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Awesome Retro Gift Ideas for 80's Kids

So this sweet gem is a little something old, mixed with a little something new. When I was 10 years old I had the original pink boom box. It looked a hell of a lot like the one available, but mine was full blown retro.

This one though is still really cool, and would make for an awesome gift for an 80's kid!

Have a fan of the Beetles? Don't know what to get them this holiday? Well check out the Yellow Bus Lunchbox Tin!

Back in the late 80's early 90's the ice cream man had to stop selling these because they were banned. Some garb about these candy delights being an early influencer! Please! Check em out!

Now these shoes were all the rage back in the 80's. I think every kid in town had a pair of these. In those days though we didn't have awesome neon colors. Converse was basic black or red, like these.

Oh and hello... what 80's kid didn't have a lava lamp!? Odds are though that 80's kid packed away their lava lamp, broke it, or opened it up to feel the lava! It's been nearly 30 years, I'm sure that 80's kid could use a new lava lamp! Groovy!

Can't forget about Sno Cones man! These icy treats were pretty much only obtainable at carnivals... or if you were a lucky 80's kid, you had that awesome snoopy snow cone machine. Although it's no Snoopy machine, this retro sno cone ice maker should delight you just as much.

Do you know an 80's kid with a sweet tooth? If you answered yes, than this one of a kind 1980's candy gift basket is sure to have them drooling!

Now this one, Im sure a lot of you know what it is, yet you have not seen one since your got a boo-boo at granny's house close to 30 years ago. Yep, it's a freakin ice pack bag!

Anyone remember these? Back in the 80's you were not cool unless you had a pair of these!

Or hey, why not bring back some ultra childhood memories? I bet it's been forever since you saw one of these:
Or these:

Other gifts you cannot go wrong with:
Yes! Smurfs!!!
Remember these stupid things?

Mood Rings!

1980's Time Wasting Good Times:

Ouija Fun

Just a fun little Ouija Necklace

Or how about a modernized pink witchboard?

Pee Wee is sure to bring a smile to any 80's kid!
Uhm hello you can't forget ALF!

Viewmaster!!!! Seriously these things were the best. Poor kids didn't go on vacation... we went where ever Viewmaster took us!


Small Wonder! C'mon you have to remember the robot girl. Becky!

The City, Season 2 Finale Recap

Last night fans of The Hills, and The City sat down to watch the season finales. Although I love The Hills, this season just didn't do it for me. The plot of the show seemed staged, what went down seemed staged, and the authenticity of the show has vanished.

The City however has managed to keep me interested week after week, and season 2 was no exception.

In the season finale of The City, we watch as Whitney attempts to present her clothing line to potential buyers of her collection.

Kelly (her boss) recommends that she do her presentation without Roxy there. When Whitney tells Roxy that Kelly said she did not want Roxy there, Roxy marches her rear end into Kelly's office to discuss why she thinks she should not be there with Whitney.

Kelly gives her opinion, which made sense, however Roxy thinks she is more than qualified to go. Kelly tells her she is done with it, and that Whitney is a big girl, and if she wants you there, she can take you.

Moving on to the Olivia and Erin drama.

Erin still clearly hates Olivia's guts, and the whole ordeal is just getting draining, and making Erin look like a jealous idiot.

We begin with one of the employees from Elle, who works with Olivia at times to pull looks at stores. The girl is putting together clothes, when Erin walks in. She asks Erin what happened to the looks that her and Olivia had pulled. Erin says that what Olivia pulled didn't work, and that she had to go and pick the outfits herself.

The girl seems miffed, and asks Erin if Olivia knows that she did that. Erin's says she does not care, or something vague and snotty along that line.

Apparently the clothes were to be used on a TV segment.

Joe, was the one who was going to be on air for the shoot. He however knows nothing about the clothes, or where they came from. He asks Olivia about them, but she does not know because Erin did not use any of her clothes, and that everything on the set was pulled by Erin.

Joe is furious, and honestly the clothes Erin picked were horrendous. The moo-moo blue dress Erin!? Really?!

Joe asks Olivia to find Erin, but she is nowhere to be found until after the horrible live TV sit down.

Erin eventually begins telling Joe that its Olivia's fault for not finding out about the clothes, that she had 3 hours to figure it out, and instead she sat on her butt. Erin insists that Olivia needs to be fired over the whole thing. In reality, Erin is the one who should have been fired. If she picked the looks, she should have informed Joe. Instead she chose to vanish, putting her own bosses reputation on the line.

