Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Beyonce... Yah Know... I'm So Poor It's Embarrassing....

I mean if you are so mortified, and embarrassed of your wealth why not share it with some poor saps like me huh? Huh Beyonce...hmmmm?????


Beyonce is quoted as saying:

"I never imagined I would be so blessed. I just wanted to be financially stable, and it embarrasses me, and I don't feel comfortable talking or thinking about it. "I'm not a flashy girl, and I don't flaunt it."


Gee... I mean not for nothing... but if I was so embarrassed of my wealth, I certainly wouldn't go mentioning it to others... and what's with the whole 'I don't want to flaunt it' bullhooey?

Man, I seriously wonder how many poor people fans she lost due to this stupid comment. I for one never thought much about her, but I did like some of her music. However... to her I must be an organism, so I decided today... to no longer like her and her conceded 'I'm so rich I'm embarrassed' face.

Sorry, but the majority of people are embarrassed by their 'lack of wealth'.

And one more thing... Be-once-ey... why not donate 90% of your 'embarrassing wealth' to a good cause- I mean if it bothers you so much- why not? Sheesh.

I'm not talking a million to some child hunger charity... I'm talking 20 million to some child hunger charity. Put your money where your big mouth is.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Are Heidi Montag and Lauren Conrad Friends Again!?!?!?

I'm a loser, I'll admit it. I sometimes will hear the stories of others, and pass them off as my own, because I cannot remember if those stories were my stories, or someone else's. At any rate, sometimes I will even repeat a story I was told, back to the person who told me the story. Talk about a whack right?

Today's top story though is not my own, nor was it passed off to me as news. Today's story focuses on my favorite reality TV show, The Hills.

Were on to season 4 now, and thank the lord above, there will in fact be another season. Yippie!!! Not only will there be another season, but there is also going to be 2 spin-offs. One is Bromance with Brody Jenner, which looks like it's going to be borderline gay. Nonetheless... I love man on man lovin, so I'm so tuning in.

Then Whitney Port's show of course, In The City. Also tuning in.

I sooo would have rather of tuned in to a Audrina and Justin Bobby show though!!!! They are so mysteriously, oddly, cute together.

However The Hills season finale ended so wonderfully and that makes up for the lack of a Justin Bobby and Audrina spin-off.

Lauren Conrad, and Heidi Montag shared a hug, and even spoke to one another without yelling ,screaming, or getting pissy.

It was actually really touching, to see this duo actually conversating, and it appeared that they genuinely missed one another.

Anyhow, I absolutely cannot wait to see what goes down in season 5. It's being said that the big dream wedding Heidi has always wanted with Spencer will be aired... but who can say? It's all speculation as of now.
I also hope that Lauren and Heidi hit it off and become close again. At the same token though, who will be the shows new frenemy?

Where Are You Christmas? Why Can't I Find You?

So Christmas is in approximately 2 days. My Christmas spirit is absolutely shot. That magic that I once could conjure up as a kid, is a thing of the past, and frankly its pretty damn sad that now something as special as Christmas feels like an ordinary day.

Last year I was able to salvage some of my spirit by putting up thousands of lights on the house and in the yard, and managing to be the reason the employees over at Lilco got a Christmas bonus.

I tried repeating that pattern, figured it worked last year... so why not this year? Unfortunately it didn't work. The lights didn't even spark a bit of spirit. In fact, I was just pissed off the entire time putting them up. The electricity kept going out, and blowing fuses.

Tomorrow is Xmas Eve. The whole family is coming over, but oddly enough, this year nearly half of them have to work, and won't be showing up till later. I think this is the first official year ever where nearly everyone will be at work! This has never happened, but it also managed to add to my Grinch like, bah hum bug way.

It's just so sad, because I cannot recall a damn thing from last years festivity's, yet I can picture perfectly a Christmas of long, long ago when I was around 6. Why are Christmas's not as special or memorable when you get older?

Ah yes, magic. Its all about the magic, and the fact that when you are 6, you don't have to spend $1000 in the drop of a hat, nor do you have to get into fist fights with fat dowdy house wives over a goddamn parking space.

At any rate, I wonder if my parents viewed Christmases when we were kids, a more special and memorable time? I'm sure.

Welp, everyone, I'll be away for awhile, so enjoy your holiday...


