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Americas Next Top Model, Sends Foe Packing!!! Cycle 12 Recap

I've been following Americas Next Top Model ever since cycle 1. Cycle 12 is probably the most drama free season I have ever encountered. The girls in cycle 12 are not as catty as other girls had been in the past, which makes this season fairly nice, but also rather boring.

At any rate, last nights episode (April 29th 2009) featured the remaining top 5 models; Foe, Celia, Allison, Teyona, and Aminat, whom battled it out to remain in the competition for another step closer to becoming Americas Next Top Model.

Now my 2 all time favorites are Allison and Foe. I know Allison does not have a chance at winning due to her shy awkward personality when she meets with people, or when she's at panel.

Foe however reminds me so much of a modern day Punky Brewster, with a splash of fresh adorable freckles on her face, and a bubbly personality that just makes you want to be her BFF.

This weeks episode included the gosees, and I was pretty sure that Allison would be sent home because -let's face it...the girl acts like a cowardly lion whenever she's put in stressful positions. I figured the gosee competition would be the death of Allison.

During the gosees the remaining 5 had to race against time, and make it back to the original starting place in time, otherwise they would be disqualified.

Teyona seemed to do well with her gosees, as well as Aminat. I thought Foe did a wonderful job trying to impress those she modeled for, however everyone had the same feedback. Foe was too short. I thought the feedback sucked, because most average women do not tower at 6 foot or higher....hell most girls are not 5'8 either!

Allison was a bit awkward with her horrendous looking walk, non-stop jittery nerves, and the fact that she kept bumping in to things. I assumed that no one would hire her for a job.

Celia just looked old. Aminat finally said what I had been thinking since day 1. Celia does not look young or fresh. Celia is 25 years old, but to me Celia looks as if she's pushing 40!? The gal looks old. I still love her though because she reminds me sooooo much of Cory Feldman's sister (blond girl in The Goonies).

Aminat did fairly well with her gosee, and Teyona impressed nearly all of those she modeled for.

Teyona makes it back in time, and managed to go to 3 gosees. Aminat walks in safe shortly after, followed by Allison.

Celia walks in and thinks she is safe, but the clock seems to be a little past the 30 minute mark. Celia swears she was back in time, but it took her a long time to get from the bottom floor up to the floor where they had to be back by a certain time.

Foe walks in last, and obviously late.

Shortly after all the girls are gather up, they are taken to the buildings top where they are told they will be taking a helicopter ride to the main judge who will let them know who won the gosee challenge. Ah, but she lets Foe and Celia know that they are not coming because they were both late!

So off to the chopper they go. Allison, Aminat and Teyona. I figured either Teyona or Aminat would win the gosee challenge. Allison was far too skittish to impress anyone during her gosees.

Teyona wins the challenge and her prize waits back at the house. The prize is clothing and accessories from the 5 gosee designers.

Shortly after the gosee, the girls are up for their next photo shoot. Celia is worried because she was in the bottom 2 last week, and she knows if she does not impress them with this weeks photo shoot she will be going home.

The theme this week for the photo shoot is sexy beach wear. The girls go in for makeup, and hair. The shoot is being shot at a nice beach filled with a few other random models in the background. Jay tells them that they have to stand out from the crowd in order to get a good photo. Nigel is also the photographer this week, which makes a few of the girls nervous.

Allison in particular is nervous because she does not think her body is swimsuit sexy.

Aminat does okay at the shoot, but needs a bit of direction during the shoot.

Teyona manages to stun Nigel and the other onlookers this week and gets praised.

Celia really screws up this week when she fails to connect with the other models on the set, she seems to pretty much stand still and does not know what to do. Nigel actually has to get up, leave the camera, and give Celia some tips on how she can use the other models to interact, yet model at the same time.

Allison actually wooed Nigel this week by moving around the set, and connecting with the other models on the set. She uses her face and body and manages to bring out her inner sexy.

In panel Tyra calls the girls up one by one. Celia's photo came out looking awkward and ugly, Teyona gets praised for using her body and her face to bring out a seductive beautiful photo. The judges later on state shes so close to already being a top model. It was weird, and pretty much shed light on who most likely will win.

Allison also impresses the judges with her sexy photograph, and Foe has a rainy day with a shot that looked like she was in a bowling pose. Aminat impresses the judges as well, but they mention that she did not use her body correctly for the photo.

At this point it is anyones guess as to who will be sent home. Celia is obviously going to be in the bottom 2, but I didn't know who would be joining her. I knew it would be either Aminat or Foe.

One by one Tyra calls up the models who will remain in the competition. Teyona is called up first and gets her photo displayed in the house for the rest of the week as digital art. Allison is called up next, and Aminat follows.

The bottom two this week went to Foe and Celia. Now I thought it would be Celia due to her looking like a zombie in her photo last week, and this week. Foe looked nice in her picture, but like I said she looked like she was bowling. I did not think though that she would be sent home.

I was wrong. They sent home my sweet modern Punky Brewster! Foe was sent packing, and Celia remains in the competition along side Allison, Aminat, and Teyona.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The Hills Season 5, Episode 5 Recap

So Hills fans, last week we watched as the girls planned on crashing Brody's boymance party in Hawaii.

Last night was pretty much the continuation, and obviously the girls crash the party. That's pretty much where we start off. Lauren, Stephanie, Audrina and Lo all show up in the longing area at the resort where Brody and his entourage are.

Hmm...being a past Bromance fan I have to wonder where his Bromance winner is?!?! Hello!? Did they break up?! Gez.

Anyhow, it's pretty obvious that drama is about to unfold because Audrina has her big doughy brown eyes set on Brody ever since he buttered up her ego in last weeks episode.

Meanwhile back at home Heidi announces to Spencer that her ex-boyfriend is coming in to town, and that she thinks it is a good idea for Spencer to meet him and to learn some of his good boy church manners.

Oddly enough they plan a dinner together where Spencer is his usual judgmental douche-bag self. He keeps criticizing Heidi's ex, and his girlfriends beliefs about remaining a virgin till marriage. Instead of just respecting it, he has to question them to death on the subject.

At any rate it was a dinner date that was simply unexpected, out of the blue, and totally set up. It just reeked of MTV's doing. Spencer and Heidi's scenes all seem this way in season 5, and frankly it's getting old, and fast. I didn't think I would ever get sick of Speidi...but I think this season will drown them both, especially if things continue to look so staged.

Anyways, let's flip on back to our girls in Hawaii. Lauren is pretty much background goods this episode, an really has nothing interesting or drama worthy going on at this time.

Audrina however steals the spotlight when we learn that she slept in Brody's room!!! Uh-oh... his girlfriend Jade is going to be pissed!

Now normally I adore Audrina, I just thought her move was pretty classless, and Brody went down on the charming scale and into total scumbag territory...but alas... this is the new drama we have to look forward to, because by the looks of the previews next week, Jade (Brody's gal pal) is going to confront Audrina for being such a hussy... now I hope for Jades sake she stays away from Brody, because if he did do something with Audrina who knows what creepy crusty crabbies got left behind from Justin Bobby! Phee-Yew!

