Friday, November 30, 2012

My Tattoo Is Peeling With Ink, Is This Normal?

One of the scariest things about getting your first tattoo is whether or not it will be painful. However, pain is depending on where you get your tattoo, and your tolerance. I can say during the process of going in to get my very first tattoo that I was paranoid about looking like a wimp and flinching when the needle hit my skin, however I felt silly for ever feeling that way once it started. The pain was a 0 on a scale of 0-10. 10 being the most pain.

Besides the pain though, for newbies who do not know what to expect after the fact things can get really scary. Sitting through the tattoo session is the easiest part, and most fail to recognize that.

My very first tattoo looked fantastic for 5 days, and then something bizarre started happening to my skin. I freaked out and thought I was one of those rare cases where the ink wanted to bleed out. However what really was happening was a normal healing process.

The tattoo started to randomly peel in certain areas, I was directed not to touch, scratch, itch, or peel it, and to let it do its own peeling process without any help. This made me freak out because it seriously looked as if the tattoo was peeling away as flakes of the skin contained the actual ink outline.

Fear not though, because underneath this skin your tattoo will still remain. Do not peel the area though or try to lift loose skin off of it, as you could actually cause lifting of the ink, and yes you could loose your ink. Let the skin naturally peel away on its own, or while in the shower. Consider it a snake peeling its skin, underneath the color will still remain, like your tattoo will remain.

This process for me was the most scary process during the healing, as I truly thought my tattoo was coming off.

From here your skin will look a little milky and the color not as vivid, but do not panic, in a few days your tattoo will look bright and vivid with color once the skin is fully healed.

Even after the skin has peeled, avoid itching the area as there could be left over flakes or scabs you cannot see, and you do not want to pull any scabs as ink could bleed.

Always remember with your tattoo that your healing process will not be exactly the same as others, this does not mean something is wrong. If something still concerns you about it, ask your tattoo artist who did the tattoo, only he or she will know the best way to answer your questions.

As far as your tattoo peeling with ink attached to it, this is completely normal, and your tattoo is not peeling off. It's just dead skin.

How Bad Does Getting a Tattoo Hurt?

Most of your friends have one, you want one, but you are not sure if you can handle the pain involved in getting your first tattoo.

Everyone has been there, but when it comes to asking friends what to expect as far as pain goes, you hear all sorts of things which either scare you or make you less afraid. It can go either way.

You cannot however take what others say as what you will experience. I had some tell me that it felt like getting stung by wasps, then someone else told me it was like getting sliced open with a hot knife, and others said that they enjoyed the pain. I couldn't help but wonder if they were sadists!

But believe me I am no sadist and I do not get a high off of pain. I wanted my tattoo done so badly though, and had thought about it for so long that I finally decided to just go and get it done, and chalk it up as my own experience, which it was, and will be for everyone else.

For me, my first tattoo felt like nothing of the sort, I felt absolutely nothing. It was equivalent to someone running their fingernail lightly across the surface of my skin. No stinging wasps, no knives on fire, no pain to even try to enjoy as my sadists friends described- nothing!

Was I lucky? Maybe.

Asking around though about what to expect as far as the level of pain you will receive from getting a tattoo is normal, and those who tell you it is not normal and you are not ready, are just tattoo snobs that think they know better, with some higher than thou attitude. You know you are ready, otherwise you would not have found this page.

However as far as wondering how badly it will hurt, that is truly anyone's guess, because for each person it is a different experience. The area where you get your tattoo can also play a role in how painful it is.

My tattoo was a nice shoulder piece, and took around 2 hours or so to complete. Sitting in the chair without being able to move was more painful. Does this mean you will have the same experience though? Absolutely not.

My Tattoo Is A Month Old, But It Is Still Raised? Is This Normal?

The very first thing I would recommend to those of you looking to get a new tattoo is to plain and simply not listen to what your friends say about their process.

I had so many varying answers to my questions regarding the level of pain when it comes to getting a tattoo for the first time. Some described it as unbearable, others stated it was relaxing, and some said it felt like being stung by a hive of angry bees.

For me though, it felt like someone running their fingernail across my skin. I barely felt it. Does this mean that will be your experience as well? Definitely not.

The same went for when my new tattoo was healing, that unbearable demonic itch everyone else said they experienced seemed to skip me over. Perhaps I got lucky?

I was beginning to think something was wrong with my tattoo, when in fact this was normal, it was just how my body was healing my tattoo.

However one thing that alarmed me was when I noticed that my tattoo was fully healed a month later, that it was still raised on the outline. The rest of the tattoo healed fine, and felt smooth to the touch, however the outline never seemed to go down.

Instead of jumping the gun and blaming my tattoo artist, I looked into the other possible reasons for why this happened to me, and not to others.

There are many reasons, the artist could have had a heavy hand, or worked the area too much and the raised outline is scar tissue that healed that way. It could also be a reaction to the ink, or just the way your body heals to a deep cut.