Wednesday, December 17, 2008

The Blog Doll

It really amazes me how un-popular I am here in the wonderful world of the world wide web. I figured my witty charm would win me thousands of followers and viewers to this here blog over night. I manage to capture 40,000 readers a week on Associated Content, so I figured branching out my horizons would be a good thing. A plus... tons of readers. But after 4 or 5 days of this here blog coming to life, I have managed to capture 18 people. 17 I know of which were my own clicks. I wish this here blog didn't count my own clicks.

No matter though, I'm truly just as un-popular here on this blog, as I am in real life. Associated Content simply made me feel more well liked, seeing that I do rather well for myself there. I guess I felt I fit in... and then I came here... and well reality hits... I'm a web loser like millions of others. Heheh. No matter, I'm amusing myself, so...

that's all that really matters.

Well tonight looks like it is about to be another Taco Bell night.
If you have actually been looking at my blog, you'll notice a change in the titles photo. Cool doll huh? Some clever person out there actually makes that doll. I wish I could remember who, because I really wanted the damn thing. Something sad and haunting, and beautiful about it... so I'll keep her as my blog main photo for now.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

The Saddest Person In The World

The snow stopped about an hour ago; pretty disappointing too, because I was really excited to go home and possibly get some snapshots of the winter wonderland that graced our presence for an hour. Traces of it can be seen on rooftops, but other than that... nada. Besides, I don't think anyone would really be all that interested in snowy rooftop shots. Pretty bland and boring if you ask me.

I keep looking out the office window at people passing by. I usually only examine them to pick them apart. I'm cruel that way, but I always figured so long as I was silently picking on someone, my Karma would still be in check. They have no idea that the cruel crone behind the office desk was thinking wicked thoughts about their large noses, fat rears, or absence thereof.

Today though there is something different about all of those passing by. Today they are smiling. I know that they too are sort of similar to me, they too managed to get hold of some of that good ol Christmas spirit due to the snow, so they are in a good mood. I didn't pick on anyone today based solely off of the fact that everyone seemed so cheery. Even me.

Usually when people pass by this window I hear them yelling at their kids, screaming at someone on a cell phone, or they are alone with a deep seated sadness written all over their faces. The images are truly contagious, because usually I go home in a grumpy mood- somehow through the pane of thin glass their moods manage to stick to me like a disease. The views today though...they were pleasant.

A week ago the small office next door to ours had a huge blow up of cussing, arguing, and scuffling! I love when things like that happen though, because it gives me something to do. At any rate, this fight was so deliciously good that I actually had to rise from my seat, and hold my ear to the wall.

The walls here are thin, and the guys next door fight so often that I always think a stray bullet is going to come sailing for my head one of these days.

Anyhow, from what I got, the fight was over... I bet you already know....money!!!! That's right... as usual the roots of all evil. It can cause a sane man to go insane. I have only a little... so I'm only a little insane.

The fight though seriously went on for a good 20 minutes... men screaming like women, and dear God, did I just hear a cracked voice...one of them were crying?

Wow! Now it made me feel bad for eaves dropping, but it made me at the same time realize that everyone has their own set of problems, and for the most part no one gives a crap about them... until you are eaves dropping, and you tune in to the problem, only does their story become a sad story.
A sad face walking by in a sidewalk...you could honestly care less, but if given the opportunity to listen to why that face is so sad looking, it could actually effect you, make you want to help....or become that persons protector. Weird how that works.

Someone is always sad about something; mostly though their sadness is petty- take me for instance, I'm sad about the lack of snow.... bah! I'm such a pathetic creature.

I wonder who the saddest person in the world is? There has to be somewhere on this planet, the saddest person in the world. I wonder who they are, and I wonder what their story is. How selfish of me, to be sad over snow.

It's Snowing!!!

It's snowing!!!!!!

You have no idea how excited I am! My Christmas spirit was nearly shot, and for nearly a month now the weather channel has been predicting snow... only we never got any. Every time they predicted snow, and it never happened, it would seriously send me into a sad bout of depression. With Christmas just about a week away I was beginning to think I wouldn't see any. It would be another December month with no snow....yet just a few minutes ago I go outside for a puff, and I said to myself 'Where is the snow?', and seriously the moment I thought that exact phrase, I watched it begin to lightly come down. As if a cloud just busted and released it's sparkling winter soul.