Monday, April 27, 2009

ModTheSims3 Confused Me!

So today while doing my usual round of looking up the latest Sims 3 news I came across a site.

I tried signing in using my old screen name from ModTheSims2, and to my bewilderment, my username does not exist!?


So I do what anyone would do. I figure I have to make a new account for the new Sims 3 community.

After signing up under the impression that this site was affiliated with MODTHESIMS, I learned that ModTheSims3 had no connection whatsoever to the original site!

Well that says it all.

How do I feel about the use of such a similar name? Honestly, I didn't think it would piss me off, but it did.

How do other ModtheSims2 fans feel about this new site?

VH1's Tough Love- Steve Sends Arian Home- Says She Needs The Type Of Help He Cannot Offer


Promiscuous girl...

So I have been following Tough Love for a few weeks now, and although I find it to be one of VH1's weakest shows, I still watch it just so I can cuss at my TV, at this supposed Matchmaker from heaven Steve.

Frankly the very first episode got under my skin!

For those who have not followed, Tough Love is basically about a guy named Steve who will coach women in the dating department. A handful of 30 something women all packed into one large house, whom week after week get tips, and do challenges in order to better their dating habits for potential suitors.

It's called Tough Love because Steve tells it like it is in not so pleasant ways.

Now although I agree with some of his tactics, there have been some words he has spoken which were just downright sexist. The one line that pissed me off the most, was when he claimed that women seem to be more delusional than men when it comes to dating.

Please!!! I don't know how many retarded one liners I have heard from guys before. Women at least don't have these lame ass one liners, and we certainly don't stalk out our prey like many guys I have encountered have done to me! Not only that, we can take a hint when the other party is not interested. Guys seem to be blindfolded by our 'get lost' hints.

Anyhow, with that said, Steve himself seemed delusional, but eh... it's more exploitation sleaze TV, and a good way to wither away an hour before bed.

Anyhow week after week I grew to like all of the girls. Ariana in particular stuck out as a bit of a problem with her non-stop sexual frustrations, and err... promiscuous ways.

Frankly I was confused why she was even there. It was pretty obvious she was the type of girl who was not out to find love, but out to get laid.

One particular episode though rose a red flag when it came to Steve's observations. Arian got set up on a date with a gent and clearly went overboard with references to sucking &*&%$@, having big tits, and even went as far as rubbing the guys %$&* through his pants.

It was pretty trashy, and frankly I didn't disagree with Steve when he said behavior like that could lead to getting raped. Arian didn't want to hear that though and stormed off like creating a ruckus in the house.

This was not her last episode of destructive behavior though. She was set up on yet another date with another guy, with whom she got naked with in a bathtub.

This week though was her worst week yet, at least according to Steve and his mother. I personally thing Steve got his ego ripped on though, and this was why he sent Arian packing.

Some of the guests past exes were invited into the home, and others had their moms invited in instead.

I thought inviting the exes into the home was just straight up wrong. Natasha for instance made it a point to remove the guy whom VH1 invited into the home for a reason... and they for some reason thought it would be healthy to have him return. To be honest I didn't get it, it made no sense, and it was something that Natasha clearly could not handle. Hello VH1, they are exes for a reason!? Why invite an old wound into the mix?!

I thought it was especially messed up for them to bring Jacklyn's ex back into the mix, seeing that she is not dating Brock! Creating such drama and tension for someone like her was just stupid, and it was pretty obvious that she will likely go home and run right back into the exes arms. Yawn! Smooth! I also don't understand how Jacklyn could have gotten the best review at the end of the day! She was crying when the ex was brought into the mixer. Clearly it means she has more emotions locked up in that heart of hers when it comes to her ex than she claims. If she was REALLY over him, there would be no need for tears. No reason for tears. No reason for her to jump on Jody the way she did. To tell her she did the best that week was just lying to her, and to the audience. She was a frigging wreck; a psycho wreck even.

At any rate Arian did the worst because both her and her mother jumped down Steve's throat and questioned his way of doing things. Haha! It was pretty funny, pretty harsh, but whatever... they were just dishing him a dose of Tough Love. Touche!

Instead of dealing with the issue head on, he and his mother came to the conclusion that Arian was sooo messed up that helping her was a job that he couldn't do. Basically he was implying she needed therapy.

Yeah the girl may be a Nympho, but honestly I don't think suggesting that she needs mental help was really a very proper way of handling things; nor was throwing her out of the house. One of my favorite chiquittas Jessa also saw the whole thing as wrong.

Tough Love is one show I hope I don't see hit the waves again. It was too one sided, and exploited the hell out of these girls. I also know that likely it was edited to pieces to make Arian look worse than she was. I'm not defending her, but honestly, I'm sure that her rude behavior towards Steve was for good reasoning. We only saw tid bits of his advice, who knows what went on behind the scenes that were not added to the show.

This is not Rock of Love, or Flavor of Love... bringing exes back into these girls lives was not healthy for anyone, it only benefited us viewers who got to point and laugh at the situation they were rudely place into.

These Girls Probably Would Have Gotten More By Picking Up One Of These Books:

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Try Scrapblog! It's Awesome!

I am smitten with Scrap booking, and I wanted to find a site where I could take my love for scrapbooking into my online world.

I joined a few scrapbook sites where you could make scrapbooks online. No glue and scissors needed.

Nothing though, and I mean nothing compares to the ease of Scrapblog!!! They have thousands of stickers, frames, and other awesome scrapbookinbg materials for you to use to create your own one of a kind unique scrapblogs.

Not only that you can create and share all of your scrapblogs with friends and family, or you can even embed your creations into websites, or social networks like Facebook and Myspace!

The fun is endless, so definitely give it a try.

Click to be taken to Scrapblog site.

How To Add Amazon Associates Links To Your Blogger Blog

I first began blogging just a few short months ago. I had no idea it would be worth my wild. I simply started a blog just because I like writing and sharing photos.

When I realized one of my blogs was getting particularly popular. I wanted to try and make some money. I mean the visitors were coming, maybe I could take advantage of that fact!? Maybe they'll buy something?

I already had a Google Adsense account, but I was only making a few cents a day, and maybe one or two dollars here and there.

I wanted a way to make more, so I decided to join Amazon Affiliates.

I knew very little about the program, but I knew enough to know that if someone bought something by clicking through one of my Amazon Affiliate links, I'd make some commission money!

I had no clue at first how to go about doing it, but I poked around and figured it out bit by bit.

The first thing you are going to need of course is your blog.

Next you want to either add a simple banner, or a more direct post relating to your niche (blog.

For instance, one particular blog post I did was a review on my HDTV. First of course I wrote my review out, was honest, gave pros and cons, and then I added the same exact HDTV model with an Amazon Associates link.

It looks like this:

How you may be wondering?

It's all really simple.

First log into you Amazon Associates account.

You will see a tab at the top that says Links and Banners. Click This.

On the page that loads up click the link that reads:

Add Product Links Now

Then you simply add what it is you want to display on your page in the 'Search for box'

I simply searched HDTV, and chose an appropriate link.

