Friday, July 31, 2009

Coke Rewards Officially Sucks Now...

I work behind a desk, behind a computer for nearly 300 days out of the year. Everyday on my way in to work, I would stop off at a local 711, pick up a cup of coffee, and a bottle of Coca-Cola.

Normally I would just stop in for the coffee, but due to the fact that I had time to kill on my lunch break I figured I would start slowly accumulating points on

Back in 2006 when I first started collecting the reward points, I hoped to one day have enough to earn the big ticket items, like consoles, HDTVs, computers, and a slew of other really enticing rewards, like vacations, hotel stays, and much more.

The rewards were very appealing, so much so that I began buying strictly coke products just to add 3 measly points to my account every day. I knew it would probably take 3 years to get anything worth wild, but hey, I am a patient person. I can wait it out.

However I noticed something grossly disturbing taking place in 2007. Coke began removing these spectacular rewards in place of 'prizes'. That's right, instead of accumulating points for a guaranteed reward, they now wanted you to donate your points into a raffle.

It sucked, because I knew I had a better chance of getting struck by lightning than winning a $5,000 dream home entertainment system.

It was not so bad yet though, because back in 2008 there were still a few items that I thought were worthy of continuing my saving up in points. I figured they removed some of the bigger items because people likely cashed in for them... and now they would restock the inventory with a slew of newer, bigger, better things.... only the newer, bigger, better things never came.

Long gone were the days of hoping to acquire enough points for a sweet HDTV, or a sweet 3 day vacation. Long gone were those days.

In 2009 all of those rewards that caused people to continue to add up their points were gone. Replaced by insulting pitiful poor excuses for rewards.

Let us take a look at an example.

The highest point items ask for 2,000 points. They include $50 gift cards to Nike, and a 1 day vehicle rental from AVIS.

It seems to me that as soon as Coke sniffed out too many people gaining points towards their HDTV goals, they removed all of the good stuff, and replaced them with insulting rewards.

Now I don't give a damn about you people who come across this and call me a whiny baby... seriously, go troll in some other forum or blog- I could give a damn what you think of me.

This is written for all of you, who like me, saved your stinkin coke points for YEARS, only to realize that all of the reasons you began saving those points in the first place, are now gone.

Let us take a close look at how this all works out.

2,000 points for a $50.00 Nike Gift Card
1 bottle of coke= 3 points.

Bottle of cokes one needs to drink in order to acquire 2,000 points = 666.6666666 (yikes!)

Price on 666 bottles of coke at around $1.59 per bottle = $1,058.94 give or take a few cents. So price to value... equals = SUCKERS!!!!

Now lets not even talk about horrendous navigating the site is. They improved the site, but it took them years....still though it is slow loading, and horrendous on the eyes.

However you won't navigate too much, especially after you see the rewards, and the ridiculous amount of points needed for these rewards.

Coca-Cola... seriously, give us back our decent rewards, and keep the point ratio to value of products fair!

At coke reward rates, you are better off just buying the items, instead of paying triple, or more their value.

A 1 Day Avis Car rental using coke reward points will in the long run cost you $1000+

A 1 Week Car Rental From Avis starts at around $220 a week.

Wow!!! But alas friends, you at least can say you got to drink 666 bottles of coke to get that one day rental! Hah! I'm laughing so hard, I left skid marks in my pants.

Paul Mitchell Super Strong Shampoo: A Review

I recently picked up Paul Mitchell's Super Strong Shampoo because my friend kept insisting that all of Paul Mitchell's hair care products worked wonders for her hair. I couldn't argue, because frankly she has really healthy, shiny hair.

However I tend to skip on high priced shampoo's and conditioners, and Paul Mitchell shampoos range from $8.98 to $30.00.

With summer weather taking its toll on my hair though; leaving it brittle, dry, and knotty, I went ahead and picked up the Super Strong Shampoo, and the conditioner.

The shampoo comes in a very small bottle. You can buy a larger size, but seeing that I was new to the brand, I bought the smaller 10 ounce bottle for $8.98 as a trial. An expensive trial, but it was better than spending $25.00 on a larger bottle. I figured if it worked wonders I would buy the larger bottle next time.