I wanted to dance in it, but with all of the busy cars passing I'd probably end up looking like some sort of psychotic homeless person. I did though smile, and I'm sure my large grin made a few people turn heads and think I was a loon.

No matter though, because it is snowing people!!!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Pancake Butt Teacher, What Was Your Real Name Again?

So I still haven't figured out how to go about getting a hit number on my blog. I'm just curious as to how many folks have actually stopped in. My guess is 1. Muah, yours loserly truly.

I tried this little thing called blogging on Myspace a few months back, and as witty, funny and charming as I 'thought' I was, nobody ever came by to check me out...except for my friend Keith... but I know he only visited and left comments because I did the same for him. You rub my back, I rub yours sort of blogging relationship we had. Heheh!

Alas though, the number of readers for this little MellaView blog of mine actually doesn't bother me. If I manage to scoop up one stalker along the way I guess I could consider this diary/rambling/bandwidth hog of a page worth something; even if it is, only worth something to a stalker... or hater... what have you.

I don't really know the ins and outs of a successful blog, but I figure over time, I'll get the ropes of it. For now though, I'll just have fun with it. Treat it like my little personal friend to write notes to whenever I have something to gab about.

Anyways, moving along... today I counted (so far) 405 little holes in our ceiling tile. Just one tile of course... it would probably take me years to count how many holes are in ALL of the tiles. Although I did manage this feat once in my English class back in 11th grade. I managed to count all of the little pockets in each tile... came up with a phenomenal number as a grand total too!

Man I even had like a system for it. I'd count one tile during each class, write down the number, and move on to another tile the next day... or week.

Once I had all tiles counted, I simply added their numbers together, with my math skills... and wallah... I felt accomplished. I failed the class (yeah so!?) but I bet no one else in that entire school knows how many pocket holes are in the ceiling tiles of room 195B. Ah, but I do! I gained something from that class that nobody else did. Yeeehaaaawww!!!!

Well I guess counting the tiles here at work reminded me of that class I had in 11th grade, with that horrendous teacher, with her super humungo flat pancake rear end. Her extra long beaver like wood chopping teeth, and her hideous voice and 'theme sweaters'.

When I say theme sweaters, I mean sweaters with like chalkboards knitted on to them with little dangling knitted pieces of chalk, or Christmas lights sewn into them to be the extra tacky loose cannon of a teacher she was.

My favorite of course though was the teddy bear one, where the knitted limbs of a teddy bear actually dangled from the sweater. You know for that extra special 3D look?

What has always amused me about this English teacher of mine, is that one would think that I'd be able to remember what her name was. But you know I can't! I can though, name every other teacher I have ever had since Pre-school... and I couldn't tell you this broads name.

Perhaps though that is because her nickname was Pankcake A**, and forever she will be embedded in my mind as Pancake A**. So sad for her, and such a realization of what a prick of a kid I was.

No One Wants Photos Of Ashlee Simpson's Baby!?!?!? Yeah Right!

Many years ago, I remember watching a reality show on Ashlee Simpson. To be quite honest I found her to be pretty ugly, with her hook nose, and black hair. Not to mention the horrid annoying sore throat sounding voice she had. However though, I continued to watch, and even though the whole series was a train wreck, it gave Jessica Simpson's little sister a ton of publicity, and she even managed to scoop up a few fans thanks to the show.

Ever since the show, I grew to like her. I was never a fan of her music, but she had this sweet personality, wanna be rocker chick vibe going on, which made her likable in that weird way.

The news began circulating sometime last year about her marriage to Pete Wentz, and shortly after fans all discovered she was pregnant with his baby.

The baby came along this November of 2008, and today I got hit with the news that the couple has been trying to pimp photos of their baby Bronx Mowgli to magazines, and have so far scored no takers! (I have huge doubts about this story though)

Wow though! How humiliating.

I personally never understood this horrendous ritual of selling out your child to a magazine for your own personal profit. In fact I find it to be disgusting and morally messed up.

As of now though it is being said that the rumors are not true. There are even more rumors going on though, about how shes spending time outside of her home while leaving the child behind at home.

To me, it looks like the media is about to turn Ashlee into their 2009's worst mom of the year. Britney held the title for so long... and apparently they don't want to torment Jamie Lynn Spears with this title... so by the looks of it, it appears that the focus will be on Ashlee as of now. Poor thing!