When you find the product you want to display on your page you simply click the yellow 'Get Link' box.

On this next page you will see an odd HTML code box for you to cut and past into your blog or site.

Before taking the code though you can play around with the colors of the box. For instance change the colors around for a unique look for 4th of July, or so on.

Next you take that code, and post the code into a blog post, or into an HTML widget in the layout section on Blogger.

I prefer to put them in posts relating to the subject. Like I said, a review on an HDTV, and then adding the affiliate code to that post.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

MonsterQuest, Sea Monster of Florida!!!

I have grown pretty fond of History Channels newest MonsterQuest episodes. Week after week they present us with yet more interesting photos, video, and stories about supposed monsters that roam here with us on earth. Some on land, some in the sea!

For those of you who don't watch MonsterQuest, I'll fill you in; it's a show that basically displays photos, video, and verbal encounters of unknown creatures in the wild.

Last nights episode was about a creature that has been filmed in a sea just off a coast in Florida. They kept the find secret so it wouldn't attract attention to whatever it is that's been filmed numerous times in the water.

At any rate, last night viewers were presented with a few short clips of actual film that was taken of the water, and of the creature that dwells below. There are supposedly over 40 hours of video, but viewers only got a few short clips. I'd truly be interested in seeing the video we were not shown!

The creature seen in the film is thought to be a Manatee, but according to some of the scientists that viewed it, there is no possible way it could be a Manatee due to it's tri-cut tail, and head. Not only that, the creature seen in the films also seems to be a much faster swimmer than the usually sluggish slow drifting Manatee!

A team decides to actually dive into the waters to hopefully catch an up close and personal glimpse of whatever it is that seems to be frequenting these waters.

They pack up with a small dive team, and with some sort of special sonars that allow the divers to see the shape of the creature on the screen if they were to encounter it.

Naturally due to the murky foggy waters their expedition is short lived, and they don't end up finding much of anything.

Speculations of course are streaming through the Internet world where many are claiming that what they see on this video evidence is nothing more than a Manatee with a mis-shaped tail due to perhaps being hit by a boat.

However the trident shape of the tail is so perfect that others are saying there is no way it's a manatee! Not only that this creature moves faster, and has a very different shaped snout compared to the Manatee.

One man suggested it could be a Caribbean Monk Seal which was thought to be extinct. However the video suggests the creature lacks the distinct whiskers that the Caribbean Monk Seal would have.

All I will say is that the sea is far too big for their not to be undiscovered creatures, and creatures thought to be extinct actually living. Its happened before. Perhaps the sea monster is the thought to be extinct seal only with evolved features? It's really anybodies guess as to what this creature is, although it's brought in heaps of thoughts, ideas, and of course tons of speculation amongst the masses.

Americas Next Top Model, Cycle 12: Natalie Is Cut From Competition

I've had my evil eye on Natalie ever since she refused to cut her hair. The egotistical chick thought her hair was so wonderful that it need not be cut.

Tyra feeds into that ego by leaving her hair as is! Oops!

Since her little diva meltdown I never liked her. I found her to be plain, pale, homely, shaggy, and frankly nothing stuck out as modelesque. Not only that, she thought she was better than all of the other competitors...I guess she was the only one to feel that way. I know I didn't. I was scratching my head wondering why she kept passing through to the next round! I wanted to see her get cut from the elimination earlier on, but finally her time came. Natalie finally expires from the competition!

Anyhow before I go into further details on why she was cut, let's rewind back to the beginning. As we all know the girls are going to be competing in Brazil. They arrive to the beautiful country and immediately are thrown into a competition to race to bring The Girl from Ipanema her favorite flower.

They first have to race to a florist to pick up her favorite flowers, which are birds of paradise. After retrieving the flowers they then must follow a map to a botanical garden where The Girl from Ipanema is waiting.

As with any challenge, whomever wins gets some sort pf prize.

Aminat and Teyona pair up, Foe and Natalie pair up, and Allison and Celia pair up for the race.

Turns out Foe and Natalie won the race. Before finding out what their prizes are though The Girl from Ipanema gives the girls the key to their new model house in Brazil.

Inside sit baskets of prizes for Natalie and Foe. The baskets include some $500 swarovski crystal sandals, and a few other things for them to enjoy.

Everyone seems thrilled with the new house except for Natalie who is not impressed with the country, nor the house. She complains about a lack of a pool, and makes it clear she's not all too thrilled with her surroundings. Ugh, how Nataliesque!

After taking in the new home, the girls are then shuttled off to yet another challenge. The girls pull up to a group of Martial Art Street Performers who look like they are break dancing, yet mixing it up with martial arts. It looked pretty cool! The girls are all taught a few moves and are told to incorporate modeling into the body moves.

After learning some quick techniques the 2 Jays pop out and put them through a quick photo-shoot.

Foe ends up winning by taking the best shot. Her challenge win is an additional 50% more shots during the next actual photo-shoot. The catch is, she gets to chose another competitor whom she wants to take half their shots away.

Foe is mad at Teyona last week for not taking her on the Seventeen Magazine photo-shoot, so she chooses to remove half of Teyonas frames. Teyona acts like shes okay with it, but later on at the house confronts her in a snide way.

The next day the girls are ready to do their photo-shoot. The theme this week is Carmen Miranda, whom is known as the girl with the fruit on her head! Chiquita Banana!

All of the girls go through their hair and makeup, and end up looking adorable.

The setting for the photo-shoot is a little odd though. It is being taken on a poorer street in Brazil where children are running wild, and dogs walk through some of the shoots. Its clear its a poor area, but at the same time a very interesting and unique spot for a photo-shoot.

Natalie naturally has something to say about the poor town.

Celia is first up for her shot. She looks a little pasty and old, but does a decent job at her shoot.

After Celia we have Allison who looks relatively awkward when trying to push the model inside of her, out.

After Allison Natalie steps...err... I mean sits on steps barely moving. All of her shots included her sitting on steps. It was pretty boring, yet Jay kept telling her she was taking great shots?

Anyhow, after Natalie we have Aminat who stands there with her hands on her hips and her face looking the same it does week after week. With Jay having to stop and coach her I assumed she would be the one going home this week.

Teyona steps up next and pulls of beautiful shot after shot. I was pretty surprised in the shot they chose to go in to panel though as I swear she took some phenomenal gorgeous smiling shots.

Foe is last, and fails to impress Jay. He claims her photos are coming off as drag queenish. I frankly loved her shots, but they said that she looked way too much like Carmen Miranda, and she was not able to come off as her own unique self. Whatever that means? I thought she pulled off the essence of Carmen Miranda perfectly.

Eliminations come, and Tyra chooses Allison's bubbly sexy shot as the top photo of the week. Allison's photo naturally will hang as digital art in the models home for the next week.

Allison is safe, and doing well might I add.

Next model who is safe from eliminations is Teyona, Foe, and Celia.

Aminat and Natalie are in the bottom 2. I assume right away that it will be Aminat who will be sent packing due to her receiving the same critique week after week.

