Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The Hills Season 5 Episode 9 Recap. Hi Lauren It's Spencer!!!

The Hills is coming to its end. Episode 10 will be an hour long and will be the final in the entire Hills saga! They are saying it is 'Laurens' final episode, but they never mentioned the other characters leaving the really it is anyones guess!

Anyhow in the most recent episode, Heidi is upset to hear the news from Stephanie that Lauren will not be attending her and Spencer's wedding. Heidi is bummed out to hear the news. She tells Spencer he must call Lauren and invite her to the wedding, and to apologize to Lauren for starting the sex tape rumor.

Spencer fights the notion to apologize to Lauren, because according to him, he does not apologize to anyone.

Heidi takes things into her own hands and walks herself into People's Revolution where she meets up with Lauren while she is working. She sits down and hands Lauren an invite to the wedding. Lauren however still cannot seem to separate her old BFF, from her old BFF's sidekick Spencer. At this point its still clear that Lauren wants nothing to do with Heidi so long as shes with Spencer. Yeah real mature. Blah!

Anyhow after a short conversation Lauren somehow twists her old horrible relationship with Jason by entwining it into Heidi and Spencer's. Whatever. You could tell Heidi had heard enough; she graciously excuses herself from the conversation.

Moving along to Audrina. She is at a local event with Stephanie enjoying the party. Stephanie learns that the party is Kelly's (the boss at People's Revolution who had Lauren fire her). Stephanie thinks about leaving, but Lo tells her that its unlikely she will even bump into Kelly seeing that there are so many people there.

Low and behold though, its kind of hard to hide when you have cameras following you everywhere. Kelly makes her way up to Stephanie and at first it seems to look as if it is going well. Kelly passes a rude comment, Stephanie throws one back at her... and the rest is history. Man this Kelly chick is really wild! I still think she plays the role of a wicked cool villain, by adding some mature spice to the fresh charm the show has.

Anyhow, on to Audrina. Shes has a run in with Brody and his girlfriend Jayde. Audrina overhears Brody talking smack about her, so she departs as quickly as she arrived. It was pretty foul on Brody's part, considering it takes two to tango. He seems to let Jayde wear the pants, so it's no wonder really.

Then the final great gusto in the show. Spencer actually dials Lauren and apologizes to her in a very mature, adult manner. I have to say that I was pleasantly surprised. Lauren didn't really take his apology to heart, and you could tell. Regardless though, he was the bigger person this round, and did the right thing.

-Coming attractions for next week suggest that Lauren does in fact attend the wedding. A blast from the past will also be attending the wedding as well! Can anyone say Laguna Beach....Oh yeah! It's sure to be a good wrap to the show! At least I hope so!

Perhaps MTV will be giving a show to Kristen!?!?! Oh yeah!!!

Friday, May 22, 2009

Jason Wahler Called Spencer Pratt....

A Little Fagg*t!

Yep, TMZ reports that Spencer Pratt has finally spoken back against Wahlers little homophobic rant.

Not for nothing, I never cared all too much for Pratt, but seriously, Wahler has got to be the biggest has been reality TV has ever known. Why someone from TMZ would ever want to shove a camera into Wahlers face is surprising...

Whats more surprising though was what Jason Wahler had to say about Spencer. This wouldn't be the first time Wahler went off on a racist spat (anyone remember his arrest?! Yeah! Uhm-Ewww!!!)

You can check out a flattering (sarcasm) video at TMZ.

At any rate, I don't think Spencer has much to worry about. He's at least famous for being him. Wahler's only fame came while he dated Lauren Conrad. Since that ended, he pretty much ended. Hah!

At any rate, Pratt's reply was this:

"If I were to beat up every homophobic racist loser that challenged me to a fight - I wouldn't have time to be the most famous person in the world. I'll pray for Jason Wahler."

Hahaha! I love it!

.....But I still think Spencer looks like an EWOK!!! Which isn't necessarily a bad thing! Ewoks are cute, and this week, Spencer Pratt is cute.

Too bad Spencer isn't feeling froggy though, because I'm pretty sure he'd turn Wahler's face into a lovely mashed up pile of spaghetti sauce; like he did to that other dude on season 5 of The Hills! Hah!!!!

I would seriously watch non-stop a Spencer Pratt reality show, if it guaranteed we'd get to see him mess up Wahler's face in the seasons finale! HARHARHAR!!!

-My post also on AC.

The New 90210 Season Finale Recap

It's prom night in West Beverly, and finally, finally the sweet, sweet volcano erupts. Turned out Naomi's sort of boyfriend Liam was right. We knew it would happen as viewers, but one never expected her to leave behind human roadkill!!!

Anyhow, the season finale starts back up at the same spot that we left off at last week. The prom.

Everyone is pretty pissed off at Annie, because they all believe she is the one who told her father that there would be an after prom party at Phoebe's house where booze would be. The rule was that if anyone was caught drinking they would be suspended from school.

Naomi starts the episode off by telling her sister Jen about Liam's past, about his mother and his wicked step dad. While Naomi is in the middle of her speech with her sister, Phoebe comes up to Naomi declaring that the party is ruined, and that there is nowhere to have one now. Naomi decides to throw the party at her house, which sends her overbearing sister over the edge.

Jen does not want a party though; seeing that Naomi is now aware of Jen being broke and that she herself paid for everything, she declares that it is her house, and that she is throwing a party, whether her sister likes it or not.

As a viewer we already know that Jen will get Naomi back for defying her, and Jen does in fact get her back, in the most evil twisted sister plot one could conjure up.

While on the way over to Naomi's house, she gets a text message that Adriana is in the hospital giving birth to the baby. Seeing that she cannot attend her own party Naomi asks Annie to watch over her house to make sure nothing gets broken, and to keep it clean while she is at the hospital.

At the house, Jen meets up with Naomi's beau Liam, and decides to pretend to be her sisters next door neighbor. She then tells him about all of the things Naomi has said to her about him. Liam is upset, and decides to cheat on Naomi. I guess his simple mind got so mad that she went and gabbed about his past, his revenge is to cheat. Wow. How pathetic.

The crappy thing though is that he is cheating with Zelda (the name Jen gave him when introducing herself), whom is actually Naomi's sister! Whoops!

Before getting into the big dramatic event that unfolds at the end of the finale. Let's cover Dixon and Silver.

Dixon is still moping around like a wounded little puppy due to Silver's speech about becoming prom queen. Ethan however seems to dig it, he seems to dig Silver. It's been pretty clear a few episodes back, but finally Dixon has taken notice to Ethan's googly eyes on Silver.