I really like Ashlee, and I can just tell that these awful rumors are going to tear her apart.

Regardless though, this media frenzy over the baby photos, is sure to rake even more money in for the photos of Bronx.

It's unfortunate the media can't leave people alone and let them live their lives... but such is horrors that come with fame.

Bahama Dreams

I recently got back from my first out of state vacation. I never ever in my life thought I'd ever take a vacation to the Bahama's or anywhere where the water wasn't black and murky in color. Before arriving, I never in my life expected things to look as beautiful as they did. I always imagined that those picture perfect tropical dream images you see on Corona commercials, or on postcards were nothing short a fantasy... perhaps airbrushed to look more beautiful than what they really were.

To my shock, things in the Bahamas are exactly as that postcard, exactly like the Corona commercials... and honestly it looks even better in real life. Nothing compares.

The picture you see in the middle, was where Pirates of the Caribbean was filmed on Gold Rock Beach. This beach was a true gem, untouched, unspoiled, and when arriving, we actually had to stop and take in what we were seeing. Pinch me I must be dreaming type of view!

I was able to catch soooo many different types of tropical fish underwater with my Olympus 1030sw, which takes a wicked nice photo, but at the same token had issues after I got home, when I realized the inside chambers eroded a bit. It still works of course, but this should NOT have happened. At any rate, the photo of the jellyfish was taken with an Olympus 1030sw waterproof digital camera. Pretty snazzy wouldn't you say?
The one issue I had there was watching others at our resort stepping on coral. So I figured I would stress it here in my blog to all of the idiotic selfish morons out there.... keep off of the coral, it is alive!!!!
Not only that some coral is poisonous, so you could land yourself a trip to the hospital!!! Not that you wouldn't deserve that though!
At any rate though, my mind has been there ever since. I have been considering buying myself a little tiki hut on the beach, and just living it up like a bum... truly, I know I'd be happy. All possessions left behind... without my TV, without my computer, a true tropical paradise just outside my little palm door... I couldn't ask for more. Ahhhh....

Whitney Port In The City...

I had no clue whom this chic was, but I saw her last night on a From The Hills, To The City show featuring scenes from Whitney Ports role on The Hills, and within this look back at her history on the show, they sporadically threw in some 10 second or so clips from the new show The City.

This one chick caught my eye simply because she was pretty, and because she came off in a villain mean girl sort of way. -Like when she was telling Whitney about her 'party' where only close friends were invited.... yet she never invited Whitt. So Olivia Palermo... why bother to even mention it?

At any rate though, villains are always cool... and I figured this girl would fit the bill.

After seeing a few clips featuring this Olivia gal, I had to hit the net to find out a little more about her. Pretty much everything I found though was boring, and her most recent photos were with her and Whitney Port... so I figured even though MTV made her look the villain, her and Whitney are actually friendly now. At least that's what the pictures suggest.

Anyhow, The City is a spin-off of The Hills, featuring Whitney Port advancing in her career and moving out to NY. Seems pretty boring, because Whitney never really had any fun, drama filled events on The Hills. At any rate though I will give the show a shot... simply because I want to see her dump that disgusting hairy ape man that she is ga-ga over.

I much rather would see a spin-off show featuring Audrina Patridge, and her ape man Justin Bobby.
Audrina just seems like her life is filled with more delicious drama than Whit's, and not for nothing, Whitney is pretty blah, blah, boring- yet she, and Brody Jenner get the spin-offs? Whatevs.

Anyhow, what else do I have to look forward this winter season when it comes to TV? Oh I know, Breaking Bad is coming back sometime in 2009! Nothing I love more than rooting for the bad guys. Hmm... then we have the return of... ugh...Rock of Love Bus, or something extremely retarded like that. Bah!

I hope something good comes of TV this winter, because as of now the new line ups look hella stupid.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

To The Devil's House

Wow... I'm really flippin bored. Half hour left till I finally get to check on out and go home. It's funny how the last 30 minutes of your work day can feel like an entire 8 hour work day all crammed together in 30 minutes.

It's also funny that whenever my boss is in my goddamn cell phone goes off every 5 minutes. Not the actual ring tone, but the stupid little text chime. I have mine set up to say 'Check Yo Messages Cuzz'...because if you know me, than you know my cousin is like my only friend. So I figured this voice tone would be so fitting, seeing that she'd be the only one texting me. This has not been the case though, in the past few months I've seemed to gain some sort of wild crazy text popularity, and every Tom, Dick, and Harry feels the need to send me a text.