The shampoo itself is rather thick, and in the shower it lathers like a dream. I had never felt shampoo lather the way Paul Mitchell, Super Strong Shampoo did. It felt more like foam than it did anything else, and after rinsing out it left my hair feeling moisturized, sleek, and soft. Usually shampoo leaves my thick wavy hair feeling parched, so I was impressed with how moisturized it left my hair.

It has a nice scent, but the scent has been done before. It's a fresh clean scent with a mild tinge of musk. Nice, but like I said, I have smelled this scent before.

Results were phenomenal after stepping out of the shower. My hair was knot free, smooth and felt silky. However as my hair air dried I noticed that it was left fluffy, and with far too much body. I already have very thick wavy hair, so any extra body just sucks.

I do believe though that those who are looking for added extra body will love this shampoo, but if you already have thick hair, you may want to steer clear of this one.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The Winner of Daisy of Love Is.....

So, last night was fueled with VH1 reality show finales. We watched Risky win Charm School with Ricki Lake, and we watched as Daisy made her final decision on who she would chose to be her rock-star (lover).

The finale basically displayed dinner dates with the guys.

Left are the 3 finalists, 12 Pack, London and Flex. The show started with the men getting all get cozy in their new Hawaiian suite. The guys give London a hard time, but nothing really too dramatic.

Shortly afterward they are delivered individual letters all for them, written by Daisy. She tells Flex she thinks that her has anger issues, she tells 12 Pack that she is not sure how she feels, and she tells London (who apparently did not graduate 2nd grade English class) she worries about him taking off again.

Afterward they are all taken to dinner where they meet up with Daisy. Before getting intimate and one on one with the remaining guys though she is escorted to learn a Hawaiian dance with belly dancers. The guys drool, I puke in my mouth a little...and the show goes on.

Daisy begins speaking with London first, and Flex naturally interrupts the speech with his hate focused on London.

After London gets his turn sort of speaking, 12 Pack is up next. He fears speaking with Daisy about how he feels in front of the other guys. Its obvious Mr. Muscle is insecure, but he eventually gets around to telling her he loves her. Flex however interrupts yet again, with all the things he loves about Daisy. At this point, as a viewer I couldn't help but feel sorry for him. At the same rate though I was praying he would lose, because I think she's pretty repulsive.

The following day, the guys are all driven to the airport, where an elimination is going to take place. I honestly thought she would send London home, but instead she says goodbye to 12 Pack. I must say I was pretty floored, I thought for sure that 12 Pack and Flex would be the final 2 contestants. Alas, I was wrong. Daisy for some odd reason likes London, and with all of the ridiculous scripting that went on during the season, I was not too shocked. I was at this point wondering if she knew London prior to this show. She only hung out with London but once or twice, and he bounced for more than half of the season... then he comes back, and she is suddenly in love with him. Sorry, I just ain't buying that crap my friend.

Anyhow, after the airport incident, Daisy and Flex fly away in a chopper to view Maui from above. London is taken away back to the resort in a limo.

Apparently Flex's one on one date was taking place, and London would get to go on a date with her tomorrow, or later that night. At this point we are not sure because we are not clued in.

After the chopper ride, they go to dinner, and back to her place to cap the night off with some lovin. I do believe they had sex, but don't want to think about it too much because I may heave.

Anyhow, the following day Flex rolls in with a big grin on his face, and London is taken on his date. London gets the crap end of the stick, because his date consists of horseback riding. Yay!

London's date also seemed much, much shorter, and there was no night cap for him that night because eliminations would be taking place. Yeah he got jipped.

It didn't matter though, because in the end, Daisy ends up picking London as her rock-star. Yep, I must say for once I was happy with the end result. I knew Flex was the better guy for her, but frankly I believe he is the better guy for someone else; as in he can do way the hell better than the silicone queen.

So we watch as some weird mating ritual happens where London and Daisy are kissing one another in a way that looked like they had both done this before. It was also really awkward and gross, like 2 ugly birds pecking at one another's faces. I wouldn't doubt if they were a couple prior to this show.

Regardless though, this seems like a nice way to end a really lame show. I am sure VH1 is already writing a season 2.

Charm School With Ricky Lake... The Winner Is....

Last night I finally got to sit down in front of the tube, and watch my Tivo recorded, final episode of Charm School With Ricki Lake.

Without even getting to the very end, I sort of had a huge hunch on who would take how the prize. My assumptions were right.

