Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Order Your Apple IPad from Apple Stores Online This Holiday Season & Get a Free Laser Engraving!!!

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I have been against Apple products for years now, and never really cared much for the hype, however this year while figuring out what I wanted for Christmas, I settled on an e-reader. Initially I wanted a Kindle, but

due to the fact that I love having the best of the best, I found myself spotting article after article by users claiming that their iPad was simply stunning and beautiful...oh and in color when used as an e-reader. The fact that I could also download a Amazon Kindle App on to the iPad sold me even more.
I was just going to tell my other half to buy me the lowest priced on at Target now that the stores are carrying them. However after researching my must have holiday gift this year, I figured it would be even better to just order it directly from Apple.

My reason?

Apple is selling their iPads this season for the same price you can find them in local stores. Granted if you are impatient and want it right away, you could just buy it at the store. However with weeks still left till Christmas, why not order it from the site for the same price, and a few additional neat additions that will come with it as well?

You see if you buy the iPad at a store this year, you will miss out on their online special, which will include free shipping, and free laser engravement.

You get 2 lines of personalization on the iPads outer shell to write whatever you want on it. A greeting, your name, a funny message, or a favorite quote. The engraving is entirely up to you, and is a neat addition to the norm.

Now most have been saying that engraving the iPad would lower its resale value if you were to perhaps sell it in the future. This may be true, but if you plan on keeping yours, like I plan on doing, then the free engraving is going to be a neat addition to my iPad.

Top free engraving with free shipping, and the price remaining the same as in store local department stores iPads, you can't beat it.