I think though that Natalie opening her mouth and blaming Jay for her lackluster photos is what sent her packing. Oh that and her face barely ever changed in all of her photos!

And there we have it ladies and more Natalie.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Viewer's First Impressions: Donna Is Back On the New 90210...

Last week CW11's new 90210 surprised fans by bringing back Donna Martin, who is now known as Donna Silver.
Yep, her and David Silver tied the knot and had a baby. So sad for Donna though, because the two split up.
After the split Donna decides to come knocking on Kelly's door.

A return of an original is pretty much what this show needed (so we all thought).

Fans of the show seem to be more obsessed with the old set of 90210 character's, and have yet to truly embrace the shows new fresh young faces.

CW pretty much has to know that the show is screwed, and with the return of some former 90210 faces the fans are not as happy with the way things are going. Double screwed. I sense an O.C downfall in the works.

I personally thought having appearances of old characters come into the show would definitely help the show survive this horrendous rut, but seriously the plots and dialog are getting so bad and fake that it makes you wonder if they're 'trying' to pull the plug on their own show.

When Donna returns though they totally ruined the memory of what the original show once was. Everyone who is anyone always believed that Donna and David would live happily ever after; especially the way they were when the original show came to an end!

Instead they ripped that deep love away by creating an unseen split between the two. Although David Silver has yet to make a comeback, the new show pretty much ruined what fans adored about the original David and Donna.

That's not the only thing though that was bothersome about Donna's return. Was it just me or did she seem like she was on speed when she first appeared in the show?! Her dialog was spat out quickly, she seemed in a rush, and all over the place. I couldn't connect with her the way I once could in the original. I don't necessarily blame her though, the dialog she was given pretty much sucked.

Anyhow, with Donna back we learn that she's been in Japan for years with David. Davids career took off and the two ended up staying there longer than she initially intended. Shortly afterward though Donna's clothing line took off, and it was all the more reason to stay in Japan.

However due to Donna's dream to always wanting to come back to her original zip code, the two ended up splitting, and low and behold we have Donna and her baby!

At first we don't know if Donna will stay or go, but after some stupid dialog between her and Kelly in some cafe a celeb walks up to Donna and compliments her outfit. Donna tells her she made it (and right then and there fans knew Donna was staying. No more needed to be said).

The woman then hires Donna to make her a dress for some red carpet event. How fitting!

Donna of course makes the dress, and lands on TV in the background during the red carpet walk. Man seriously!?

The next week we follow Donna and Kelly as they go off on some stupid excursion to a fortune teller (yes, it seriously went there. I didn't think it could get worse, but yes, the show went there), Donna wants this psychic to tell her if she should stay in Beverly Hills, or go back to Japan. Kelly is in the background smirking and laughing like shes a high-schooler again.

The psychic tells Donna she cannot tell her what to do, but to look out for a sign.

The psychic turns to Kelly and tells her she will meet a man with a six pack. Naturally she takes it as a joke.

As someone who can predict where that was going I already knew that the psychic did not mean a six pack as in abs. I knew it meant Kelly was about to run into someone with a 6 pack of beer! Gosh gee golly, I was right!

Likely Page Break
Anyhow, Donna is looking for her 'sign' and eventually lands in front of an empty office building where she feels would be the perfect place for her to open up her business. Welcome back Donna! Let's just hope they don't destroy you any further with this piss poor plot.

So how do I feel about Donna's return?

Well the feeling is not good. If they couldn't get fans to connect with a character they had deeply connected with 20 years ago they may as well cut the chord now.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The Hills, Season 5, Episode 4: Crazy In Love

I'm so in love with The Hills. It's my guilty pleasure. Girls my age shouldn't be watching it, but gosh golly gee, I just cannot seem to separate myself from the tube when The Hills is airing.

Last night MTV aired episode 5 with the title name of Crazy In Love.

Now before the episode even began I wondered what a title like that could mean!? Will it focus on Spencer and Heidi. Is it a slogan Spencer says? Or will we finally get a peek at who Lauren is dating!?

I was wrong, my speculation's all wrong. The slogan was actually a quote that Audrina states. Before blowing that whole scene up though, lets rewind back to the beginning.

The show starts off with LC and Audrina meeting up for drinks at a place called Big Wangs. The two are discussing Audrinas date'less' life as of now.

Naturally I was surprised, because I hadn't kept up with the Hills gossip over the season break. I guess after season 4 ended, so did the Audrina and Justin Bobby relationship. In fact Audrina states that as soon as he gave her that promise ring, he pretty much went back to his old ways of ignoring her as if she doesn't exist.

Now that we are caught up on that drama... or I should say; lack of drama, let's focus now on Spencer and Heidi.

The two meet up with a counselor, and Spencer naturally acts as if being there is a joke. The final result of the whole session was the counselor asking Heidi why she was still with someone who Heidi feels has mentally checked out.

Wow! I didn't know relationship counselors also played the role of break up assistants! Pretty intriguing! Narf!!!! I'll avoid personally going to one now if problems ever arise in my relationship! Gez ladie!

Last week if you were tuning in you already know that LC decided to bring Stephanie on board as an apprentice for People's Revolution. The boss chick warned LC that if she messed up, LC would be responsible for firing her.
I imagined that Steph just had the first day butterflies which was understandable. However this week she just seems like she shows up to the job high! She cannot focus, pay attention, or listen when someone is telling her to do something.
After being confronted by the boss, Stephanie begins asking random questions to her. The boss though takes on a snide confrontational tone when Steph is asking questions.

Seriously she messed up, but if shes learning and looking for some answers, the chick could have just answered her nicely. I mean heck, she's new!

Just when I began to feel bad for Stephanie though, she went and displayed a weird 'I suck at work' vibe when LC began asking her things the following day.

Lauren tries asking Stephanie questions about orders in boxes. Stephanie can't seem to look at her, ignores her when she is talking, and acts like a space cadet when Lauren is simply trying to help her.

Lauren asks her why she keeps doodling, looking away etc. Stephine's answer is that 'she does not take confrontations well'.

Lauren tells her that she is not confronting her, and that if it were the boss asking her these questions it wouldn't be nicely, or likely she'd be fired.

Next we fast forward to LC, Audrina and Lo in some night club hanging out with Brody Jenner, and a few guys from his posse.

The cameras editing implies that Audrina has her eye on Brody, and frankly he seems pretty distracted by Audrina as well - even in the presence of his girlfriend.

Anyhow, while the night is going well, suddenly Lauren spots Justin Bobby in the club. Naturally she tells Audrina.

Likely Page Break
Audrina looks a little worried, but at the same time is able to keep her cool, and look sexy doing it might I add. She decides to throws something at Justin's head (it was in good fun though, or so it seemed). He walks up and acts really shady, as she goes to give him a hug. During the hug she pats him on the back, and he goes off on some stupid tangent about 'not patting' his back.

When he leaves on a subtle note of nothingness, Brody tries to comfort Audrina, and asks her what the deal is with the two of them. Audrina says that she does not want Justin in her life. (We all know better though!)

