Friday, December 16, 2011

Over 200 Resident Houses Clicked & Still No Holiday Cheer! Come On Cityville!?!?!?

I was beginning to think that my Cityville game was bugged for the past few days considering the fact that the newest Elf Quest requires you to gather Holiday Cheer?

What the heck is Holiday Cheer?

Sadly I cannot post a photo as to what it is, seeing that I have not gathered a single one in the game yet. However supposedly, when you click on Cityville resident homes, you will at times gather it.

But When?

Well Cityville players, prepare to be angry. as the odds are not in your favor. With each click on a resident home, you only have a 5% chance of actually aquiring Holiday Cheer.

I am 200 clicks in so far on homes, how many times have you clicked before actually getting one?