During this episode, Ricky reunites the remaining 3 with loved ones. Riskys mom, Marcia's Mom, and last but surely not least is Ashley's boyfriend, and her adorable son.

One by one, the reunited families go into one on one counseling sessions with Ricki Lake, and the psychiatrist woman. I forgot her name because frankly she bores me. At any rate, at the session with Risky and her mother we learn what happened to Risky, but without actual full detail. It is quite clear something very, very horrible happened to her when she was a child, and her stepfather is the culprit.

Ashley is up next, and her session is not quite as teary eyed as Risky's, but we definitely get to take a peek in at why she is the way she is, and frankly it made me love her all the more.

Marcia is up at bat next, and she is told to tell her mother about her drinking problem. Marcia however refuses to tell her mother that her stepfather was the reason for her drinking problem. Marcia refuses to tell her mother this, because she does not want her mom to feel guilty about it. I have to give mad props to her for not wanting to hurt her mother, and not wanting her mother to feel guilty. Why the shrink chick wanted her to do so was beyond me. Remember one of your lessons moron? Make love, not war. Gosh, stupid woman should take some of her own advice. Besides, why force her to strain her relationship with her mom? Seriously.

Anyhow, not to long after this whole ordeal, the girls lounge around, nothing exciting happens, and finally we make it to the near end, where the girls give their speeches. These final speeches make or break them at Charm School, as always.

Risky had me bawling, and we find out her secret. Her brother is in jail for bringing violence to the man who molested her (the stepfather).

Ashley had a wonderful speech, as did Marcia, but any fool could tell who would be winning this season, and righteously so, it was Risky, so I must say congratulations to Risky, you beautiful, beautiful woman.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Yearbook Yourself Is Back!!!

OH, EM GEE Everyone, Yearbook yourself is back in action!!! Im too excited to even write much more about it, because I am ansty to see what has been added! For those of you whom never heard of it, check it out. Click here.

Turn yourself into an 80' icon! A yearbook icon that is!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Paris Hiltons My New BFF, Recap Season 2; Paris Says Goodbye To David!

As if we did not see this coming!

Anyhow, the episode starts off with everyone in the mansion as usual. The buzz around the house is still focused on David. Everyone seems dead set on getting him out of the house.

Today's challenge is focused on the paparazzi. Paris has all of the contestants dressed in very tight, and very short leather skirts. The guys are not void of the dresses either. Instead they are given Scottish looking skirts to wear.

Without knowing what the challenge is, the contestants are to ride around in flashy high end cars. Their mission is to get out of the car, while paparazzi are swarming. Their job- to keep their private areas out of the cameras view while getting out of the car. As stated, they are unaware of this task, however anyone who knows Paris Hilton well enough, knows she has had her fair share of embarrassing mishaps.

Amanda seems to 'get' that this is a challenge and is smart enough to cross her legs while getting out of the car while cameras are snapping around her left and right.

Afterward, they all go to lunch with Paris where they share a little bit about themselves, and Paris shares a little bit of herself with them. She begins to cry when she mentions having her photo snapped when she was getting out of a car. She recalls the day like it was yesterday. She stated she had on green underwear and someone photoshopped someone elses vagina into the area, and that it was NOT her private part. She was disgusted by it, and teared up over the incident, because as she stated -it hurts.

At any rate, it was nice seeing a real side of Paris, although later on during the night I believe I caught a side of her world that made me second guess her, and those she rolls with.

The contestants are all brought to a night club where they will party with Paris. Everyone seems to be having a good time, ass kissing Paris...except for David. He is trying to make buddy buddy with Paris boyfriend Dough.

Later on however, if you pay close attention you can see that Dough is laughing really hard over something, and I have a hunch that, that something was David. It was a mocking look, and it disgusted me. I don't know who he thinks he is, but seriously, he has no neck, is very ugly, and has a greasy face. He is better than no one, so if he was laughing at David, it's actually okay, because his karma is stuck with him for life. That fool was hit with an ugly stick at birth. There is no fixing that.

Later on when David is eliminated, Paris also throws some comments out about David, which was uncalled for. He never did anything to her, for her to talk crap like that. Likely her, and her hit with the ugly stick boyfriend, were talking so much crap about him the night before.