While Brody is talking with Audrina though, we hear Brody's girlfriend whisper to another friend 'Who is that girl Brody is talking to!'

Uh-Oh! Jealousy! Potential future drama!?

As soon as Brody is done talking with Audrina, his girlfriend tries a sappy 'he's mine' make-out session with Brody. But alas, after the short pathetic kiss, he ends up eyeballing Audrina! Tee-hee!

Lauren also finds out this same night that Brody and the guys planned a trip to Hawaii without inviting her. He tells her it's a guys only thing.

We find out later though that possibly it's a coy to try and escape from his overbearing girlfriend for awhile. It's also clear some of Brody's friends are not to keen with his girlfriend either.

Now the days shift to another night, at another night club where we are greeted with Brody's girlfriend talking about grabbing Brody's junk to Audrina. She explains that she did it because he grabbed her boob. The girl clearly is trying to keep Audrina away by making things between her and Brody seem steamier than they likely are.

Low and behold Justin Bobby is also located at the same club; again! Audrina spots him and decides to ignore him for the time being.

Brody however decides to call him over and talk to him. He asks Justin about his status with Audrina. Justin being his usual self does not say much, so Brody implies that Audrina is in love with him and that he should try to make it work with her, marry her, blah bla....

Justin must have took his advice a little more seriously than not, because after their short words he pets Audrinas head, and they have a quick spatty discussion.

Audrina tells him she wants someone to treat her special, and that he does not do that. They argue a little, and Audrina ends it with loving someone who does not love her back. (Justin Bobby) Stephanie then turns to Audrina and tells her to just stop talking to him, that he is trying to suck her in again, like he always does.

The following day we have Audrina, Lo, and Lauren gathered outside some eatery where they share drinks and convo about planning their own separate trip to Hawaii the same time the guys are going! Yep party crashers!

It's pretty obvious that Audrina is all for the idea, and that she has a wee bit of a crush on Brody!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Bret Michaels and Rock of Love Bus Winner Taya Still Together!

I am so angry I missed the Rock of Love Bus reunion show last night!!! There was just not enough coverage on the reunion show, so I wasn't even aware it would be airing this fast!

(Or maybe I'm a Tivo junkie and I fast forward through all of the commercial B.S)

At any rate when I found out the reunion show aired I had one question on my mind; were Taya and Bret still together?

As it turns out they are, but as with every celebreality reunion show, the flames usually die out a few weeks after it airs.

Heck I don't even have to run through the list... it turns out no celebreality VH1 show has ever had a surviving couple. I think the longest they had yet was New York and Tailor Made.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Order The Sims 3 From Walmart and Get a Free Sims 3 Themed Lava Lamp!!!!

With The Sims 3 release heading to us this June 2nd, many fans of the game have held back on placing pre-orders seeing that we still have nearly a 2 month wait.

It's a good thing many of them waited, because over at Walmart, they are selling the pre-ordered standard editions of The Sims 3 with a bonus Sims 3 USB Lava Lamp.

Although it's small, and plugs into the PC, it is a heck of a lot cooler than the gummy keychain that comes with the Limited Edition of the game!

So hurry on over to to place your orders.

Click here for immediate access to page.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

How To Get Auto-Play Music On To Your Blogger Blog

I first began blogging back in January, and since one of my blogs has grown significantly as far as traffic goes.

When I realized that this blog was attracting more hits, I wanted to amp it up and make it more impressive. I wanted music to autoplay in the background for visitors.

I searched endlessly for help on the subject, but primarily all I got was how to play music, but nothing involved autoplay. I wanted the music to play automatically, not a widget where the guest had to hit play!

Eventually I landed on a site called

I joined to create an account, which was 100% free. Next I simply looked for the song I wanted to play on my blogger blog.

After that I chose a cute play device that included swimming fish, which was perfect for my blogs theme.

However in order to make sure it would autoplay, on the device playlist I had to click a small button labeled menu. After you hit menu a small scroll down list pops up. Click auto-play and wallah, you're music will now autoplay on your website. You of course have to click the embed in order for dizzler to provide you with the embed code.

Next, go to your blogger blog, and click on the layout. From there click add gadget, and hit the HTML/Javascript gadget.

Add the playlists embedding code into the HTML gadget, and the gadget will then play your music on your site!

It's easy, simple, and efficient!

Americas Next Top Model, Cycle 12 Episode 9. London Was Sent Home... Possibly For Gaining Weight?

Last night I was pretty shocked at what went down on Americas Next Top Model.

It's been no secret that contestant London put on a few pounds while in the competition. In my opinion though, she looked like a healthy normal weight; it's really no matter how normal and healthy she looks she gained weight during an important competition and it took a toll on how the judges saw her, and it took a major toll on her confidence.

This weeks challenge was to have each girl direct other models in the house for a photo shoot. After picking makeup, wardrobe, and camera/body angles for the shots, the contestant then had to pick the best photo.

Teyona won the challenge, and was rewarded a spread in Seventeen Magazine. Teyona was allowed to chose 2 other friends from the house to go with her. She took Celia and Aminat.
Watching their shoot though was pretty boring, and Celia simply looked ancient compared to the other girls. None though stood out as interesting during the short scene we got to see.

Anyhow, after the challenge came the photo shoot the girls were dressed in skimpy bikini like outfits. They were to hit the stage with Ciarra and pretend to be star obsessed fans of the singer.

Before London even hit the stage for her shoot, she was feeling self conscious about her body.

I hoped she got over it the moment she hit the stage, and her bubbly confidence would shine through. I thought she did a pretty decent job on the shoot and I didn't really sense any wrong doings.

Jay however pulled her to the side after the shoot and asked her about her recent rapid weight gain. Seriously man, I'm so surprised she didn't belt out in tears. I could however sense it was a huge lashing to her already deteriorating ego.

I thought London however would be safe, especially after Allison's not so graceful shoot, and Aminat did the worst on the photo shoot. I assumed when the elimination occurred Aminat would be sent packing due to the lackluster photograph.

London's photo didn't come out all too gracefully either, and her shot reminded me of an ice skaters pose right after she wins the gold. Tight, accomplished, but awkward. I didn't sense this awkwardness when London was on stage though, and it made me wonder if they picked one of her not so graceful poses out of the bunch on purpose. I'm sure there had to be one better than that in the bunch!

Anyhow, after the girls line up for their eliminations London and Aminat were in the bottom 2.

I was quite surprised to see that Allison was not in the bottom 2 this week. I really adore Allison's eyes and lips, her features are so striking! Seeing that she needed some extra direction during the shoot though, I imagined it would be her the judges eliminated.

I think a lot of viewers thought she'd be going home, and I think a lot of viewers thought that if London was sent home it would be based off of her recent weight gain.

Well low and behold, it was London sent home, and I couldn't help but think it was due to her weight gain. Tyra of course sugar coated the reasoning to being something to do with her face. I am on the fence. Yes London's photo was not too great this week, but neither was Aminat's!?

You can place your views below in the comment section on your thoughts on this controversial episode.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The Sims 3 Is Out...