Instead of continuing on with his depressing mood, he eventually confronts Ethan about liking Silver. Silver gets out of the pool, and witnesses this stupid little spat where Dixon is trying to make Ethan say he likes Silver. He over and over again tells him to admit it, and Ethan denies it. Finally Ethan comes clean, and tells Silver he likes her. It was pretty gay, I must say. Who says 'I like you' anymore. Hah!

At any rate, they make a cuter couple than Dixon and Silver did anyway. Dixon should date...umm... wow, I'm suddenly realizing that the show is at a major loss of female main characters. They seriously need to introduce some more next season. How many times will Silver be passed back and forth to Dixon and Ethan!? New girls please!

Anyways, the next thing we know, Silver is in some dark alley or something (again) with Ethan. They end up exchanging some lame dialog and then they kiss!!! Oh boy!!! Here comes the Dixon Ethan drama for next season!

Back to Naomi....

When Naomi comes home from the hospital she finds Liam upstairs in her bedroom zipping up his pants. Jen however is nowhere to be found. When Naomi asks who 'she' was, Liam says 'she's gone'. Naomi looks down on the floor and sees a wrap that belongs to Annie.

We know where this is going don't we? Yep, Naomi thinks Annie did the deed with Liam.

She stomps downstairs to confront her. Annie is dumbfounded, and clueless as to why Naomi thinks she slept with Liam. (I mean come on, clearly her makeup is still in place, and hair looking flawless!) While Naomi is yelling at Annie, and Annie defending herself, some of the other students at the party chime in about hating Annie, how she is a little tattle tale, how no one wants her at the party. Someone even throws a drink in her face!

This is when the little volcano erupts...or...uhm...something like that?

Annie tries hard to get into the erupting volcano mode, only it's a pretty lame attempt at going into bitch mode. Annie yells 'Screw you, Screw all of you,' and walks out of Naomi's.

While walking out trying her best to look all hardcore, she picks up her cellphone and reports the party at Naomi's house to the police. While walking out to her car she grabs a bottle of Vodka and drives off.

While this is all going down, Jen comes out of the master bathroom and mentions 'her sister' being so dramatic or something like that. Liam is confused because he had no idea Jen was Naomi's sister, yadda, yadda yeee...

He is angry that he was used by her just so she could get revenge on her sister (how lame of him to even consider being 'used' as an excuse for his piss poor cheating behavior). Jen tells him that he would never tell though, because it would be far worse for him.

Later on while at home Liam tries to get hold of Naomi but gets her voice mail. Instead of coming clean in the voice mail about his bang bang buddy being her old fart sister Jen, he simply says that 'he needs to talk with her.'

Unfortunately he never gets the chance because daddy sent a team of boot camp officers to collect him for military school! I guess he won't ever get the chance to tell Naomi about him banging her sis.

Again though, I'm pretty sure he will eventually get to use the phone while there. I know not likely in the first month, but by month 2, I'm near positive he will have phone privileges, so honestly they can't hold this secret in for too long. He will eventually be able to phone Naomi and tell her about her wicked sister.

Anyways, back to Annie.

Annie is driving along, lah-la-la...likely drinking and driving of course, when suddenly she hits something! You don't know what she hits because frankly it didn't even look like the car was moving. However she notices a car in the rear view mirror and speeds off from the location.

Left behind you see something in the road. It looks like a human in a large trench coat or something. It could be anything though, but the impression left in the viewers mind is that it was a person.

Guess we will have to wait till next season to see how all of this will unfold, and of course correct itself.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Gamers Are Stating They Are Playing The Sims 3 Now! The Game Has Leaked On To The Internet For Download!

Gossip is spreading through the world wide web right now about a few torrent sites having the full finished version of The Sims 3 up for download.

EA has yet to comment on the leaked game, but those who have pirated an illegal copy of the game are confirming that yes, 100% the leak is real, and the game is working. Many of them have already bragged that they have been happily playing their illegal copies of the game that they have downloaded off of the Internet.

Being the curious person that I am, I tracked down numerous illegal copies of the game, and I can confirm that the download links are out there. I did not however download the game, because frankly I already paid for it pre-sale, and would rather much wait for my legal copy to get to me.

Many of those who have downloaded the pirated copy of the game are stating that EA deserved this because they toyed around with the release dates, which upset many of those who pre-ordered the game for its original release. The reason for the release date getting bumped back was because they wanted to market the game more.

I found it to be a shady tactic, but never did I expect to hear that the game had been posted on the Internet for people to steal it, nor did I expect to see so many people waving up a virtual middle finger as if to say ha-ha EA!

Spore was another EA game that managed to find its way to the Internet for download before its official release date. It's my opinion that EA should keep a closer eye on their employees, because honestly I cannot figure out for the life of me how the game could have landed on the Internet without some sort of exclusive employee interaction.

At any rate, the illegal copy that is surfacing on many torrent sites will likely cost EA hundreds of thousands of dollars in losses.

The illegal copies are advising that those who download the illegal version of the game to be sure to have a firewall to prevent the launcher and main game from going online. I guess this way you cannot get caught.

At any rate, I do not recommend anyone download anything claiming to be the real deal, not only is it illegal, but you could also be downloading a nice big fat virus which could mess your PC up so badly you won't even be able to play the game when it does come out.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Charm School 3, Episode 2 Recap

Last night episode 2 of season 3's Charm School aired. It was a rather interesting episode, with a lot of drama, too much screaming, and out of control girls. Seriously ladies, this is not Girls Gone Wild! Learn to carry yourselves!

That's not a message to all of them though, thats a message to a select few that truly sickened me to the core.

You see, KiKi for some reason cannot stop arguing, yelling, and screaming at some of the other girls in Charm School. She seems to have a personal hate towards Bubbles who does absolutely nothing to her.

Anyhow, we start the episode off with the girls awaking from bed in the morning. Bubbles shares a room with Ki Ki. Bubbles wakes up and says something innocent. There was nothing aggressive or even remotely angry or rude in her tone. Basically she wakes up and makes a statement. It was not towards anyone, nor should it have bothered anyone. I don't even know what she said though, because KiKi jumps all over her and starts yelling like some psychotic time bomb.

Bubbles stands there looking confused, and frankly I'm just as confused. Why the hell is this beast yelling at her like this?

But it did not end there, KiKi has some sort of ringleader like quality, and before I know it, poor bubbles is being cornered by BayBayBay, Risky, and mostly KiKi. The yelling is so out of control that you cannot even hear what its about, why they are yelling, and why they ganged up on Bubbles like this like a pack of wild disgusting hungry Hyena.