The girls and Joe have a meet in his office, and Erin says she cannot work with Olivia and Olivia cannot work with Erin. Joe is left not knowing what to do. Erin leaves the office like a baby, while Olivia sits there listening to what Joe has to say.

Nothing is really accomplished, and we are left not knowing what goes on.

Anyhow, back to Whitney and Roxy.

Whitney obviously decided to bring Roxy along for some help during her meet with potential buyers of her clothing collection. While setting up, she gets a call from Kelly that she will not be able to make it, so she will have to present the line herself.

Whitney is nervous, but I think it was a good thing that Kelly pulled the crutches out from under Whitney's arms. Ever since Roxy got into town, we got to see a much more insecure Whitney, which is weird. Normally she is in control of every aspect of her life, but since Roxy got to town, Whitney seems more and more like a little push over.

During the meeting, the clients did not really like much of anything Whitney presented to them. They did however offer insightful feedback for Whitney to improve her line.

One of the clients asked Whitney if she had her piece in black. Whitney says that no one wears black in LA, so she did not have it in black. Roxy jumps in and says, 'I wear black in LA'.

I mean seriously, that should have been a red flag for Whitney. Whitney raises her eyebrow, but does not do anything about it, or confront Roxy afterward. It was clear that Roxy wanted to get noticed, which is annoying considering that the meeting was Whitney's, and not hers.

Anyhow, we leave off with Whitney meeting with Kelly to go over the future of her clothing line. Kelly says she will back her up 100%, and go down with her if it fails.

All in all I was disappointed in this seasons finale. Last season ended off perfectly, with no need for a second season. This season however ends off on one of those, to be continued...notes. No one knows whats going on with Whitney, or Olivia.

Hopefully if there is a season 3, it will answer some questions

The Hills Season 6 Finale Recap

-My post also on AC

Last night America got one last 30 minute airing of The Hills, season 6. Although season 6 seemed rather short, it followed a pretty obvious plot.

Without going over that entire plot, I'm going to focus today on the final airing.

We learn that Kristen has to leave her lovely beach house...or I should say house that MTV rented for her? It's never really mentioned where she will go from here, which was annoying. Knowing where she was heading would have been nice.

Anyhow, Justin comes over and they sit outside in beach chairs and discuss where they will go from here. Justin obviously wants to continue to see her, while Kristen plays the same bad girl... I'm so not into relationship's card.

I laughed a little, because it looked like Justin was going to cry. He plops on his shades, and tells her to figure things out. I pretty much loved the rejection, because it's all Justin has ever given to Audrina.

Anyhow, over to Spencer and Heidi.

Spencer finds a pregnancy test in the garbage, and confronts Heidi about it later on in the show. All is well though, because she is not pregnant, and Spencer is finally on board with doing the things his wife wants to do. For the first time ever I really, really loved a scene Spencer was in. It just made him seem more mature, grown up, and manly. A sensitive side of Spencer....and hate him all you want. He can be a sweetheart, and that scene showed that side that Heidi obviously has seen all these years, that MTV edited out.

Now fast forward to the entire engagement party (if thats what it was), that was being thrown for Brody's friend Sleazy T, aka Taylor.

Brody is at the event, dressed in casual wear, (yeah, I was confused by that?) and Jayde is with him. The two apparently reconciled and are back together.

Jayde however gets the idea in her head that it is time that her and Brody take their relationship to the next level. Now keep in mind, the two just broke up, and then hooked back up...why she wants to solidify something that's so unraveled is beyond me.

It aggravates Brody, and later on you see him talking with his pals about leaving Jayde, because her pressuring him into an engagement/marriage didn't fly over with him all too well. He then mentions that he still has feeling for Kristen.

Wow, I wonder how LC felt after watching this!?

Now we will skip on over to Audrina and Lo.

Audrina mentions that she set up a little meeting with Justin to talk. To me it seemed like a pathetic move, but low and behold the meeting happens.

They meet up on some bridge where Justin is staring out at the ocean look like a melancholy James Dean.

Audrina walks up to him, and quickly the entire scene turns into an emotional little train wreck. Audrina clearly still loves him, but Justin plays the whole 'we were never together' card, to make it seem like he never cared about her, and that she was delusional for thinking they were a 'thing'.