The Sims 3 Is Out On The Blackberry! Play It Now!!!

So the world wide web is buzzing with gossip regarding The Sims 3. Many fans of the franchise are upset that the game has been pushed back for a June 2nd release, and some fans are expressing remorse that Will Wright. the creator of The Sims has left Maxis for other ventures.

At any rate though, all the sad news has been hushed to a near silence (yep, can you hear the crickets chirping?) due to a release of the game.

Now don't get too excited, because The Sims 3 is definitely not out yet for the PC. However if you want to get a little taste sample of the game then Blackberry owners should be happy to learn that the game is officially released on their Blackberry phones.

The cost though is a bit ghastly, especially considering the poor pixeled graphics. The Sims 3 on the Blackberry will run you $10.00. After taking a peek at some screen shots available online, I will say that if you want to play the game and don't own a Blackberry, don't run out to buy the phone.

Although it is The Sims 3, it looks like an old school Nintendo game, with some piss poor graphics.

The Sims 3 will later be released for iPhone users as well.

I doubt that the graphics will look any sharper on the iPhone, so seriously it's nothing to get into an uproar over. Fans of the original and Sims 2 will seriously have to wait for the June 2nd release in order to experience The Sims 3 the way it was intended to be.

I personally can not wait. The push back on the release was a huge disappointment. My heart sank, and let me tell you, not every game with a push back manages to create such an emotion in my wee heart.

I still browse google hoping for word that the game will be released earlier! Still nothing, still a June 2nd date. I'm praying though that they surprise us with an early release leak, and I hope it comes soon! Sooner than June!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The Hills Season 5, Episode 3 Recap 'I'm Done With You'

So Hills fans, if you've been paying attention up to here likely you've already seen this episode and already had your 'oh my gosh' moments. For those of you whom missed last nights April 13th episode though, here's a little recap of what went down.

You already know that Heidi left LA to go visit her parents in Colorado, due to her finding out that Spencer was at a bar flirting with some older looking lady.

The drama is already in the air, and when Heidi returns we catch a glimpse of her having a discussion with Spencer about the events that unfolded in last weeks episode. Spencer lied and claimed he hadn't gone back to the bar to see her, however he did, it was relatively innocent as we saw in last weeks episode. If anything did happen, we never got to see it.

Anyhow, fast forward to Lauren. Her boss at People's Revolution tells her that they need a new intern now that Whitney is gone. Although she butt heads with Stephanie last week over bringing Heidi to her birthday party, she tells Stephanie about the job and is given an interview.

Steff pretty much bombs the interview, but they give her a chance anyway; under one condition of course. If Stephanie screws up, Lauren will be the one that will be responsible for firing her.

Let's skip ahead to more Heidi and Spencer drama.

After the mini tiff at the house, the show skips to night time where Spencer is cruising in his car with one of his friends. The two are hitting up a new club that recently opened up. At the club though, Spencer made plans with the bar lady.

The show then fast forwards to Heidi and Stephanie discussing Spencer while out for dinner together. Heidi tells Stephanie she wants Spencer out of her life, and how she does not even know him anymore.

Stephanie gets the bright idea to convince Heidi to go out and find out where Spencer is.

Low and behold they find him looking a little too cozy with the bar girl. Heidi cusses, and Stephanie's claws come out. Stephanie can be pretty feisty and had some really funny brutal things to say to el home-wrecker.

The home-wrecker decides to then call Stephanie a dog! I nearly laughed out loud, because the bar chick looks like she's the oldest chick on the show! She should consider pressed powders for her oily face by the way, hayyy-

Anyhow, Heidi ends up leaving and spending the night over at Stephanie's house where the two discuss Spencer, his bad influence of a friend, and the bar girl.

Stephanie instead of backing up Heidi's decision to dump Spencer, instead convinces her to convince Spencer to go to relationship counseling.

Heidi actually takes her suggestion as a good idea, and presents Spencer with an ultimatum. Go to counseling, or get out of her life.

Now, my feelings were so mixed on this episode, because if I recall correctly a few seasons ago when Heidi began dating Spencer, she was utterly distraught when she found out he was hanging out with some model strippers...or something like that.

Now in this season, and in this episode, after all that had gone down with her finding Spencer with this girl, she barely seemed upset over it. No tears, no nothing.


I know many folks have said this show was just a stage, with some real moments, and some staged moments. I must say that this particular episode seemed very staged regarding Spencer and Heidi.

In fact every episode they are in seems fake.

It makes me wonder if MTV will give Spencer and Heidi their own show after The Hills is wrapped up with this final season. Yep, the rumor is that season 5 is the final season. Sniff-sniff.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Americas Next Top Model - Sends Tahlia Home

Last night was a pretty sad night for me when I got around to watching Americas Next Top Model on Tivo last night.

I have had 3 personal favorites since the show began. My first favorite is the beautiful Allison who looks like a Jap Anime character brought to life, with large blue eyes, and a pouty little mouth. Although my friends think she looks like a creature, I find her unique features to be simply stunning! I'm envious of those eyes!!!

My second favorite is Foe; this little beauty reminds me so much of an adult Punky Brewster that I find her smile to be simply adorable. Her freckles are also placed in the perfect places, and she's gorgeous!

My 3rd runner up goes to Tahlia, whom is a burn survivor. Her body is covered in burn scars due to an accident that happened when she was a baby. The girl though is beautiful, and she reminds me soooo much of Willamina from Ugly Betty! Classical, beautiful, and gorgeous flawless skin!

My least favorite was whats er name? Oh the old looking woman with the blond hair! Does anyone not think that Celia looks just like Corey Feldman's sister in The Goonies?!?!?!? Look here for a photo of Feldman's sister here. Now look at Celia. Yeah, it's my opinion that she's a missing Feldman sister. Haha!

Anyhow, last night the challenge was not an actual photo shoot. I tend to enjoy photo shoots more than I do the commercial acting challenges.

I imagined Celia would nail it, Tahlia would be bashful, and that boring broad Natalie would be sent home. Natalie however managed to grab the least favorite spot on my personal list. It used to be Celia due to her being a snitch, however when Natalie went on to call the other models 'Hicks' I was pretty disgusted, seeing that she is the one who always looks dirty, sort of like that kind of 'I don't wipe my butt properly' dirty. At any rate, with her snide comment, she is now my least favorite, and I hope she's sent home next week... (to remove that fat hairy mole!!!).

Anyway, the girls were split up into teams to each act in a commercial for some new CoverGirl foundation. As usual CoverGirl manages to name their products things that make people lisp. Lash Blast... I mean hell, say that 4 times fast!

At any rate, the foundation had a name lispy like that. Some of the girls I expected to nail it sucked, and ones who I thought would suck at the commercial shoot did alright.

The bottom two this week though were Allison, and Tahlia. Two of my top favorites. I was rooting for both of them, but mainly for Allison. I did not think Allison had a chance though because she is far too timid to continue to pass through to the next round.
Tahlia herself though is equally as shy, but her commercial looked like it came out a lot better than Allison's.

