Tuesday, August 25, 2009

VH1's Megan Wants a Millionaire: Postponed & I Love Money 3: May Not Air at All

The rumors have been swirling that Ryan Jenkins was the winner of Megan Wants a Millionaire, and that is why the show has been 'postponed'.

Those of you whom were getting ready for this falls I Love Money 3 may also note that they may as well skip on Tivo'ing it. Likely it will be canceled as well, seeing that Jenkins was a contestant on the show, and it is rumored that he won.

I have a hunch, along with the rest of those who were fans of the show that postponed is a nice way of saying canceled. VH1 is likely hoping we will forget all about the show, and just move on. Although is a terrible thing that happened, a lot of fans of the shows have expressed just how livid they are in forums, and on blogs throughout the net.

It's quite possible that Ryan in fact won, and now VH1 has canceled it due to the fact that it would be bad press for themselves. I mean who the hell wants to watch a slime bag killer win $250,000?

I just feel so terrible for the family and friends of that beautiful, beautiful woman that he murdered in cold blood. His self inflicted suicide was not even justice for what he really deserved.

At any rate, the show Megan wants a Millionaire is postponed, and I Love Money 3 may not air at all.

So, Uhm, Like... Lauren Conrad's Book... My Pre-Review of L.A. Candy

Two weeks ago I wrapped up reading the final book in the Twilight series. I wanted to cry, I was so deliciously addicted. I love reading, and knew that I needed something new to indulge in. Sadly I knew nothing would please me quite like the vampire saga did. While browsing, my boyfriend, of all people, handed me a hardcover book with Lauren Conrad's face plastered on the cover:L.A. Candy.

Although I did not think I could dumb down my brain after reading Twilight, I went ahead and bought the book.

I found the book to start of really bland. We meet Jane and her roommate Scarlett who recently moved to Los Angeles for school.

It took me a few chapters to realize that Jane was actually some sort of alter ego of Lauren herself. Jane works as an intern for an event planner, while Scarlett...err Scarlett goes to school.

Nearly immediately the girls are spotted at some bar scene, where a man named Trevor offers them a reality show. He hands them his card, and wallah, the girls become reality stars.

They were not the only ones who were in this show though. Trevor hired 2 other girls as well, Gaby and Madison. It becomes quickly clear that reality is sometimes not 'reality' in reality TV. Jane and Scarlett have to pretend they are friends with these random girls. Jane falls into it, and tries to be friends with them, Scarlett on the other hand is not having it.

Anyhow, as the book rambles on, we see love unfold, lies told, and realities hidden. It's basically an everyday episode of The Hills, or Laguna Beach, only with a much more wicked and vengeful twist, which we meet at the end.

Now although I found the ending of the book to be deliciously fitting, and pretty damn good, the majority of the book consisted of a lot of annoying content that just seemed to fluff out the actual point to make the book thicker.

Then we had the issue of her characters. The books chapters would jump from Jane's point of view, to Scarlett's, to Madison's, to some Gossip reporter, to Trevor. It made it hard to make a real connection with any of the characters.

Jane was supposed to be the main character, at least it's what it was attempting, but honestly with all the jumping around, it made it impossible to care about what happened to her, or any of the other characters for that matter.

Overall though, I must say the book was suiting to Conrad's lifestyle. It was a quick read, and had an ending I was not expecting at all, which is pretty damn neat, especially considering how bad I thought it would all end. I thought I'd end up slamming the book against a wall when I finished, but I was pleasantly surprised for the big bang at the end.

L.A. Candy is book 1 in a series, however I think the book ended just where it needed to end, and there is honestly no need for any type of follow up.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Craving At The Moment: 1980's Bonkers Candy

They bring back everything, they can remodel Strawberry Shortcake, make Popples look like shit, and I'm pretty sure the toy tycoons are scheming up ways to resurrect Nosey Bears.

But hello...


The retro candy was discontinued. I heard that they remade it, but it was not the same candy, nor the same company.

I am craving my delicious watermelon bonkers for years now, and have yet to find anyone selling these yummers.