However if we fast forward a few episodes, you clearly see this modern day Don Juan reeling Audrina in on his imaginary fishing pole with the fantastic line 'No one will ever be as good as Audrina Patridge' spiel. He knew the line would work, and Audrina promised she would not see Derek anymore.

It's pretty clear Justin knows exactly how to win girls over. He uses a soft voice, with a deep soul-full tone.

Audrina eventually ends up calling him selfish, self centered, and wishes that he could fall in love one day, so maybe he would feel something.

She walks away, and wishes him well.

The final scene we get is Justin walking into Kristen's place while she is packing her things. They go outside to talk, and Justin feeds her his Don Juan lines, and she eats them up. The two leave off apparently in some sort of relationship.

There we have it folks. The grand finale in The Hills.

Pivotal moments include:

1. Spencer is on board for having a baby with Heidi

2. Brody thinks he is going to leave Jayde for good (again)

3. Brody may still have feelings for Kristen

4. Justin and Audrina are done... for now?

5. Kristen and Justin are now a couple

A Fix For: HTTP Port (80), HTTPS Port (443) and FTP (21)

A Fix For: HTTP Port (80), HTTPS Port (443) and FTP (21)

My guide also on AC

So after spending nearly 5 grueling hours trying to figure out how to get online, I finally solved it. However here is what happened, and your story is probably similar.

I was browsing the Internet like I always do, and suddenly I keep getting anti-virus pop ups from some Antispyware Pro. Turned out this annoying non-stop pop up was a virus that consistently would pop up fake virus warnings.

Thankfully I was smart enough to know that all of the pop ups were fake.

I ran my anti-virus Malwarebytes, and got rid of the virus. That was the easy part.

I went to sign on to the Internet, and dang it. I get this annoying message that tells me that Internet Explorer Cannot Display the Webpage.

After running a diagnose I got this infamous little speech; a speech in which I had no clue what it meant.

It goes as follows:

Check The Firewall settings for the HTTP port (80), HTTPS port (443) and FTP (21)

I couldn't even get on to the net to google help on how to fix it. So I started messing around with some of my Internet settings until finally I figured it out.

A quick and easy fix took me hours to figure out, so I wanted to spare those of you who are dealing with this issue the headache.

Go to your Internet browser. Look at the right hand corner of your screen for a little fellow that says TOOLS.

If you for some reason cannot find it, just go to your control panel, and click INTERNET OPTIONS.

After clicking Internet Options, find the tab that says CONNECTIONS.

Click on this tab, and look to the very bottom, a small tab will read LAN SETTINGS. Click it. A new box will appear, check and make sure you UN-CHECK all of the boxes. If one of them is checked it could be causing the connectivity issue.

So that is basically it. Un-Check all of the boxes in your LAN SETTINGS tab.

Run your Internet explorer, and it should now work fine.

The Hills Season 6, Episode 8: Can't Always Get What You Want Recap

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November 17th 2009 launched a horrendous expansion pack of The Sims 3. After pulling my hair out with those glitches, I decided to un-win to the most recent episode of the Hills. That would be episode 8, of season 6, even though MTV will label it episode 18 of season 5? Whatever.


Last nights episode was relatively just as boring as last weeks episode.

To fill you in on the good points let us get to Kristen and Jade.

Jade sent Kristen a text message to meet up with her so they can talk things through. Brody thinks it is a bad idea, but Kristen decides to go anyway.

The girls meet, and to be honest I was on 'Team Kristen' a few weeks prior, but after the girls had a sit down to talk matters through, Kristen goes into the conversation like a raging know it all. Jade is not having it, and she holds her own while Kristen acts like a moron. The height of this whole meet up was Kristen calling Jade a bitch, and Jade telling Kristen to go back to where she came from.


Moving on to Heidi. She is still in baby mode, and her master plan is to stop taking the pill without telling Spencer. Yeah, one bright idea after another huh?

Seriously the Heidi Spencer drama is just getting old, and drawn out, and its not even interesting to watch anymore.


Moving on to Audrina. A whole lot of nothing happens in her world on this weeks episode. She meets up with Heidi to give her a quick recap of the dinner the two had on last weeks episode. Audrina pretends she is over him, and blah, blah, we heard it all before. It's clear that Audrina is still hung up on a freak that does not even care about her.


Who else, who else?