Tahlia however was sent packing, and my girl Allison managed to coast through the competition yet again!

I adored Tahlia, but I do agree with the judging, Tahlia was so beautiful, yet she held back so much. I think though with the amount of self promotion that she got just from the show, an agency will be quick to scoop her up! Fingers crossed!!!

We will have to wait to see whom gets sent packing next week!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Becky Buckwild Is Eliminated From I Love Money 2!!!

It was a pretty interesting week for I Love Money 2, just last week I was genuinely rooting for Tailor Made and his pose to send some of the less favorables home.

Tailor Made's alliance though gained power over the house and as soon as Frank The Entertainer was sent home, his entire alliance went down the tubes, and it all started with getting him out of the house.

I figured though his alliance left behind would be able to pick up the pieces and work on building up a newer alliance; sadly for them they stood rooted to their failing alliance and since Frank's departure, it's done nothing but crumbled.

With Tailor Made's alliance taking in every challenge win, and sending team mates from the other alliance home, they were eventually picked off till only 4 were standing. The 4 included Becky Buckwild, 20 Pack, Saaphayri, and Frenchie.

I figured this week though when 20 pack took in the challenge win, things would finally swing back over into his alliances favor. Unfortunately for him, Tailor Made's alliance killed him out with numbers in their favor. His alliance managed to get Becky, Saaphayri and Frenchie all into the box.

If you have been following, you already know that all of the people placed into the box are part of 20 Packs alliance. With that said, he had to choose one of those 3 in the box to get sent home.

20 Pack though is not an idiot, and he knew he had to cut some sort of a deal with Tailor Made in order to at least manage to get on the ins with him for next weeks challenge.

Tailor Made promised him that if he sent Becky home, he would save him next week if he ended up in the box. 20 Pack also promised him that if Tailor Made ended up in the box, he would not send him home.

When the final elimination came about no one really knew what 20 Pack was going to do. Initially the snake Becky and her sidekick Saaphayri tried convincing 20 Pack that it was in his best interest not to separate the two and to send Frenchie home.

At the final elimination 20 Pack surprised the competing alliance, and his own 2 remaining alliance members by calling Becky up to the stand. Everyone assumed; even Becky, that 20 Pack was giving her the $250,000 check which would save her from elimination.

It was pretty funny too because she had a big ole grin on her face when she walked up. However when she stood before him, he turned around, shed a pathetic tear and told her he was going to have to void her check!

Frankly I did not see it coming, but it was pretty funny how karma came back and bit her in the butt.

With Becky now eliminated, it is quite clear that Saaphayri has motives to send 20 Pack home next week.

We will have to wait and see if her plan ends up successful next week! It also appears that next weeks episode will include 20 Pack and Tailor Made forming some sort of alliance. This may be upsetting news to Tailor Made's remaining alliance!

Stay tuned!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

The Hills Season 5 Starts Off With a Bang, Boom, Bam, FIGHT!!!

Oh no he did not!!!!

Last night America watched as the gals from Laguna Beach made their debut in season 5 of The Hills last night!

However things went down in the season premier that I was not expecting!

Last night we were graced by 2 back to back episodes of the premier, and frankly it could not have started off any better!

Laurens gal pals Audrina and Lo worked pretty hard at throwing her a surprise party on a boat. Naturally Spencer's little sister Stephanie got an invite and told Heidi about it.

Stephanie tells Heidi that it should be fine if Heidi decides to tag along to the party; especially seeing that Lauren and Heidi are on somewhat cordial terms.

Lauren is pretty surprised when Stephanie totes Heidi along with her to 'her' birthday party. The whole thing was pretty immature, and frankly I think it is about time Lauren 'gets over it'. It's pretty clear that Heidi is genuinely sorry for the sex tape rumor that went around a few years ago. Lauren however looks a little aggravated that Heidi is there.

Anyhow, while Heidi attempts to break the tensions Spencer is out at some bar with his friends. Like the sleaze he is, we witness Spencer hitting on some trashy looking old lady bartender.

Ah, but we have a snitch hiding out in the background. Remember Stephanie's boyfriend from season 4? The two are broken up now, but I guess have remained friendly.

Well he happens to be at the same bar at the same time Spencer is trying to put the moves on this old looking bar lady.

He takes it upon himself to send Stephanie a text letting her know that her brother is trying to pick up the bartender.

Stephanie of course passes the message over to Heidi.

Heidi has a bit of a melt down, and confides in Lauren, where the two share some words, some tears, and some laughter. It was a really nice moment, and the scene became one of my favorite Lauren and Heidi moments.

Heidi decides top call Spencer up and call him out on the whole situation while he is still at the bar.

Once he hangs up with speaking with Heidi, he makes his way over to Steph's ex, and tries to get all froggy on him.

After a few stupid words, Spencer takes 5 swings at the guy and busts his chin open. It was seriously a WOW moment because I was not at all expecting liddle 'ole Spencer to be able to rough that dude up. It was actually pretty funny, the other guy didn't even TRY to hit him back (I think for good reasons....can someone say LAWSUIT?).

So after getting his chin mashed up like spaghetti sauce, he then texts Stephanie AGAIN to tell her Spencer just hit him for no reason. Frankly he was right, Spencer only went at him for spilling the truth, which was bound to come out anyway. I mean hello... see the cameras?!

Heidi gets the news of the fight. The next day we are taken to morning when Heidi decides to go to the bar and ask the old maid if Spencer was in their hitting on her.

The girl admits that Spencer was behaving disrespectfully, and takes Heidi's side in the ordeal.

Man what a two face!!! (Details further in article)

Heidi then goes home, where she confronts Spencer whom acts like he is innocent, and that Steph's ex boyfriend made the rumor up. Heidi however knows the truth, and lets Spencer know she went down to talk to the bartender.

Not many words are exchanged, and Heidi packs up some things and heads home to Colorado to spend some time away from Spencer and to see her parents.

While in Colorado, her mom tries setting her up with her first boyfriend Colby, whom she thinks would be good with Heidi. It was really a desperate move, but I totally understand where her mom is coming from.

Likely Page Break
Meanwhile back home in LA Lauren confronts Stephanie for allowing Heidi to tag along. Stephanie is pretty much confused at her attitude, and does not understand why Lauren cannot get along with Heidi; that it is not fair to close Heidi out based off of whom she is dating, that Heidi is her own person, and that she misses Lauren.

Lauren though being the grudge holder (like me) tells Stephanie to stop pushing a friendship with Heidi on her.

Honestly it was pretty odd seeing that things looked like they were relatively patched up between her and Heidi on the boat during Laurens party.

At any rate, it made Lauren look a little childish, but it is what it is right?

Anyhow, while Heidi is gone Spencer decides to yet again go to the bar to have words with the bar lady. This time she flips around her oh so nice personality that she presented to Heidi, and tells Spencer that his girlfriend is crazy.

What a two face. At any rate, I'm glad for it because Spencer and this broad seem to be a pretty perfect match. Hahah!!! I hope it all works out for them, seriously I do. I hope this grub becomes Heidi's ticket out of the tainted relationship she is in.