BayBayBay was the last person I expected to see acting like this towards Bubbles. BayBayBay always seemed to have a thick skull on her shoulders. Smart, reasonable, and bright. Yet she displayed a lame quality of follow the leader. In this case, KiKi seems to be the leader.

Anyhow, the competition for the day is to have the girls clean out some garbage from an LA river. They are paired up in teams. The team that does the best will be safe from elimination (detention).

Before the girls even get to the river to clean it though, KiKi once again starts in with Bubbles. The yelling is once again so ridiculous and so out of control that the episode was actually getting to the point where I couldn't even watch it. The yelling was just so unnecessary, and ridiculous.

Anyhow, the girls clean out the river, and Farrah, BayBayBay and Bubbles are all safe from elimination.

Back to the Charm School Bus where KiKi begins moaning and complaining about being dirty, breaking fake nails, and how she is pissed that her team didn't win. Marcia starts in with her and tries explaining that what they did was a good thing, regardless of who wins or loses.

KiKi instead of seeing it that way once again starts up a gigantic uproar of yelling and screaming. I don't even know what the hell she is saying at this point because the high pitched frequency is just so annoying, and watching a grown woman yell like some hormonal teenager was just embarrassing.

Back at the house Brittany Starr seems to have managed to slip her way into the Real Chance of Love group of girls. In the house there seems to be a division of girls who were on Real Chance, and Rock of Love. Later on the host seems to imply it's a black on white thing. Which was just stupid.

At any rate, the division is based off of previous shows. Some girls coming from Rock of Love, and some from Real Chance.

Due to the fact that no one ever liked Brittany Starr (sock thief) on Rock Of Love, it only made sense that she would try to pair up with the girls from the other show. She needed acceptance, and she is pretty goddamn lame at how she tries to go about getting accepted (details later).

Anyhow, back at the house Ashley and Farrah decide to lock Brittany in the bathroom. They leave her in there for quite some time, so they decide to feed her hot dogs under the doors crack. KO eventually gets up and lets her out of the bathroom.

She decides to get even by placing a bunch of cookie crumbs and a plastic bug into Farrah's bed. Farrah confronts her, where a little verbal argument goes down. Brittany is sitting on her top bunk with a fire extinguisher pointed at Farrah. Farrah dares her to spray her. Brittany does not spray her, but keeps saying to go away.

Later on in the bathroom BayBayBay, and So Hood keep telling Brittany to tell the other girls to 'kiss her lack ass'.

Like a moron Brittany hollers off of the second story balcony down to Brittanya, Ashley, and Farrah to 'kiss her black ass'.

It was a really really pathetic moment fro Brittnay. It made her seem like an idiot who has no mind of her own, and does what people tell her to do. Also it looked pretty damn stupid considering she's the whitest chick I've ever seen.

Shortly after this Ricki calls some of the girls in one by one to her office to discuss what is going on in the house, why the girls are fighting.

Bubbles is actually afraid to mention KiKi's bullying due to the repercussions she may bring to her later on. KO whom is on the Real Chance clique also mentions that KiKi seems to be the ringleader in fights. Brittany goes on into a drama queen fit tears and all, saying how horrible Ashley is to her, how Ashley calls her fat. Ricki though is able to see past her dramatic ways, even though she is sad to hear that the other girls are calling Brittany fat.

Anyhow, down into a classroom the girls are all sitting at individual desks where they are asked to write down the names of the people they feel should be up for elimination.

KiKi naturally gets voted in, as well as Marcia, and Ashley.

I'm praying at this point that KiKi gets kicked to the curb; frankly the show would make more sense without all of the disruptive screaming.

While Ricki begins to talk to the girls up for elimination one on one, KiKi is the last to explain why she thinks she is in the box. She seems to be under the impression that the girls on Rock of Love just don't like her, and that she is soooo utterly confused as to why she is up for elimination. (WOW!? Seriously!?)

She also says she is confused about why the girls consider her a bully, and that she never bullied anyone. Next thing we know, Marcia raises her hand...KiKi starts in with her mouth yet again, making it look all the worse right in front of Ricki.

One of the other forgettables in the Real Chance clan then raises her hand and tells Ricki that all the other girls do is drink Tequila, and get drunk. Why she even went there was ridiculous and irrelevant to the actual issue at hand. Bright star, shine on.

Next thing we know, Farrah walks off, and refuses to be a part of Charm School if this is what it is about; Yelling, bullying, and such. Ashley follows behind, as well as Marcia.

Ricki goes upstairs to talk with the girls as they are packing to leave. She manages to talk them into staying where they come back downstairs to finish the elimination ceremony.

KiKi is kicked to the curb, righteously so.

However her being eliminated sparks a wave of anger, we watch as a few of the girls who played follow the leader with KiKi walk off.

This is where we leave off.

Next week we watch one of the girls from Real Chance (I believe So Hood) go completely insane due to the elimination of KiKi. Ugh... more ridiculous lameness.

At any rate, I hope that either Brittanya or Farrah takes home the win. Everyone else just seems to have major major anger issues that they really need to work on.

The Hills, Season 5; Episode 8: Father of the Bride Recap Episode

So this week on season 5 of The Hills, we meet with Audrina who seems to be working on some sort of music video. A band member by the name of Sean (who looks like a young version of the lead singer in Smashing Pumpkins) seems to have an eye on Stephanie. He seems to know her before meeting her (I guess we missed how this meeting in the past occurred). While the music video is being produced, Stephanie rolls up to greet Audrina.

Shortly afterward the band meets up with Audrina and Stephanie to exchange hugs, where they also plan to meet up somewhere at a later date.

Next we move on to Heidi and Spencer in their house. Before Heidi dashes off to work, she lets Spencer know that her father is coming in to town. Not her step-dad, but her real dad. She fills Spencer in on how her father is by telling him that he is a real cowboy and that he carries a gun. Spencer seems nervous to meet her father because Heidi told him that her dad was not too happy with them eloping in Mexico without Spencer first getting her dads approval.

Over to last weeks drama when Kelly told Lauren to fire Stephanie by the end of the week. Apparently she didn't just tell her directly afterward like I thought she would.

Anyhow, Lauren and Brody are out for some lunch where Lauren fills Brody in about having to fire Stephanie. Lauren tells Brody that she is going to do it sometime today and just get it over with.

Jump back to Heidi and Spencer. They are out to lunch apparently waiting to meet with her dad. A cowboy looking fellow, with a big old fashioned mustache comes rolling in. I thought he was going to be really nasty, but Spencer in fact was able to get Heidi's dad to warm up to him.