Seriously, I would eat it if it were 10 years old, JUST GIVE ME BACK MY BONKERS!

I found this nifty petition online- a hope for enough attention to bring back the marvelous, perfectly delicious retro candy, so sign it!!!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Megan Wants a Millionaire, Episode 2 Recap

I did not even bother to write up a premiere recap to Megan Wants a Millionaire, because frankly it was as boring as it could get. An introduction to some millionaires, some that appear to be insane, some that I think are into guys and not girls, and some that are questionable as far as their 'money' goes.

At any rate, because I liked Megan's witty devious charm in all of the previous reality shows she has been in, I sucked it up, and continued on to episode 2 which aired earlier this week.

In this episode Megan lets her millionaire suitors know that Valentine's Day is her favorite holiday. It's suiting considering it's a show about love, and money. What a perfect holiday to mix in both.

So the guys are presented with a table of a bunch of arts and craft like objects. Megan lets them all know she likes possessions, but she also likes things that come from the heart.

Most of the men ignore the craft table, and instead decide to go all out and buy their own things for her.

Al decides to present to Megan an $8,000 check to a spa. Al however needed to make up for his weird episode last week when he barked at her, and made her spill her drink all over herself. I guess he figured she would be happy with 8k, and all would be forgotten. Turns out his motives were right on the money. Al is redeemed. It only cost 8 grand!

Mr. Mike has a friend who is a designer bring over a fashionable dress for her. Once again she is thrilled.

Another of the contestants decides to use the craft table, and design a bikini for her. Although he did not go all out like the other men, his gift is from the heart.

Shawn who has the blazing pop out eyes, decides to serve naked sushi. Basically he lays himself out on a table, and allows Megan to eat sushi off of his body. He however, is not naked, and he manages to put his tight boxer briefs on inside out.

Garth the sloppy, greasy looking plumber decides to lip sing her a song he had been working on for 2 years. It's some sex mode song, I could not really grasp the lyrics. It did however have a pretty decent beat to it, which I hate admitting. At any rate though, Garth is mad when Megan does not pick him as one of the top 3 gift givers. He claimed he made this song for her (which er... yeah right), and gets offended when he thinks she does not like it.

He decides to storm up to her room later on, where he confronts her for not liking his song. She claims she never said she did not like it, she said that the song was about sex, and was a little too much. Instead of taking things as they are, Garth decides to sing the song again, in slow motion. Ugh.

Garth gets a vibe that she is not feeling him, so decides he is going to leave. Megan confronts him, and he decides to stay.

Anyhow, the 3 men who won the gift giving contest are Mr. Mike, Shawn, and Al. The prize is a ski date with Megan.

After winning the 3 men are told by the narrator of the show that they have the option to purchase gifts on a menu for Megan, or they have the option to go and do their own thing for her. The gifts on the menu include ski themed presents such as Tiffany snow themes jewelery, a jacket, and so on.

Al and Shawn agree to buy everything on the menu for Megan, that they will split the money down the middle, and the gifts would be for both of them. Mr. Mike decides he wants to do his own thing for her.

Al pays with cash, but when Shawn takes out his credit card to pay, he is declined. Al decides to pay for everything, and tells Shawn he can pay him back when he gets the card error situated.

Shawn however never pays him back, in fact, he tries avoiding Al like a plague.

At the ski resort, Al tells Megan how Shawn stiffed him out of the money.

Naturally Megan confronts Shawn about his lack of funds, and Shawn explains it was an error due to the fact that he was traveling, the bank put his money on hold.

At any rate, later on during the elimination ceremony Megan sends home Garth and Shawn. She was going to eliminate the guy who I think is gay (Joe), because she says he is not stepping it up, and that she thinks there is more of a friend connection instead of a romantic one.

Joe begs to stay, and says he will step it up. Megan asks how, and Joe goes in for one of the most wide mouthed rancid kisses I have ever seen in my life. Seriously, it looked like he was about to swallow her face.

Megan apparently feels pity for the weasel, and lets him stay.

Till next week...