So much for being so real, and so nice. What did he ever do? Nothing. If she is going to call him a tool, likely she views everyone competing in this 'game' a tool. I mean she calls them 'kids'. They are all her tools.

Charm School With Ricki Lake: Brittanya Sent Packing!!! Recap Episode

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God dang-it! Last night Ricki Lake sent home one of her hottest students; Brittanya!!!

Anyhow, we learned last week that the girls would be shipped off to New Orleans to help restore the community that hurricane Katrina lashed through.

Before getting down to work though, Ricki sets the girls loose in town during the Mardi Gras. Some of the girls party like they are rock stars, while others remain low key. Marcia in particular was having a difficult time being a part of the party scene due to the fact that she cannot drink.

Just when I thought Marcia was about to break down, and join the party by drinking, she proved that she was in fact ready to take her drinking problem on, head on, by avoiding it all together. She cut the night short for herself, went home and got an early nights sleep. Marcia is smart, and knew that the following day there would be a lot of work to do.

Ashley however parties it up, and swallows down shot after shot. Britannya is also partying with her, but it appears that she is not as drunk as Ashley. Risky stays close by, enjoys the party scene, but stays pretty sober, while keeping a close eye on her competition.

Ashley, Brittanya and Risky all head home at around 3am. No less than 3 and a half hours later they are all awoken to begin their days work.

Ashely however is still tipsy from the night before...or I should say few hours before. Ashley however pulls it together, and really impressed me with how far she went during the course of the day.

The challenge begins at a school, where the girls are put to work on beautifying the school grounds for the children.

The day does not end there though. After this hard work, the girls are told that whomever they think worked the hardest, can go back to the house, and relax. Everyone votes that Marcia worked the hardest, due to the fact that she worked through her lunch break.

Marcia gets to go home and relax, while Ashley, Brittanya, and Risky are moved to another location. There job at this location is to help prepare meals for the homeless.

As with the school work, after this job is done, the girls once again are to vote on whom they think worked the hardest. This person will get to go home, while the remaining 2 girls continue on and work into the night.

Everyone agrees that Brittanya worked the hardest, so she is free from the remaining nights duty.

The camera cuts to Marcia and Brittanya sitting back at the house. Brittanya is munching down on some food, and Marcia begins to antagonize her by calling her a follower, and then mentioning how wonderful a mom Ashley is to her son. Although she did not say it, Marcia was suggesting that Brittanya is a bad mom, which is just messed up. I was shocked to see Marcia pushing Brittanya's buttons this way.

The following day Marcia decides to tell everyone that Brittanya has not changed, and that she wanted to fight her the night before. Marcia seriously planted an evil seed that was not true. She definitely failed to mention how she herself led Brittanya to an aggressive stance.

However sitting across a table and telling someone to shut up, is far from 'fighting'. Marcia led her on, and when she got the rude reaction she was looking for, she made it larger than it was. Brittanya was not going to fight her! I was pretty impressed with how she held it together, because frankly I would have jumped across the table and had Marcia eating gravel.

Anyhow, Ashley and Risky continue on to help unload a truck for their final task. I'm really not sure what this job was, or how it was helpful to the community because there was a lack of detail on what exactly the point of them being there was.

During expulsion Ricki sends home Brittanya due to the fact that she felt she was only there for the money, so she could pay her lawyer fees and stay out of jail.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Daisy of Love- Daisy Sends Home Sinister- Recap Episode

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Last night they finally aired the newest Daisy of Love episode on VH1. For some reason the season has gotten too jumpy, with my Cable box refusing to record episodes, and the fact that VH1 keeps showing re-runs while having fans of the show waiting 2 weeks for new episodes.

At any rate we are finally all caught up. This week Daisy has to send 2 guys home, and bring only 2 of them to the finales.

Last week ChiChi was sent home, leaving behind 12 Pack, Sinister, Flex, and the re-introduced again London.

This weeks episode starts off with the guys once again giving London a hard time about leaving, then getting another chance to re-renter the show.

After this quick ball busting lameness, we watch as Daisy is out back chatting with the remaining men, having a good time, laughing, smiling, yadda, yadda, blah.

London wants to pull Daisy to the side though to have a talk with her. Sinister however is not having it, and tries getting cozy on Daisy while London attempts to have some alone time. Sinister however always gets tossed to the side by Daisy, and he seriously looks like a poor pathetic third wheel on the show. I honestly feel bad for him, because Daisy has done this to him time and time again.