After lunch Spencer and Heidi's dad are strolling along the boardwalk nearby the beach, where Spencer in fact asks Heidi's pop if it would be okay if he asked her to marry him. Heidi's dad does not seem bothered by it, and seems to be welcome to the idea, so long as he never breaks his daughters heart. It was a bit of a nice moment I must say, and it seemed to work out nicer than I thought it would.

Next we are back to Audrina and Stephanie. They are in some club with 2 of the band members (Sean being one of them). Now in my opinion I thought that Sean really liked Stephanie. They seem to hit it off rather well, and seem to be having a fairly nice time hanging out as a group. However when Audrina gets up to get a drink with the other band member, Sean and Stephanie are left alone where they exchange some words to get to know one another.

Sean asks Stephanie if Audrina is single, and then asks Stephanie what her deal was. Stephanie tells him she is sort of dating. He then tells Stephanie that he has a live in girlfriend back home. You can tell Stephanie is bothered by this, because she leans in and tells him he should watch his eyes, because he's a really big flirt (or something along that line). At any rate, as soon as Audrina comes back to the table, Stephanie whispers something into her ear about him having a girlfriend, and they both get up and leave. Stephanie is pretty grossed out that someone who has a live in girlfriend is out looking for a good time. She was not about to be his good time! Go Steph!!!

I'd seriously love to see the aftermath of this episode, when it comes to Sean and his live in gal pal, whom likely he's cheating on while on the road.

Anyhow, with that crap aside, let's move back on to Lauren. The scene starts up with Lauren working at her desk at People's Revolution. Stephanie walks in shortly and comes up with some excuse of there being a lot of traffic (I guess she was late)?

Lauren has her site down with her, where she breaks the news that Kelly wants her to fire her. Stephanie begins to bawl, and you cannot help but feel bad for her. It's an awkward position for Lauren, but she had to do what she was told to do by her boss.

Lauren hugs her, and tells her not to cry, and Stephanie walks out upset.

Apparently Stephanie called Heidi to help cheer her up. They meet up somewhere for lunch where Stephanie tells Heidi about Kelly having Lauren fire her. Stephanie then calls it Kelly's sick little game where she has some sort of power trip watching a friend fire a friend. She is a little worried though that it would somehow effect her friendship with Lauren.

Heidi tells her she is sorry that she had a week, and goes on to tell Stephanie about her dad being in town, and how tings seem to be going really well.

Fast forward to Lauren and Lo, who are at the house caught up in the weekly gossip. Lauren tells Lo about having to fire Stephanie, and how Stephanie cried; she feels really bad because she has never made anyone cry before. As usual Lo has one of those typical Lo remarks about Lauren having to do what she had to do. In a way I agree though. Steph should have just seen it coming. For me though Kelly did not really even give her a fair chance. She seemed to dislike her after their one on one interview, and she had apparently made up her mind on that one first impression. Oh well!

Now off to the carnival, or fair, or whatever they call it out in the hills. Spencer and Heidi are on a ferris wheel, where he proposes to Heidi with a big engagement ring and all. The moment would have been sweeter had we not seen this wedding crap going on in nearly every season. At this rate I just think fans are sick of it. Engaged, not engaged, engaged then married, but not married. Blah, I can't keep up.

The show ends pretty much there, with some sneak peeks into next weeks episode where Heidi is planning the wedding, and Spencer picks up the phone to dial LC to invite her to the wedding!

Not for nothing, it was a good move on his part. Lauren had always been about Spencer being a crappy person, and for once he did the right thing. By the look on her face though she seems to still hold on to that old grudge, which I think is just immature. At any rate, the rumor mill is that she attends, then leaves quickly afterward.

Anyhow, there are only 2 episodes left in The Hills, and the show will finally come to an end. No season 6. Sigh!

Friday, May 15, 2009

Sims 3 Expansion Pack Ideas!!!

With The Sims 3 less than one month away, fans of the franchise have been crunching away and swallowing every tid bit of news they can possibly find on the new release.

With small fractions of news, photos, and video clips being shown here and there many of our minds are just buzzing away with ideas on what EA should incorporate into expansion packs.

Seriously we have seen enough Pets, Magic, and Vacation packs with Sims 1, and Sims. How about giving us all of that stuff in one big lump sump pack for starters. We enjoy them, but frankly I'm sick of the same stuff being re-done with new graphics.

I want some good stuff, the real deal... some X-Rated stuff, some murder and mayhem... some seriously unique game play to be added to the newest edition!

My first idea is one of my favorite ideas.

1. The Sims 3 Funeral and Birth Expansion Pack

I would absolutely love to have this added to the new seamless environment in the Sims 3. It would be neat to get a notice of when other Sims in town die, with a card or something stating when the funeral would take place, for whom...and so on.

It would be neat to see a Hearse driving around town in honor of the dead Sim. A funeral home could be added somewhere in town. Sims could go in to pay their respects to the deceased Sim. They will also be able to leave flowers, and give money to the remanding family members.

Birth would be similar. Instead of having a baby Sim pop up in the air, the Sim giving birth would be either rushed to a Sim Hospital (SH), by her spouse, or by ambulance. The Sim will then remain in the hospital for a Sim day or two, and return home with her new baby, or babies!

More accurate birthdays would also be neat. Incorporate actual calendars into the game for Sims to remember events on a more precise level.

But tat-tat-tat-....before all that, being able to also schedule a BABY SHOWER for expecting Sims would also be very appreciated! Mother fans of the game would love this, as well as non-parental players. Making it seem more real is what it is all about!

2. The Sims 3 Murderer Expansion Pack

Lets step into the real world.

Why not allow players to experience ultimate psycho in the Sims 3!

A crazed murderer runs about the town picking off victims slowly until the gamer or Sim Police actually manages to capture him. Some wanted posters up around town would turn it into an ultimate hunt and find the killer expansion, which would kill some time, and make the game all the more realistic.

Another cool feature to this pack would add the psycho child gene into random Sim babies when they are born. Psycho Sims would grow up with killing traits, which in turn could lead them being the next Sim murderer.

Players would not know if the child was psycho though, players would have to recognize it on their own, if recognized they could have the child hospitalized before it is too late!

Traits would include hurting other Sims, Sim Animals, or themselves! Naturally these packs would be rated M for Mature.

3. The Sims 3 Disasters Expansion

This pack would add hurricanes, tornadoes, sand storms, and tidal waves which would not necessarily destroy the Sims town, but would ruin a few things here and there, allowing the creator to re-build things.

Flooding would also be neat, as well as adding an home owners insurance.

Those Sims who are insured will be safe, those who are not will suffer; become homeless Sims, begging for change on street corners. It would also open up the opportunity for the homeless Sim to play instruments on street corners for change, opening up a whole new career path!

