed at TJMAXX, or Marshall's. Instead Olivia arrives later on with the intern. With drab outfits, and only in a size 8.


Seriously, either get it together, or just quit...

Instead of fixing the issues, Olivia naturally has to play up her role of the socialite diva by talking back to Erin, and telling her that if she does not like it to go and do it herself!

Way to get your co-workers on your good side. I mean hello Olivia, you are the new girl!

Olivia walks out, and I seriously thought she would have been fired for that stint.

Anyhow, back at home Whitney is showing Roxy around her apartment. She shows her the roof, which apparently is also part of her apartment. It's like the mega 'got it all' apartment in the city. Roxy likes it, and instead of thanking her, and being a good couch crasher, she suggests throwing a party.

I mean right there the red flag should have gone up. This girl just waltz's in like she owns the place, and she is already comfortable enough to suggest wrecking it by throwing a party?

Anyhow, back to People's Revolution.

Whitney is sitting down with Kelly and they are discussing issues outside of work. Roxy's name comes up, and Kelly is shocked when Whitney tells her that Roxy is crashing at her place. Without being a fire starter, Kelly does not mention what Roxy said. Instead she subtly drops a hint that Whitney should watch out for the friends she makes.

The line was seriously perfect for what happens next.

Whitney takes a cab home, and the scene cuts to her getting out of the cab. The music is obviously enhanced to give off the vibe that it is so loud you can hear it all the way outside.

Whitney walks in to her apartment and her eyes are glowing with shock, and likely disappointment. Without her knowledge Roxy has taken it upon herself to throw a party. Classy!

Whitney is clearly upset, but lets Roxy know that she got the job at People's Revolution. Naturally Roxy sees it as a reason to party!!! What a better reason!?

The party ends quickly when the cops arrive due to the noise.

So what has the very first episode offered? A new diva named Roxy, and an old diva named Olivia, who has stepped up her role as the mega bitch, to an all new heightened level.

Whitney is sort of the innocent victim as it seems. A baby bunny thrown into a small cage with wild, out of control, selfish hungry wolves.

The Hills Season 6, 'It's on Bitch', Season Premiere Recap

Last night the world was graced with the presence of yet another drama fueled season of The Hills. We pretty much left off at season 5 with the Speidi wedding, that LC actually broke down and attended.

Of course for one last smack in the LC face before she left, her old high-school nemesis was invited along to the wedding as well. Ms. Kristen Cavallari!

It became quite clear that MTV played a role in this whole set up, considering Heidi and Kristen have not spoken in... oh gee... possibly never?

So MTV likely played a huge role in Kristen's arrival. How nice right? How fitting! Let Kristen come in and pick up Laurens show. I think its a lame slap in LC's face, but regardless, MTV knew that in order to keep this show going they had to stick with their old characters, and they had to invite some more fire into the mix. Speidi is getting old anyway, so new drama is surely a match for success.

So Kristen is back, and she is forced to mingle and mix with the old characters of the show. She barely knows any of them, but slides right on in, just like a good little MTV reality robot.

We picked up in last seasons final episode that Kristen was going to stir the pot when it came to Justin and Audrina.

Anyway, let me take you back to the very first episode of season 6, titled, It's On Bitch.

We are brought to a mixer thrown by Heidi and Spencer; or at least that is what it looks like. We learn a few things about Kristen that we pretty much already knew thanks to Laguna Beach. We also learn that Audrina is unusually jealous of Kristen even though she didn't do diddly squat to her...yet.

So the tension is in the air. It's there, but somewhat unnecessary. It makes one think the cast just got their script and notice that Kristen is back. Likely they are pissed at MTV, but hey, they have to take it out on someone, so why not the girl they hired to narrate? It makes sense.

Anyway, before we know it the drama is escalated thanks to a neat little bitch off thrown by Stephanie Pratt.

Stephanie notices that Kristen has just arrived. Perfect timing considering they are all gossiping about her just seconds before her arrival.

Kristen is in good spirits. She makes round greeting everyone (it was supposed to be Heidi and Spencer's party, but really it looked more like Kristen's, Welcome to the Show' party), being polite, being just a regular person, when suddenly she makes one big no-no. Kristen goes over to say hello to Justin, who needs to shave his face Bobby.

Immediately Audrina is feeling angry/jealous. Stephanie then introduces herself in a cold, un-friendly manner. She begins accusing Kristen of ... hmh... I honestly couldn't even tell you. She just gives Kristen crap for really no reason. Stephanie basically wants to warn her to stay away from Justin. Audrina and Stephanie are what appears to be new BFF's.

The way Stephanie went about things though reminded me of the time when she gave Lauren crap about not being friends with Heidi anymore. Steph has more bark than bite, because the moment Kristen starts getting loud and obnoxious, Stephanie just sits there.

Audrina soon walks up, and the yelling, and spatting occurs between the two. For a very short millisecond it even looks like Audrina goes in for a very weak attempt at a choke out on Kristen. The camera guy, how could he miss something so spectacular. Man if it was an attempt at some sort of choke out, it was weak! Fail!

At any rate this scene is where the title of the show comes from. 'It's On Bitch', is basically all Kristen says after the tiff is over and done with.

Anyhow, with that aside, Heidi and Spencer are house shopping, and Heidi non-stop yabbers on about a nursery, and a child proof house, and all this baby stuff. It's obvious she either wants one, or already had a Spence Jr. seed implanted.

Although their clothing is the last thing I usually bring up, I just had to mention the cowboy retarded outfit Spencer had on while house shopping. I just hope there wasn't a Realtor present, because he looked like a goddamn moron. Why Heidi even let him out of the house looking like that is beyond me. The only reasonable reason for such duds would be learning that he came from a rodeo, and was practicing riding bulls.

Spencer goes ahead and does his usual Spencer move, and decides to just pick the house he likes without confiding in his wife first. He puts a deposit down on a house that Heidi clearly does not like too much. She called it too modern, or a porn house. Too bad though huh!? Spencer went ahead and put down the deposit, the house is hers and his, whether she likes it or not. Typical of Spencer.

Meanwhile Lo and Stephanie are discussing Kristen for a short period of time, and Lo passes a lame comment about how she does not want to get on Kristen's bad side. As if Kristen is some sort of mega diva anyone should give a damn about. At any rate the comment is dropped to make it look like Kristen is more than what she really is.

Next we see that Kristen is meeting up with Justin in some hub, pub, sports bar type atmosphere. Nothing really pivotal happens here, but the second meeting takes place at a more private dinner setting.

Kristen lets Justin know that she knows Audrina loves him. He apparently likes hearing this, but flirts away with Kristen anyway to obviously get to Audrina. Why he'd be so pathetic is beyond me, but its clear the whole scene is staged. Kristen looks like she is bored with his presence, but it does not stop her from going for the ratings MTV so wanted.

She makes a comment about her bed, and before you know it Justin passes some sort of 'breaking it in' comment.

We leave off pretty much there. The ratings I'm sure were some sort of all time The Hills record, however the sad way it seemed so staged made it a little boring. Regardless though, its still worth watching for the drama.

I also wanted to note that Audrina looked way hotter with her darker locks. I hope she goes back to her original mysterious dark roots. Oh and... I also hope she finds love elsewhere than with Justin. The guy is so scuzz.