You're probably still wondering if anything ever came of the drama about Heidi's sister and the drinking problem. Yeah, I am still wondering too. That is sort of left in the air, and nothing was mentioned about her. The drama unfolded, and now MTV is likely hoping we forgot about it. Yawn


Stephanie was not even in this episode, and if she was her lines were so uneventful I don;t even recall them.


We left of with Kristen listening to a voice mail from Justin. I once again could not hear what the heck he said, even though I could have sworn Audrina's name was mentioned in the message.

At any rate, Kristen and the bar girl apparently live together, or Stacie is paid to sit on Kristen's couch every night and morning, because its where the two always meet and chat.

Anyhow, Kristen decides to go to Vegas to get away from all of the boy drama, and this is where we left off.

Sneak peeks of next weeks episode show that Kristen is in Vegas and she has a guest. Justin came along too. How convenient.

MTV: The City, Season 2, Episode 8: Forget About Boys Recap

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The City starring Whitney Port has actually been a hell of a lot more entertaining that this season of The Hills, and frankly I cannot wait to see what goes on in the working girls world every week.

I used to hate Olivia Palermo, but lately I have found her to be softer, and sweeter than I initially thought. Although she has some rough edges, she's quite charismatic, and beautiful.

At any rate, before getting into Olivia's drama, let us take a look at Whitney's.

This week we learn that her friend Sam has set her up on a blind date. Although she is reluctant to go, she decides to go through with it. Roxy also has a date tonight with a guy she's really starting to like.

Whitney's blind date went horribly wrong. If you ever saw the old 80's movie Can't Buy Me Love, starring Patrick Dempsey then you can envision what Whitney's blind date looked like. Only pump him full of snob.

Anyhow, the date basically went all wrong, with him asking her to 'Join Forces' when it came to paying the bill. Where I am from, they call it 'Going Dutch', but usually a guy will never ever ask a girl to go Dutch with him. Not a normal guy anyway.

Roxy on the other hand had a very good date with her interest, and all seemed to go well. So much so that she wanted Whitney to meet him, so they scheduled a little meet up at some local bur, or club.

Meanwhile, back to Olivia. She is on some sort of shoot, where clearly she still will not get over her hate towards Olivia. Whenever Olivia enters a room, or speaks, or even moves, she is rolling her eyes and acting like Olivia is a waste of air, and not even worthy of being in her presence.

Olivia however impresses Joe with all of her help while on the set, and thanks her afterward. He also invites her to a small little cocktail party afterward. Naturally Erin will be attending as well.

So we fast forward to this little event, and Olivia has her graceful game face on. She presents herself in a classy, professional manner, while Erin sits across from her rolling her eyes, acting bored, and presenting herself in a childish manner. Perhaps this was just how MTV edited it, but honestly, I doubt it.

Anyhow, after most of the clients leave the table, Olivia is sitting there and is asked about her preference in music, where basically she is being mocked. After she politely excuses herself, Erin naturally has something to say in a negative nature.


Back to Whitney and Roxy.

The two are getting ready to meet with the guy that Roxy is somewhat involved with. They go out to the club where they were all supposed to meet, and through the door walks Roxy's date, who brought an entourage of women. He gives Roxy the cold shoulder, talks crap about her to the women he came with, and then tries to go up to Roxy to act like they are cool.

Scum move! Dumb move...but whatever.

Back at People's Revolution the following morning Roxy and Whitney are loudly gabbing about the events that went down the night before at the club. Kelly, their boss overhears them, as well as the entire staff close by.

Kelly calls Whitney into her office, and lays it on her about doing her work, and not having chit chat gossip sessions with her little friend. Clearly Kelly is smart and sees Roxy as a bad friend, if Whitney is really serious about launching her clothing line.

We leave off with Whitney eyeballing Roxy. Perhaps her thoughts are where they should be; focusing on her career. Hopefully! I don't think Whitney can afford another bad career move, as she has seemed to disappoint Kelly time and time again ever since Roxy came to town.

Next weeks sneak peek episode looks pretty neat though. It seemed like Kelly was about to duke it out with Roxy, while Olivia confronts her nemesis.

Myth or Fact? Setting Up Tivo HD is Difficult. Find Out Now...

First and foremost, you want to get the most out of your Tivo HD. So if you are truly thinking about buying this DVR, you are definitely going to want to have a home network. By connecting your Tivo HD to your home network you have access to Amazon videos on demand, and if you are a Netflix customer, you will have access to your instant streaming movies.