Car accidents, and pedestrians getting run over by cars would also be added to this pack! It would be a neat must have for the Funeral Expansion Pack!!! Hahaha!

At any rate, what fans have been looking for in The Sims 3 is the ability to make our Sims world just as realistic as our own, and yes nudity should be added for 18+ gamers!

If you fans have any other ideas, feel free to leave a comment, I'd love to see what other fans would like to see out of the game.

Paris Hilton's My New BFF, Season 2 Coming Soon To MTV!!!

I was not all too fond of the first season of Paris Hilton's My New BFF, I was really glad that Brittany won! Although I didn't think Paris Hilton would be the best of friends to Brittany, I still was excited to see a genuine nice person win the competition.

To my surprise Paris Hilton's shallow little show is once again being resurrected for yet another season! Not for nothing but Paris is pretty damn boring without her sexy sidekick Nicole Richie. If MTV had any smarts they'd string in Nicole Richie for an episode or two.

Or better yet MTV should have instead made a quirky little show featuring Paris and Brittany after the original would have given fans the opportunity to once again embrace Paris Hilton in a more personal light, instead of another shallow, be my bestie, and take my abuse, competition.

At any rate guys and gals, whether you are looking forward to it or not, Paris Hilton's My BFF Season 2 will be premiering on MTV on June 2nd 2009, at 10pm. It was originally scheduled to premier on the 9th of June, but was bumped up a week!

The Sims 3 is also releasing on June 2nd, which is probably the most exciting thing happening on the 2nd.

Sorry Paris, I have a date with my virtual people that night, they're more real...and if they're not, I can at least kill them.

I'm sure fans of the original winner of season 1 are wondering what went wrong? If anything went wrong!? Miss Hilton looking to add a new face to her entourage?

-There was also a British BFF version of the show in 2009 in the UK! Who knew!? A Sam Hextall won that show!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Teyona Wins Cycle 12 of Americas Next Top Model

God someone gag me. Like last season I once again sat through a one hour season finale of Americas Next Top Model, only to see that my favorite pick was sent packing.

Before breaking it down on how aggravated I have become with Americas Next Top Model, let me break this pieces up in a recap for those of you whom my of missed it.

So there are 3 girls left in the house, Aminat, Allison, and Teyona. The season finale starts up with the girls being rushed off for a commercial and photo shoot for CoverGirl.

The girls all go in for hair and makeup, and Aminat is up for her commercial shoot first. She does actually really well with remembering her lines, speaking naturally and looking fantastic! I was shocked but Jay went on to remind viewers of how she does not really work her face, how it seems stiff.

For me it seemed natural though and I failed to miss the whole stiff face Jay spoke of. But hey, he's the professional right? I guess he can spot a stiff face! At any rate, she did really well.

After he commercial we watch as she is rushed in for a quick CoverGirl photo shoot. You don't really get to see much of what goes down on the shoot, but Aminat seems to be doing alright.

Next we have Allison who looks a bit pudgy due to her hair being pushed out of her face and tied into some old fashioned weave up look. Frankly I hated it, and thought it would cost her the competition. Although she looked really awkward she pulled off a semi decent commercial.

After the commercial Allison is rushed into some back room where her photo shoot takes place. Once again, you don't really get to see how well she is doing in there, you sort of get like a peek glimpse through a back door or something.

Next up is Teyona who totally messes up the entire commercial. Now in older seasons of Americas Next Top Model, if a competitor screwed up the final commercial it would send her packing...all the way back home. Do not pass go, do not collect $200 (In this case a $100,000 contract!).

Seeing that TTeyona did so piss poorly on the commercial, I automatically had her written off in my mind. No way would the judges let a bumbling crying mess through to the final cat walk!

Oh but they did, and they did it nicely too. They took her whole spiel on how she was nervous, and get this, 'felt sorry for her'.

Wow, I can recall Tyra telling so many past models to suck it up. Teyona though gets a free pass. By this point I'm frowning, because I no longer even need to watch. I know the judges are gunning for Teyona to hold the crown of Americas Next Top Model, before they even gave it to her.

Allison however is called up fist to continue on in the competition. The bottom 2 are Teyona and Aminat. Freakishly Teyona takes the cake over Aminat, who the judges said had a weaker photo and seemed to have injected Novocaine into her face. How lovely!

So our final two are Allison and Teyona. I sort of knew Allison would not win because throughout the competition she had the weakest walk, and with the one of the final challenges the girls must work it down a runway.

Before jumping ahead into the runway though the girls must go in to do a final cover photo for CoverGirl. The winner of course will be featured as a front cover on Seventeen magazine.

Us viewers were only given a quick sneak peek at the girls doing the shoot, so it was anyones guess on who did better than who.

Shortly after this shoot the girls are gathered in a back room where they meet quickly with Tyra who gives them some encouragement before the final runway.

McKey who is last seasons winner is also in the runway. She sloppily clogs along the runway floor, Teyona did a better job than McKey did, but hey McKey already won last season, so it is okay to get a little slumped and lazy looking right?

Allison shocked me with her walk. She came out looking like a model, had a newly improved walk

The girl look smoking hot and fierce.

Plus during the second part of the runway walk she even had a little fun with it during the Samba dancing part of with Miss J.

When watched Teyona come out during part 2 of the runway show I thought Allison surely had it in the bag. Teyona looked like a stiff scary looking robot with straight arms that seemed to be pegged into the sockets with tightly bolted screws.

Ah but Tyra was very impressed with Teyona during the very last runway walk... or I should say floor shake?

They had a bunch of the models; Allison and Teyona included, slither along a slippery muddy floor. It was supposed to represent some type of art, but frankly I could not for the life of me figure out what it had to do with being a model, or even being in fashion?

At any rate, like I said, Teyona impresses Tyra, and why? Oh because her giant weave came flying off of her head, and Teyona flipped it around in the air. Tyra said it gave her chills!

Um yeah, it gave me chills too because I was wondering when she was going to bite the head off of a chicken an start chanting some voodoo spell. To me it looked a mess, and it almost seemed like a 'look at me, look at me, I'm in a trance, hey look at me'. Fuh-reaky!!!

I did not think she would win at that point though, so I was not even really focusing on her. I was TRYING to see ho Allison was doing, but the camera at the moment seemed to be all focused on Teyona. Somewhere in the mix was Allison who got very little camera time during the final

Next the girls are cleaned up and brought to their final panel. Both girls look smoking hot, and the judges give them their final reviews.

First the runway. Everyone is impressed with Allison, and how much she had improved since day 1. Plus everyone seems to favor Allison's photos over Teyonas. At this point I figured Allison had it in the bag. No way in heck was robot girl and weave flipper going to take the win.