Crap ranging from what they had for breakfast, to their dog just had a still born puppy. Yeah. Seriously!

I tell them time, and time again, to save their urgent messages for noon time. Noon time is my break time, and also the only time when no one else is in the workplace with me. Do they listen though? Nope... every 5 minutes I get the ol 'Check Yo Messages Cuzz' tone... it's starting to drive me insane. Me being the person I am though, I have to check every text, and respond to each one, even when the conversation is full blown bore-o-rama.

At any rate, only 2 minutes have gone by since writing this, and I could really use one of those lame still born puppy texts right now. Even though the convo will suck, at least it will kill time.

Not that there is anything important to rush home to. I'll be heading out to my boyfriend's sisters house, who whole heartily hates my existence. Not sure what it is? Maybe my face? I think though it has to do with my age. Compared to her, I'm a fetus.

Whenever I'm around her though, she has one of her usual snide rich person speaking to a pauper comments. Then there was this one time... hehe... when I showed up with glitter jeans and it got all over her carpet. It was classic. I wish I took pictures.

Then there was this other time, when I showed up with non-name brand shoes. Another Kodak moment it twas.

Come on lady, you're like 45!?!?! I cannot help it that my 26 year old skin is firmer, nor can I help it that I'm not going through menopause. Can you dig it? Lay off of me. I'm a nice person... she however...

...is only nice when she's asleep. Even then I'm sure she's being nasty to someone in her dreams.
So I figure she will pop up in my blog often, so I may as well refer to her as the devil.

Anyways, I've managed to ramble, so I should end it there. Just 18 more minutes!!!

A 26 Year Old Diary

It's funny how time just creeps up on you. Take me for instance. I somehow am 26 year old. I don't know how I got here this fast, and honestly when people ask my age, my tongue still wants to say '15'. I don't know why 15, maybe my mentality is still stuck there. No clue why, because nothing important happened to me at 15. I didn't have a first kiss, and I didn't loose my virginity, or anything mind blowingly big like that?

However I have to stop when I'm asked my age, and think.

Then... oh yeah 'I'm 26...or...errr... was that 25?'

Then I start thinking of my birth year, in order to confirm that I am indeed 26, and not 25. Like it matters.
Still though I guess at 26, age starts to confuse you and you sometimes go through the whole year thinking you're 25, when really you're 26. Only on your 27th birthday does someone remind you that you are 27. Damn them to hell!

At any rate, before I jumped into this whole blog-o-sphere, I wanted to say that this is my first blog.
Well not technically. I began on Wordpress, and frankly the place irked me the first 24 hours I joined, so I landed here, and hope for greener pastures. Or at least a better understanding of what blogging was.

You see, over at Wordpress I planned on sharing reviews, because that's what I do. I review things. In fact over on Associated Content I have over 1,500 articles, ranging from reviews, to celeb gossip. I like writing though, and wanted to seek out other places to share my content with, so I'm here. Hi.

Anyhow, over on Word Press I was going to mix things up with reviews and life stories thrown in the mix. But you know, it didn't feel right. It felt more like a frigging journal/sell out, seeing that I was seeking out hits for my high end electronic reviews.

This time though, I figured I'd just stick to the basics. If I like something, I'll let yah know without it sounding all professional review like. Because as we all know professional reviews, as lovely as they are... can be a wee bit boring and monotone. Ugh! Nothing I hate more than a blah blah blah blah blah of a review. Dry eyes, equals clear eyes, equals... yawn!

One delicious find of mine came to me a few weeks ago, and I have since been addicted. Red Bull Cola! Holy hell, who invented this?!?!? Normally I hate Red Bull, but as soon as I saw that they added a cola to their energy drink line, I had to try it... one word = ADDICTING!

It somewhat tastes like original Coca Cola, only it packs a more powerful cola flavor, and it's simply to die for. Best of all though, it supplies you with long lasting energy, so it's my hot find right now, and for some reason I felt the need to share, only because it's sitting on my work desk right now.

Anyways, I have to go take a pee right now. I know, I'm so disgusting, but whatever, you love it!

Till tomorrow.