Does anyone remember in the beginning episodes when Sinister won a challenge to hang with Daisy alone in the VIP room? I know I remember it. The bitch actually forgot he was up in the VIP room waiting, while she partied it up with the other men. As Michelle Tanner would say, 'How rude!'

Daisy makes her way over to the grass with London, while Sinister and the other men look on. They talk briefly, and begin making out. Sinister gets up, and walks over to the micro make-out session to interrupt the kiss-fest. He hands daisy some picked flowers.

Daisy takes them, and then turns all her attention back on to London. She tells London he has a lot to make up for, and asks him to eat one of the flowers that Sinister picked.

Sinister gets pissed due to the fact that 1. Daisy ignored his advances, 2. He lost his ring while picking some flowers, and 3. Daisy asks London to eat his flowers.

Sinister goes on yet another pathetic tough guy rampage. I think it is funny though, because he has such a strange outer worldly trot like walk whenever he gets mad.

He goes inside grabs a guitar, brings it outside and smashes it by the pool, while London and Daisy look on. Sinister throws the guitar into the pool, and huffs back inside, where he proceeds to push 12 Pack off of a kitchen counter while still huffing.

The whole scene was rather ridiculous, and made him look corny. I don't even like using the word corny, but he definitely came off as corny.

Anyhow, the saga does not end with this, because this week Daisy calls a bunch of the exes from the remaining mens past.

Everyone has an ex show up to share some dirt, except for London who has a friend come instead. You will remember this girl as a cast off from Paris Hilton's first season of Paris Hilton's My New BFF. The exes jobs are to share some dirt on the guys.

We learn that Flex's ex may still be in love with him, London was seeing someone back home, 12 Pack is perfect, and Sinister is aggressive.

A psychic is also brought into play to share with Daisy which of the guys would be best for her. Everyone gets rave reviews from the psychic except for Sinister. His review is mixed.

She was supposed to eliminate 2 guys, but she decided to keep Flex and bring him along to the finale as well.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Paris Hiltons My New BFF, Season 2: Have My Back, Recap

This week on Paris Hilton's My New BFF, Paris decides to show up at the mansion to hand out American Girl Dolls to her remaining contestants. The dolls however have some sort of ridiculous microphone hooked up inside of them, which gives Paris control over what the dolls say to the contestants.

It's a little funny listening to these demanding mouthy dolls, but listening to the dolls is not the only task the contestants have.

Paris lets them know that they will be going to a store to pick out outfits for the dolls, for a doll fashion show.

Basically their job is to clothe the dolls, and show them off to Paris. The one who dresses their doll best, will win a pass from getting eliminated. The one who does the worst, will automatically be up for discussion.

Paris had another agenda when she stepped into the mansion. She came dressed in what she considered a hideous outfit. Her plan was to see who lied to her and told her she looked good. I must have no fashion sense whatsoever, because I thought she looked pretty cute, minus the weird sunglasses.

At any rate, her pet for the week was to report back to her later on, to let her know who lied to her when everyone said she looked cute.

It was a stupid superficial request, Desi kept with her word stating she thought Paris looked cute, while the others agreed her outfit was not that great.

Anyhow, all of the contestants are taken to some doll shop, where they pick outfits for their dolls. After choosing outfits, they have their doll runway fashion show for Paris, and guest star Lil Kim.

David and Amanda impress her the most with their doll outfit choices. Stefanie however lost the competition with her green bathing suit choice, so naturally Stefanie is put up for discussion.

Shortly after the competition, Amanda and David have some stupid fight over a joke that Amanda's doll made her pull. You see Paris speaks through the doll using some voice thing, and the contestants do as the doll requests. Amanda was to remove all the laces from David's shoes, and tie them together.

She does as requested, and not long after that a giant piss fight erupts, which end up making them all look stupid. Amanda begins telling fictitious over dramatic tales on how David put his hands on her, when the reality is, the bitch was just looking to get him removed from the house. Hell, if I were him I would of thrown her down the stairs if she dared take a pile of my clothes and try to throw them in a pool. She's of eaten concrete.

I was hoping Paris would cut the chord on Amanda, but unfortunately Desi ends up getting sent home, due to her thinking that Paris' outfit was hot.