But alas my friends, Allison does not win. Teyona is crowned Americas Next Top Model. Now I won't say I'm not happy for her, I truly am. I do however think the judges made a mistake. I failed to see this potential they saw.

The thing that bothered me most was because the judges said that Teyona wants it more, so they gave it to her!? Bah! I must say, this season has probably been the only cycle I really did not like at all. Week after week they sent home some of the top competitors. Foe for instance could have had this in the bag...yet they ailed to see it, they were so focused on thinking she belonged on TV more than she did in modeling.

They sent home Celia last week because for some reason all of a sudden she was 'too old'. Weird! She was not too old in the beginning of the competition, did she age 10 years suddenly?

At any rate folks, the winner is Teyona.

I just hope Tim Burton hires this unique creature known as Allison, for some sort of dark Alice in Wonderland flick...she totally has the look down and an unforgettable face!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

VH1 Charm School 3, Season Premier Recap

The bad girl reality contestants from past VH1 reality shows are all brought together for season 3 of Charm School! This season however features the house mom Ricki Lake, and it features bad girls from Rock of Love Bus, and Real Chance of Love.

Ricki's job is to shape these girls up, and form them into better more charming individuals. They could all use a little work (some could use a lot of work), except for one contestant whom I am confused as to why she is there? I will discuss who this is later on.

The bad girl contestants include:

1. Ashely from Rock of Love Bus! (Oh my God I fell in love with this girl. She is part of the Blondtarage)

2. BayBayBay from Real Chance of Love. (This is the chick whom I am confused as to why she is here?)

3. Beverly from Rock of Love Bus. (Oh Gez, I am already sick of her face)

4. Bubbles from Real Chance of Love. (She is not really a bad girl, but she is stupid. I don't think Riki can slap her with a smart stick though)

5. Brittaney from Rock of Love Bus (you remember her right? She's the crazy girl who stole all the sweaty gym socks!)

6. Brittanya from Rock of Love Bus (she's the bad girl who tried to smack down heather! She is also the chick whose cheeks are pierced! It works for her though, she's hot)

7. Farraha from Rock of Love Bus (she was part of the Blondtarage)

8. Gia (ew. This is the girl who shoved a....err... thing up her thing!!!)

9. Ki Ki from Real Chance of Love (she's the chick who liked creating a lot of drama with other girls in the house)

10. K.O from Real Chance of Love (she's the gal who cried in nearly every episode)

11. Marcia from Rock of Love Bus (she should own the name Tequila- Tila Tequila has nothing on this girl)

12. Natasha from Rock of Love Bus (Not really sure why she is here either. I like her many voice so it's all good)

13. Risky from Real Chance of Love (she is not all that bad, she's got a quick temper though)

14. So Hood from Real Chance of Love (she was quickly forgotten once she was eliminated from Real Chance of Love, but she did have bad girl qualities)

Anyhow, we start VH1 Charm School Season 3 with the girl all waiting outside of the house they will be living in while on the show. Out pops Riki Lake who tells them she will be their mentor here at Charm School. Many of the girls are surprised to see that Ricki Lake will be the house mentor.

The girls are told about the first challenge being giving possessions away to charity. At panel they will one by one come up and donate whatever they feel like donating to the charity.

This is how Season 1 of Charm school ended, and played a huge role in why Saphayri won the money. She gave away all of her belongings! If any of these girls in season 3have been paying attention they know to give it all away! If they're smart that is.

Before the panel challenge though, the girls first make their way to the house where they find their pictures attached to beds in the house. Some of the girls are paired in rooms with people VH1 already knew would cause drama, and likely fight.

Some of the girls already have issues with Brittaney. Beverly in particular seems to have her evil eye out on her. After a small verbal tiff Brittaney tells Beverly shes a bad mother! L-OH-L!!!! She pushes her like a lame ass, and the scene moves on.

We know that this will probably escalate into something more dramatic down the line.

After choosing their beds, they then meet back with Riki where they one by one tell her about themselves, and why they feel they need Charm School. They also donate some articles of clothing to the charity. K.O plays it smart and donates every last article of clothing, including the suitcase she carried it in. Others donate some stripper clothes, some shoes, and Natasha donates only a small amount of clothing, and says it is because she is selfish.

Next she goes Hulk on Brittaney whom she is still pissed off at for the black comment on Rock of Love Bus. So now we know why Natasha is here! She's crazy!!! Unfortunately she's got more bark than bite.

Some of the girls have genuine reasons as to why they need Charm School. Any viewer knows though that they have their eye on the money, and some of the girls give long drawn out speeches about why they need Charm School, they seem fake though.

Later that night the girls enjoy the new surroundings and some of them get severely drunk. Beverly naturally drinks herself into an oblivion and ends up pulling Brittaney's hair.

This leads to her earl expulsion from Charm School! Haha!

Shortly afterward there is an elimination ceremony. The three girls up for elimination are Gia, Brittaney and Ashley. Ashley however was voted in to elimination due to Gia being so drunk and clueless and voting her in. Poor Gia, wasn't she the same girl who said on the Rock of Love Bus reunion show that she quit drinking!? Oh Lordie, Lordie Liar!!!

Gia ends up getting chucked out of Charm School.

The camera ends up on her outside of the house ripping off some of her clothing, and her shoes, and crying on the ground like a psycho.

It was good TV. Let's see what happens next week!?

The Hills, Season 5, Episode 7 Recap: Keep Your Enemies Closer

So we start off this weeks The Hills season 5, Episode 7: Keep Your Enemies Closer with Lauren, Lo and Audrina quickly discussing Lo's new job at Smashbox.

Audrina lets Lo know she worked for them 3 years ago, and that she really loved it, and that Lo will love working for them as well.

Next we fast forward to Lauren and Stephanie having lunch with one another. Lauren sees that Stephanie is wearing heels, and Stephanie lets her know she is trying to impress Kelly (the boss) with her professional appearance.

Stephanie then goes on and tells Lauren that she is sooooo stressed about work, and that she wants to stop stressing about it by going on a manhunt. She then fills Lauren in on this guy Robert that she has the hots for.

Lauren tells Stephanie that it is fine she is going on a manhunt, but she shouldn't NOT stress about work. Lauren is giving her the 'hey idiot snap out of it, and focus on work look', while Stephanie spaces out, and Lauren tries snapping her out of it. Stephanie apologizes and says 'sorry, she was thinking of Robert'.

Lately Stephanie is a real space cadet, and ever since getting the job with Lauren, she's gotten even more spacey!

Anyhow, lets move on to Heidi.