Is it normal though?

Yes, a raised tattoo is actually relatively common, and normal. In fact I prefer my tattoo to have this raised effect as it looks unique this way, almost like branding.

Raising also occurs randomly to smooth tattoos temporarily. Some experience some raising in warm water, or in the sun. Like a permanently raised tattoo, having temporary raised areas on your tattoo is also normal.

How To Keep Zombies From Killing Garden- Sims 3 Supernatural

The absolute biggest annoyance in EA's newest expansion pack for The Sims 3, The Sims 3 Supernatural, is the fact that the concept of zombies roaming the neighborhood was not exactly executed the way EA presented it in their commercials. Not by a long shot.

Instead zombies become spawned during the full moon, and will show up wherever you are during this full moon.

The most annoying thing about this though, is that they will destroy your garden, and you are left with absolutely nothing to do to stop them from eating your plants until they are dead.

There are however a few ways around this, they will not always work however, but it is the best advice I have to offer when it comes to dealing with having zombies not kill your entire garden, rendering all of your hard work useless.

The first method to keeping zombies away from your garden would be to visit another lot during the full moon. Zombies only tend to spawn up wherever your active Sim may be, so if you are not home during the full moon, the likelihood of zombies spawning there are less.

The second method seems to be the most helpful way in dealing with zombies.

You can simply place a fence around your garden with a gate. Once you have the gate placed on it, click the gate, and lock it to only allow your family in. This will keep zombies from going in. The unfortunate thing about this however is that zombies may sometimes spawn up in your garden. It's a rare occurrence, but it can happen.

The final solution to ridding zombies from killing your garden is to strategically place zombie pea shooters near the garden. The shooter is available however only to those who purchased the limited edition version of the game. What is unfortunate about the shooter though is that it is not very effective at keeping zombies at bay, especially if more than 1 spawns.

Nintendo Wii U Game Pad Flaws

I was amongst the few who managed to get a brand spanking new Nintendo Wii U console the week of its release date. The console has become more and more difficult to get hold of, and it will only grow more tedious as the holidays draw in on us.

However, with being one of the lucky ones, I had to mention that the new system, 32GB or 8GB, it does not matter; this console has one major flaw that has new owners of the system raving mad.

The Game Pad

Now do not get me wrong, the new game pad that comes with the Nintendo Wii U is nothing short of gnarly, with a beautiful 6.2 inch responsive and flawless touch screen stealing all of the attention. It's interesting, and reeks of divine technology, but with that said, the game pad has a battery life that touches in at just around 3 hours even on a full charge.

Gamers, especially those who just picked up the new console are bound to waste away way more than just 3 hours trying to make their way around the new controls, and toying with the new on screen applications. What an unpleasant surprise that the game pad only gives 3 hours of game play till it turns black.

Talks of possible higher end game pads that are less lower end in quality, and have more battery life being sold in the future has been mentioned amongst gamers most wanted wish list for the Wii U.

Besides the poor battery life, the Wii U touch screen game pad has a few other flaws that need to be mentioned.

Although the game pad is sleek, with a nice design and feel. The undeniable fact is that the controller feels very low in quality, with lightweight plastic that feels cheap in your hand. I imagine a spill to a hard floor and it could easily crack.

The touchscreen itself is also quickly scratched with lots of use. If you plan on getting a Wii U, please make sure you pick up a screen protector, as I have managed to scratch mine after just 4 uses.

The next issue that I am sure will be quickly remedied, is the fact that you cannot find game pads being sold separately at this time. If you break your game pad before Nintendo releases a stand alone game pad for purchase, you are out of luck. Or you will be forced to buy a brand new console. So if you pick up a Wii U early on, be sure to baby that game pad until Nintendo begins selling them alone. God only knows what the game pad pricing will be either if you would ever need to replace yours. My guess would be in the $120.00 range, possibly more.

Thursday, November 29, 2012

New From CoverGirl!!!

Ladies, you are going to absoultley love this one. The new Blastflipstick from CoverGirl comes with not just one lip color, but 2. You have the option to flip the stick to add either a flat matte color to your lips, and wear that alone, or you can mix and blend it with a lighter shimmery color lipstick which changes the color into something new.

I consdier it my night and day lipstick, as you can go lighter during the day by using the shimmery color, and darker at night by using the bold matte color.

I recieved a BZZ Kit containing 3 new colors from the collection, I loved them so much that I ended up going out and buying even more colors from the collection.

Pucker in particular is a gorgeous tickled pink color, with a shimmery pale pink duo on the flip side.

Besides the bold and pretty colors this collection offers, these lipsticks last, and I mean they last LONG! I apply in the morning and still have bold, bright and beautiful lip color easily into the evening, even with drinking from a can throughout the day. I was pleasantly surprised by this.

Each lip duo sells for $7.99 at local retail stores, which is a steal in comparison to other high end lipsticks, which do not even provide an hour of lasting color.  Love, love, love this one!!!