All in all these 2 season premieres get solid 5 star ratings from me!


The season looks like it is going to be a killer season, and the looks of the coming attractions it seems that Spencer may be out of Heidi's life before the season even ends, and little miss bar maid seems like shes going to play a huge role in the final nail in the Spencer Heidi saga.

Although I find the bar maid to be repulsive, I'm glad she's the one who will take on Heidi's leftover baggage.

Monday, April 6, 2009

New York Goes To Work, Coming Soon to VH1!!!!!!!!!!

I don't know what it is about her... Tiffany Pollard, aka New York. I find her to be repulsive, yet at the same time she is so god-dang addicting.

Tiffany Pollard was one of VH1's first 'date show contestants' to get her very own Spin-off show.

If you have followed her since her VH1 time line began, you will remember New York from Flavor of Love. After being dumped by Flavor Flav (twice) VH1 decided to give her the opportunity to find love on her own terms. A few months later VH1 gives birth to the I Love New York Show.

After failing in her first love attempt, she was given yet another show I Love New York 2. We learned in her last show New York Goes to Hollywood that her and Tailor Made were dunzo.

Once that show ended though we pretty much hadn't heard anything about New York, and when we all watched her turn down a role for I Love New York 3, fans just assumed that she would disappear and we'd not hear about her ever again.

Once again though VH1 resurrected their old time favorite gal New York by giving her yet another show which is labeled as New York Goes to Work.

This show is a little different from all of New York's previous endeavor's. In this reality show, America will get to decide the weekly fates of New York.

Some people love her, some people hate her, and some people they love her and hate her all at the same time.

In New York Goes to Work, viewers will have the opportunity to text vote on which job New York should be taking on the following week. The vote with the highest numbers will be the job that New York must do.

It can range from anything to waitressing, sewer plants, farming, and more.

Although I know VH1 is hoping for this one to be successful, I think that many of us are a little tired of New York. But hey, maybe she will have some new tricks up her sleeves in order to rake in the ratings! We shall see, we shall see!!!

New York Goes to Work will be airing on May 4th 2009 on VH1 at 10pm. I know I'll be tuning in!

Real Chance of Love 2: Coming Soon to VH1

I am addicted to VH1 reality shows. Although I am well aware that a lot of editing goes into these reality shows, I still eat them up like a starved wolf. I fall in love with the quirky contestants, and I even end up hating a few of them.

About a year ago I predicted that Chance would get his own love show after New York dumped him. The time eventually came, only I was not expecting both Real and Chance to star in it.

If you have been following, you already know that both Real and Chance were dumped by Tiffany Pollard in her I Love New York show.

Real was also denied by Hoopz (contestant loser from Flavor of Love).

Almost as quickly as his engagement went denied, VH1 decided to whip up a love show for both of the brothers to hopefully find love. Another spin-off, off of a spin-off!

Real Chance of Love aired and fans of the Stallionaire's got to watch as both Real and Chance tried to find loves to call their own.

Now normally I LOVE reality TV, especially when they are fueled by drama, cat fights, and big fake boobies.

Real Chance of Love though was probably the most disappointing reality spin-off love show VH1 has ever brought to fans.

The brothers seemed to take on a whole new persona, where their thuggish first impressions were melted away with feminine catch phrases, rhinestone studded jackets, ridiculously girly hair styles, and shiny bling bling that even a girl would find too overwhelming.

I knew before the show ended that Chance was not really looking for love (more like publicity), and I predicted that Real and Cornfed would end as quickly as their relationship began.

Although each and every episode became more painful to watch than the last, I kept up with the show just to see who would fight with who. I love the fights.

Finally the season ended, and I was grateful.

Then today, while roaming around the web, what do I find?

I find an article on stating that Real and Chance will be back to the limelight to once again give it a go at finding love.

That is correct ladies and gents, Real Chance of Love is coming back for yet another season! So far their are no official announcements on air dates, but VH1 tends to work fast, and I predict the show will be on the air before the fall season.

Stay tuned!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

12 Pack Joins Contestants on VH1's New Spin-Off, Daisy of Love

I was honestly going to completely skip out on watching Daisy of Love, because frankly when I saw the commercials for the show it was all to clear that she had some sort of cosmetic surgery done to her face, which made Daisy not even look like the Daisy I had remembered from VH1's reality show, Rock of Love.

Anyhow, Daisy of Love is basically another one of them VH1 spin-off shows. As flooded as the network has become with their reality shows, VH1 manages to capture new audience's, and keep old ones happy with their non-stop delivery of sleazy reality TV.

If anyone followed the Rock of Love series, perhaps you already know Daisy. She was season 2's runner up. Unfortunately Bret Michael's picked that other old lady chick as his lover.

Daisy went home, in tears... and thus VH1 decided to give this blond bombshell her own show.

Now in my opinion when it came to Daisy, I could never distinguish if she was hot or not. One moment she'd look smoking hot, and another she'd resembled a plastic surgery gone wrong talk show host.

At any rate, it definitely looks like Daisy De La Hoya had some new work done to her face, even if it's for the better, it still fools me into thinking she's someone else. Haha!

Anyhow, the new series puts Daisy in charge. This time she calls all the shots, and she is out and about and looking for love.

This week though I learned a little something new about the show. 12 Pack, whom we originally met on I Love New York (contestant in competing for New York's love) will also be competing for Daisy's love on her new show.
I find it a bit funny that his face has been promoted on VH1 so many times, and he's yet to win over the audience enough to get HIS own show. Regardless of that though, 12 Pack was always a charming favorite of mine and as soon as I learned that he would be a contestant in the new show, I knew I had to tune in.

So for Daisy fans, or 12 Pack fans, Daisy of Love is definitely a new spin-off reality show you will not want to miss.

The show airs on VH1 on Sunday, April 26th 2009, at 9pm.

VH1 Charm School Season 3, Airing This Summer 2009

I follow all of VH1's sleazy dating shows. I fall in love with certain newbie contestants, and grow to hate others. However with every new show, or spin-off show that VH1 airs, I find I am hopelessly addicted.

Todays focus is on Charm School. The show basically compiles a group of girls from older reality shows whom they feel could use a lesson in how to become more charming, and less of train wreck.

The show was so popular that VH1 aired a season 2, where Sharon Osbourne was the judge.

I decided to poke around the web today to see if perhaps Charm School would be back for a season 3. Well, I was happy to discover that season 3 is in fact in the works.

The best part about the new season though is not the fact that we will be seeing a few former reality show losers compete for the big prize, but the judge of season 3 is none other than Riki Lake!!! Riki will not be alone though, this season will be adding in another judge; Alani "La La" Vazquez.

This season contestants will include bad girls from VH1's dating reality shows, Rock of Love Bus, and Real Chance of Love.

The show basically tries to show another side of these bad girls by training them how to conduct themselves properly. Week after week the girls compete in competitions to show the judges that they are changing. The one contestant that fails to impress the judges gets expelled!

As of now there is no official release date, but the show is said to be hitting VH1 this summer of 2009! So stay tuned!