She and her pal Kimberly are out to lunch, and Heidi is stressing about having to get a new outfit, and her hair and nails done for some event they have been working on together (Oh my god! Pampering is so stressful!).

Heidi lets Kimberly know that Stacy sent her a text message to meet her at the bar where Stacy works. Heidi does not want to go, but Kimberly talks her in to going. She tells her to let Stacy know to stay out of her life, and to move on. Heidi agrees, and the scene cuts over to Lauren and Stephanie at work.

Lauren is steaming away at some clothes that they will be using for an upcoming event. Stephanie is naturally a goof ball and gets silver ink on her shirt. She repeats it about 3 times 'I got silver pen on me!'

After boo hoooing about the silver pen on her shirt, she then proceeds to ask Lauren about the event that is happening tomorrow. The event is for Smashbox, and Lauren is excited to be able to work with them, because low and behold, Lo works for them, which means Lauren will be able to spend a little time with Lo while working. Cool, but how convenient!

Before leaving though, Lauren tells Stephanie about the clothes and things she will need packed for her to bring to tomorrows show. Stephanie as usual spaces off, and her cell rings.

Instead of listening to Lauren, and the things that Lauren needs packed for tomorrow, she answers the phone. It's Robert!

Before leaving, Lauren reminds her one last time of the things she needs to do. Stephanie brushes it off by telling her, 'Okay, got it.' (You can tell though that she wasn't even paying attention!)

The scene cuts over to Audrinas job (yes, it seems like it is job day on The Hills this week). Audrina is working some opening for a band called The Script. She makes sure the lights are good, and promises the band that they have a great crowd for the opening of the concert. I'm not really sure what she did besides make sure the lighting was good.

At any rate her cell rings during the show, and she picks it up. It's Justin!!! Audrina tells him that she is at work and that she can't talk. She tells him that she will meet him tomorrow, and they can talk then.

Back to Heidi we see that she actually did go to meet with Stacy to tell her to back up out of her life. Stacy tries to be charming at first, and we can all tell she's being a snake. Heidi sees through it and the drama unfolds. Heidi calls Stacy a home-wrecker, and Stacy calls Heidi crazy.

Now normally I'm not on Heidi's side, but in this scene I was, because Stacy after all, was the one who initiated the meeting!

It was a decent scene, but the drama was flat. Heidi is so bad at acting like a bad ass, and Stacy, well...viewers are pretty convinced she was hired for the part. Yawn!!!

Back to Lauren and the Smashbox event.

Lauren greets Lo, and Lo notices that there are some pieces of clothing missing for the photo shoot! Lauren should have known she couldn't trust el' space-cadet!

Lauren calls Stephanie and asks her where she is. Stephanie tells her she is on her lunch break with Robert!!!

Lauren tells her that she was missing pieces for the Smashbox shoot because Stephanie apparently forgot (duh) to pack them! She asks her if she can go back to People's Revolution to pick up the missing pieces and to bring them to her.

Stephanie however does not want to budge from her lunch break and asks her if she can get someone else to bring them to her.

Instead of working out a plan, Lauren says 'No, I'll just figure it out on my own!" and hangs up on Stephanie mid sentence!

Uh's pretty obvious Stephanie will be fired for this!

Back to Audrina and Justin Bobby.

Audrina and Justin meet up at some bar or club. I'm not sure which. Audrina sits down with Justin and tells him its completely over, and she does not want to see him, does not want to talk with him... and she storms off into some dark alley where Justin follows.

I'm not quite sure what happened prior for Audrina to just go all out buckwild mode, but she did. They begin a stupid little argument on the sidewalk and Justin mentions the whole Brody sleep over thing, and Audrina walks off leaving Justin behind.


The next scene is Stephanie sitting outside at some eatery where Audrina walks up to her to share her story about how she told Justin it was over. Stephanie is less than convinced it is over between Audrina and Justin (wow, she pays attention too! She only seems to be a space cadet at work?). Audrina confirms it is over though, and that she's done with him. Stephanie also lets Audrina know about her piss poor job performance the day before.

Next scene we have Heidi walking into her home where Spencer is sitting on the couch playing with his phone. Yah yah... yawn.

Heidi tells him how she went down to the bar to meet with Stacy. Spencer flips out in some dramatastic little spiel, and they argue back and forth for a few hot seconds. There was nothing huge, or entertaining about this scene. It was pretty boring.

Last but not least, back to People's Revolution where Stephanie walks in and apologizes for not packing the clothes for the Smashbox shoot. Lauren is mad, and let's Stephanie know that it made her look bad, and that Kelly is going to want an explanation.

Stephanie tells Lauren that she will tell Kelly it was her fault. Lauren shakes her head no, and says it will be on her regardless.

Right after saying those words, Kelly walks in, and Stephanie looks freaked. Kelly walks over to where Stephanie and Lauren are, and Kelly says to Stephanie, 'You look happy!'... Stephanie doesn't really react, and Kelly finishes the line by saying 'I'm not!'

She then looks to Lauren and says 'Can I have a talk with you!' Stephanie than asks, 'Should I come too?'. The answer is no.

Lauren follows Kelly in to the room where Kelly asks what happened with the Smashbox shoot. Lauren is quick to pin the blame on Stephanie, which technically it was Steph's fault.

Kelly tells her that she has till the end of the week to fire Stephanie. Yerp! Lauren has to can her pal.

Lauren then comes back out to where Stephanie is. Stephanie asks if it was bad...and Lauren is left looking sad, yet does not tell Stephanie that Kelly told her to fire her, which I thought was weird.

The show ends there. Hopefully they play in Lauren firing Stephanie! Hehe, I just would like to see how it goes!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Americas Next Top Model, Cycle 12 Sends Celia Packing! Recap!!!

Oh a sad day in the Americas Next Top Model Cycle 12 world! Celia was sent packing. Although she looked a little older than what I am used to being on the show, she still looked like Cory Feldman's sister, so I adored her.

Celia also had such a classical presence and personality that just listening to her talk was delightful to my soul.

Alas though, my dear Celia was sent packing.

Before getting into the reasoning behind her departure, let us fast forward to the beginning.

The remaining models in the house are of course Celia, Allison, Aminat and Teyona. It's getting very close to the finish line, and the girls emotional cry fests happen more and more as we draw closer to the end of the episode.

The girls are rushed to a challenge. The challenge is basically to learn how to do these little dance cha chas.
After learning the moves, they are quickly thrown into the actual challenge.

The challenge is to not look down at your feet while dancing with a male partner. Points would be deducted every time the models looked down at the ground. Whoever does the best will win $7,000 worth of jewelery.