Good Lord. Can we get any more superficial?
Desi is expelled for her poor choice in fashion. Ugh, whatever!

Monday, July 6, 2009

More Sims 3 Ideas

I have mentioned this before, and I will mention it again. The coolest thing I think Maxis could ever do would be to reward their fans.

I play Animal Crossing on Nintendo DS, and did you know that once in awhile, Nintendo will actually mail my character a gift every once in awhile that is delivered to my in game mailbox!?

With an Internet connection, and the Sims 3 game, this is a technology that Maxis should pick right up on, and quickly before their most recent game grows moldy.

Besides rewards, I have a few other ideas that I would like to see become a reality.

1. Wild Animals

Seriously, we have bugs and butterflies, and fish in the waters around Sunset Valley. But where are the chipmunks, squirrels, and bears. Why not throw in a pesky mosquito which could make my Sims sick if bit?

What about birds fluttering around, landing in trees, or some crows perched up on the creepy tree in my graveyard? Little details like this would really make my town all the more realistic; and frankly I would love it!

Wild horses that can be tamed would also be phenomenal!

It is the 'lack of detail' as of now that has managed to pull me away from the game so quickly.

2. Boat Rides

C'mon, seriously!? You throw an awesome lighthouse on some far away island, and you make it so I cannot get there. Ugh. Allow us to purchase and customize boats in order to dock on the shore. Rich Sims can have docks for their boats which will cause them to have to pay rent, and those who are not as rich could pay another Sims to carry them along to the island.

Maybe toss in a cute ferry boat that goes back and forth to the island at set times.

I'm hoping the news of the newest expansion pack will deliver such a feature! Sims 3: Destination Adventure

3. Mystical Creatures!

The coolest thing about The Sims 2 were the odd creatures that were presented to us. Witches, Big Foot, Wolves, Vampires, etc.

I would like to see Bigfoot in the mountains randomly while playing. Vampires would be cool too. I would like witches and vampires back, as well as sea creatures like Nessie, Mermaids, or weird water serpents.

4. Let My Sim Swim Already

It has been a request ever sine the original Sims game! For the love of God, let our Sims swim in lakes and oceans. I don't understand why there is, or ever was a barrier. We've got all this big open blue... and we can only fish in it? Gag me.

5. Weather With A Chance Of Meatballs

Okay so maybe it's not cool to rain meatballs, but seriously folks, can we get some weather up in here!?

6. Sports Activities

I want a skateboard for my kids, roller blades, skis for the water, skis for mountains, a volley net for the beach, a beach ball that actually does more than sit still looking pretty. I want jet skis, pool rafts, a pool table, croquet, hopscotch for kids, a kiddie pool, horseshoe game, a baseball field where children and adults can create teams, or just play with a small group of friends.

I'd like to see more activities added to this game. We are starved, and so limited with what the game came with!

I can go on, and I will.

Kick ball would be fun, as well as horseback riding, mining for gold, metal detecting for treasures.

7. Mystical Career/Objects

A tarot card reading shop, where a Sim can pay money, and events will occur depending on the reading. I want an Ouija board game, a deck of tarot card, a crystal ball, a frigging mystical career!!!

8. A Train That Can Actually Be Used For Transportation

That's right. I want a train that actually takes me places.

9. A Pirate Theme/Career

We have a lot of water in the game, and no pirates! I want a pirate ship. I want a pirate career; I want to look for buried treasure. I want to Sail the Simmy Seas.

10. I want a SimThemePark!!!

How neat would it be to have a theme park where my Sims could go to ride on some rides, play some games, and win things? It would be neat if I could actually go in and direct them to the fun, however with the way things are set up now, it will only look cool on the outside, and you are clueless as to what goes on, on the inside! Ah.... that definitely needs to be changed!

11. Death Career

Let my darker sims work their way up to a grim reaper type career. Where they are given a list of those who are due to die, and you as the gamer have the choice to come collect their souls or not.

For the record, I still want a funeral home added to the game as well! A church that functions as a church would be cool too. I'm NOT even religious, but I would like to see it added to my game! Maxis, likely they are too worried about lawsuits! Ugh.

Sims 3 Expansion Pack News

So the rumor buzzing around the Internet that the very first Sims 3 expansion pack will be titled The Sims 3: Destination Adventure!