With Tivo HD hooked to your network you will have a slew of other goodies such as access to your photobucket photos, and a gob of other really cool features.

Likely you have a home network, but not all have a spare HDMI cable. If you want the quality of your Tivo HD to deliver the best picture possible you are going to want to hook your Tivo HD DVR to your HDTV using HDMI cables. Unfortunately HDMI cables do not come with the standard Tivo HD box, so you will have to purchase this cable separately. I highly recommend Monster HDMI cables.

You can pretty much chuck the color coded AV cables that come with the system. Or you can save them... whatever your choice.

Now in order for Tivo HD to fully function, you unfortunately are going to need Cable Cards. Fear not folks, the whole Cable Card ordeal is not as horrible as it sounds. Unfortunately Cablevision has yet to allow their customers to install these cards themselves. I think it's highway robbery, but if you want Tivo HD, you're going to have to call your Cable company and tell them you need Cable Cards for Tivo HD. Ask for the single Multimedia card though. That way they can only charge you for one card, and not 2 cable cards.

Before Cable comes to your home you want to set up the DVR to your HDTV.

Doing this is simple and requires little work. You will need to unplug your cable box, and plug your cable line into the slot marked Cable on the back of the DVR.

Once you do that, plug in the Tivo HD to a wall socket, and plug your HDMI cable into the back of Tivo, and into an available HD slot on your HDTV.

Tivo should turn on. You now just follow the on screen messages. Next you will need an Ethernet cable (you have to buy it, it does not come with Tivo HD) to plug into your router. You have the option to hook up using a phone line, but trust me, hooking your DVR up to your network bring many more features to your DVR.

I simply followed the on screen prompts, and once I was done, all I had to do was wait for the Cable guy to get to my house to plug in the Cable Card.

After about 20 minutes of having the cable guy in our home, Tivo HD was up and running remarkably. We do not have any issues with the picture clarity, and we are glad to have gotten rid of the dreaded Cablevision Scientific DVR box.

Tivo HD may sound difficult to set up, and it is annoying that you have to pay your cable company to have someone come in and stick a card into your Tivo's slot, but the DVR is well worth it, and you'll be thankful you switched.

Rumor: Tmobile To Carry Nokia N900?

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I as well as thousands of others have patiently followed the news on the Nokia n900. I've jumped for joy with every newly released YouTube video, and I have followed Goggle religiously waiting for new words to be spoken about whether or not TMobile will be picking up the Nokia n900.

Fans of the n900 are buzzing on forums daily in hopes that Tmobile will hear their prayers and deliver the most wanted phone (since the iPhone) before Christmas.

As of right now the Nokia n900 does not have any carriers, and those who purchased the phone early had to pay a pretty hefty price (how does nearly $600 sound?). The hope is that Tmobile will be picking up the n900 for $199.99 that will lessen the price for those who sign up with a contract.

Although buzz around the Internet is all based on rumors, day by day it seems more and more likely that TMobile will in fact soon be carrying the n900.

After pecking around Google and finding more and more rumors regarding who will be carrying the Nokia phone, I decided to just call TMobile for myself. I'm already a customer of TMobile, but after the whole Sidekick data loss, I no longer wanted my Sidekick.

I asked the rep if she knew when they would be getting the n900 in. She laughed and told me I was not the first person to call and ask her about the n900.

Well duh right? I think it's on everyones 'must have' list this holiday. Tmobile would sell tons of these phones if they were to release them before Christmas, and the Holidays.

At any rate, she did not know if they would be carrying them or not. Sigh.

It makes perfect sense for TMobile to carry the phone though. With their 3G network, the n900 would work flawlessly...or as flawlessly as the network allows in your area. Ugh!

The main reason I want TMobile to pick up the N900 is that it would drastically reduce the price. As of now, at nearly $600 when bought alone, and unlocked... the price tag is way too high to even consider. At least it is for me.

MTV Jersey Shore Rocks!!!

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All over Facebook my friends keep updating their statuses in regards to something they had seen on Jersey Shore.

I had heard about the reality show, but when it released it just didn't seem like a show I'd be interested in. However due to their non-stop recommendations and 'inside jokes' on the show, I had to be in the in. I wanted to see what this show was all about, so I Tivo'ed the first 2 episodes that I had missed.