As of now the news is only a rumor, but there are sources saying that this will most likely be the name of the first expansion pack for the game. Some foreign sites already have it listed for a November release.

Due to the news of the expansion pack, many are imagining what the new expansion pack will offer their games!? I myself am wondering. With a title like Destination Adventure, I have to of course take into consideration the most obvious: vacations for my Sims.

I wonder though, will the vacations be added on new lots on the games town, or will it be a load screen town that they can travel to? Will it be a separate town like the one buyers could download?

Will it offer new features such as hair, objects, and things that Sims can actually interact with?

A lot of fans, and those who are less than thrilled with the Sims 3, think that it will likely be similar to Bon Voyage.

Personally I will be disappointed if the first expansion pack does not include weather. The biggest want fans of the original Sims 1 game, was weather. We finally got the delivery in an expansion pack in The Sims 2, only to discover a lack of changing seasons on the newest Sims 3 game.

Personally it has been a month since the game came out, and less than 3 weeks later I have already grown tired and bored of the game. Although the game is a lot funner, and more polished, it does not appeal to me as much as the Sims 2 did due to the lack of things to do, and the lack of custom content.

Till the expansion packs flood us up, and more custom content is released, I probably won't be entirely happy. However I do think that weather in the game is a must.

Hopefully this next expansion pack brings us weather.

The first rumored expansion pack was said to focus on jobs. I guess the original rumor has been laid to rest due to the announcement of the first expansion pack.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Daisy of Love Recap: Bye, Bye Chi-Chi!!!

So tonight Daisy decided to send home one of the biggest butt kissers the show had to offer. He was a great butt kisser though, and his little chipmunk face was simply addicting.

Daisy however viewed him as more of a friend than a potential love interest. Ouch! I guess though she kept him through the show long enough to get her ego stroked every time she had a bad hair day...which er... seemed to occur everyday.

At any rate, before getting into the whole elimination ceremony, let us rewind back to the beginning.

The men all awake to discover that they will be taking separate dates with Daisy.

Flex and ChiChi go to some vacant sand pit, dirt alley, or valley, what have you. Their goal is to drive Daisy around in this dune buggy.

Flex impresses Daisy with his fast dare devil driving skills, and ChiChi takes things slow, and calmly. Daisy was disappointed with his lack of daredevil skills, and decided Flex impressed her the most.

Anyhow, after the two drive Daisy around, she then takes the wheel, and drives like a drunken retarded pirate. The end result was bimbette flipping the vehicle. Smooth move exlax. If I were Chichi I'd fake a back injury and sue the bitch. Heck I'd do the same thing if I were Flex too. I think by the time he gets out of that slum, he will have a few battle scars he may want to fix up with some cosmetic surgery.

The next date is once again in the mansion, and the two remaining guys are 12 Pack and Sinister.

Before hand however Sinister decides to move all of his gear out of his boy Chi Chi's room, which was a pathetic move if you ask me. It's bro's before cheap hoe's, but not in Sinister's case, he has convinced himself he loves this girl... or he's a semi convincing actor...either way it's lame.

Anyway, after their dinner Daisy once again decides to invite 12 Pack up to her room, leaving Sinister behind to look like a side kicked moron.

He once again has a piss fit about it.

Chi Chi learns the news and decides to camp outside of the bedroom till she comes out. He decides against it though and goes back to his room.

The next morning 12 Pack aka Dave, decides to share some details with the camera, and the way it seemed, he bagged the bush.

Anyway, let us fast forward to the bullcrap event that takes place. As we all sort of seen coming, that peewee Herman looking fellow comes back to see if he can get a second chance with Daisy. We saw this coming though, due to the obvious editing that went on throughout the show.

She gives him another chance, and he is added to the remaining contestants.

Chi Chi is sent packing leaving behind the old, but new guy, Sinister, 12 Pack, and Flex.

So we should have been down to 3 this week, but we are back up to 4. Sigh. Another episode longer than it needs to be....or maybe she will chuck out 2 next week, or they will expel themselves. Tee-hee!

At any rate, next weeks episode looks rather juicy, as some of the contestants exes will be making an appearance. It also appears that someone dated a throw away from first season of Paris Hilton is My New BFF! Good Lord! Me thinks she was Sinister's ex? But who knows?