The season premier sucked me right in with it's raunchy characters, fun explosive drama, and narcissist behaviors brought on by our Jersey Shore roomies.

Basically the show is just that. MTV gives a beautiful beach front home to 8 Guido's. No need to get offended, the cast members on the show call themselves Guido's and Guida's. They claim it's a lifestyle.

The basics of the show are simple. Throw 4 guys, and 4 girls into a home, have them shack up together all summer long, and pretty much tape their lives as it happens. In order to stay in the house though, each of them must do shifts of work.

It sounds boring, but the interesting mix of personalities is pretty damn hilarious.

One by one as the first few scenes of the show began I got introduced to each of the roommates. None of them stuck out as interesting, good looking, or even remotely entertaining. However the more I watched the show, the more they grew on me.

I loved Snookie for her sexy, yet clueless personality. She's a firecracker and likely we will see a ton of drama unfold in regards to Snookie. Her very first night at the house she was grinding up on the 4 guys, and made a complete fool of herself in the hot tub. The other girls did not take too well to her at first because of her 'dirty girl' ways.

As they get to know her though, she grows on them.

Next we have Mike, who in my opinion is the most charismatic fellow on the show. He's got abs that seem to run down his stomach for miles, and a fun and likable personality. Unfortunately Mike is a bit of a player. When he first gets into the house he takes on a liking to Sammi (another house mate). However Sammi may be ahead of his player game.

The two though make a quick connection, and on the very first night they are walking around holding hands like an old fart married couple. Too much, too quickly if you ask me. At any rate, the blossoming romance was cute. I liked it, I thought it would work.

For me though, she was a bit boring, but Mike took an immediate liking to her.

Up on the chopping block next is Ronnie.

Ronnie is probably the beefiest in the house. He had a total '12 Pack (VH1 people!)' vibe when I first laid eye on him. He was hot, pleasant on the eyes, but I've seen enough of the giant juice heads on VH1, so his character was really no different. Heck even the hair was the same.

He also has a liking toward Sammi, but initially it seems like he wants to hook up with Sammi; no strings, nothing serious.

Sammi and Mike end up making out at a night club in episode 2. No less than a few moments later Mike catches her making out with Ronnie.

It was a full 100 degree turn that I personally did not see coming. I thought Sammi and Mike would really keep the romance hot and heavy once the first kiss was initiated at the club. I don't know what the hell happened, or what MTV edited out, but for Sammi to seem so into Mike, and then stick her tongue down Ronnie's throat...obviously she saw something that she did not like that night in regards to Mike? Then again who knows? Maybe shes just a Guido player?

As of now Sammi and Ronnie quickly become a new hook up/couple/object/something? Yeah, that'll last!

It's clear Sammi has an agenda, and that agenda is to make Mike jealous.

Up next we have Jennie, who calls herself J-WOW. Nothing really stuck out as interesting with her at first. She seemed to stick to the background due to the fact that she has a boyfriend back at home. However get J-WOW all liquored up and her naughty side quickly surfaces! Tee-hee!

After J-WOW we have Angelina. At first she seemed to be the most put together chick on the show. She was relatively quite and friendly...and then...out of nowhere she manages to transform into the biggest drama fueled chick in the house. Angelina has a boyfriend back home, but she has a naughty side too. Angelina to me was so day and night. Unfortunately she does not last very long in the house.

Next we have Pauly. At first he seemed to be one of the quieter guys in the house, but as the show goes on we see that Pauly has an explosive side to him, which is just great for good sleazy reality TV.

He and J-WOW end up kissing, which sealed the official 'J-WOW is a cheater' deal. Yes, J-WOW has a boyfriend, and she likes to pretend that when she does naughty things, she forgets what she did and blames it on the alcohol. Ri-ight!

Last but not least is Vinny.

Vinny is probably the most quiet guy in the house, or at least it is edited that way. Vinny however seems to be smarter than the other guys. He did not initially come into the house looking to make it with one of the female roommates.

Why does this make Vinny smart? Because he gets to ignore the explosive drama that goes on between the men and women who are hooking up on the house, and just have fun with random women he meets over the summer.

While the other cast mates hook up, break up, and fight... Vinny sort of sits back, relaxes and enjoys himself. Smart move!

All in all, the show should be interesting, drama fueled, with tons of hair gel, cussing, slapping, fighting, dissing, kissing and foul behavior. I think I will stay tuned!