Allison normally fumbles and looks a awkward, but she pulls off a cute quirky dance that is acceptable, and she also looked more relaxed than usual, and you could tell she had fun with it.

Celia does marvelously, she does not look down at her feet, she moves around, she looks confident, and she looks like she is having fun while she dances around and around with her partner.

Aminat doesn't do so bad either, and frankly I had no idea who would win this challenge, I did know though that it would either be Celia, or Aminat, because Teyona....well Teyona usually does well at every challenge, but this week she looked like an odd stuff fembot.

Before telling the girls who won though, she first picks off the pros and cons of their movements. Everyone gets fairly good feedback except for poor old Celia whom she first had to pick apart, call desperate and old...before announcing her the winner.

Celia chooses Allison, because naturally they are friendly with one another more so anyone else in the house.

What irked me about her choosing Allison was how the ugly old crone- whats er name? Paulina something... she looked shocked when Celia chose Allison, and frankly it pissed me off.

If Celia was not allowed to choose who she wanted to share her prize with, they may as well of set the challenge up for the winner and the runner up to get the prize...instead, Paulina has to gasp and say 'really!?' when Celia chooses Allison, which was just uncalled for, and immature.

At any rate, the prizes sucked as usual. Most of the clothing and jewelry these models win during challenges have always sucked. When you think of $7,000 in jewelry you think of a nice diamond ring, or a gorgeous diamond bracelet.

Instead Celia was presented with an ugly ghastly collection of earrings that looked like the fell from Madonnas big 80's closet. She was allowed to choose one pair out of the collection (which by the way all were the same shape- only the colors were different). Celia chose the onyx and ruby earrings.

Allison got to chose from a collection of necklaces that were just as hideous as Celia's earrings.

They said $7,000... but I'd like to see them try and get that value on a re-sale! Hah! Yech! I'd rather have a $7,000 shopping spree in the jewelry department at Claire's!

Anyhow shortly after winning the challenge the girls are woken from their slumbers to get hair and makeup done for their upcoming photo shoot. It's quite obvious by the hints in the Tyra Mail that the girls would be dressed up, and doused in makeup to look like birds.

I was right! Their hair was teased, and they were done up in unique odd costumes and makeup that included feathers.

The costumes were simply gorgeous, and I have to give mad props to the artists who pulled these looks together, because all of the girls looked fabulous!

They are brought to the photo shoot in the middle of the Brazilian jungles. As they are driving along the dirt path, they notice a jeep up ahead that is smoking and blocking the path. I knew immediately something stupid was going to happen... and sure enough, Tyra Banks pops out and begins yelling help, help! Her theatrical acting on the show should just be cut's bad. No offense, we love you Tyra, but what did the broken down smoking car have to do with anything?!

At any rate it is quite clear Tyra will be their photographer this episode, and sure enough she is.

The theme Tyra wants to portray is a mother bird protecting her eggs in a nest. Only there were no eggs in the nest.

The girls have to crouch into the nest and give it their all.

Allison is up first, and she actually manages to display that she is cool, confident, and ready to model. She impresses Tyra. After the shoot is over, Tyra goes to give her a hug, and Allison mutters to Tyra; 'you're pretty!'

Gosh it was funny, but so fitting to her quirky demeanor!

After Allison we have Aminat who did well, but she seemed to need more guidance than anyone else on the set that day.

Next up was Celia who pulls off lovely photo after photo. After Trya compliments her, she begins to slightly tear up, and Jay notices and asks her if she is crying. She claims she is just so happy. I think the poor girl is just sick and tired of these jerks calling her old!

Then we have Teyona who was loosing the daylight during her shoot. Instead of crouching down like the rest of the girls, Teyona is told to stand and hug a tree!? Tyra is praising her though, and immediately I sense Teyona will have the best photo of the week.

When it came to the judging room, Allison is called upon first. She looked rather tattered during panel...she always does. Like a little Allison in Wonderland rag wrong, yet so damn right at the same time.

The judges all adore her photo, and I must say she managed to surprise me yet again. She looked like a baby owl all sweet and innocent in her photo. I don't think she pulled off the protective mom bird vibe, but she did in fact pull of a lovely photo that had such a fairy like quality to it.

Next we have Celia who managed to bring out a strong photo due to her unique bone structure. The panel seems to like it. It's fresh! A compliment considering everyone had her on a death bed week after week.

Teyona whom I imagined would be praised was actually somewhat critiqued. It was an odd change of heart from Tyra, considering her praising her while on the shoot.

Aminat is praised slightly, and critiqued slightly. I really thought she would be going home because I thought the photo was horrendous.

I was really confused on who would be going home due to the neck and neck feedback they got from the judges. I imagined though that Allison would take the best picture of the week, and sure enough she did.

Teyona is also saved from elimination.

The bottom two are of course Celia, and Aminat. I was really anticipating them sending home Aminat, because she has consistently taken pretty sore looking pictures...yet week after week, they continue to pass her through the pearly doors of stardom.

And they did it again... they passed Aminat through and Celia is sent packing. Tyra basically tells her she's too damn old for modeling, and to instead persue fashion....without officially saying it using those exact words.

The remaining top 3 models are Allison, Aminat and Teyona.

I'm rooting for Allison, unfortunately we all know the girl cannot walk like a model, and if she is lucky enough to make it to the final 2 runway competition, we know she will fail miserably.

I want Allison to win, but I have a strong hunch the winner this cycle is going to be Teyona. The panel focused far too much positive attention on her, just like they did with horse faced Mckee last season.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

New York Goes To Work Season Premiere Recap

I was not really anticipating the release of Vh1's New York Goes To Work. Frankly I think America has sort of grown tired of seeing her... and it is really sad to say that because at one time she was my all time top favorite reality star.

Perhaps it is the lame plot that would be going down in the series. In New York Goes To Work, fans pretty much get to vote on what jobs they would like to see Miss New York work.

If New York does well on the jobs she gets a nice fat $10,000 check at the end of the day.

Well hot dayum! Lucky son of a gun!

In the season premier New York was chosen to do the job of an exterminator.

She meets up with her new boss for the day, and is introduced to the other crew whom she will be working alongside for the day.

Her first job she is supposed to get rid of bees in someones shed. The scene is only about 4 minutes long, and it includes New York running a lot, and screaming a lot. At the end of the day though she does manage to get rid of the main hive, which totally looks like it was planted there! At any rate she did it.

Her next job will be to rid someones yard of a snake. Once again it is another case where it seems that the snake was placed there. As with the bees, New York runs around, screams, but at the end of the day, she does manage to capture the snake.

New York's next and final job for the day is to clear a crawl space underneath someones house. In the crawl space though there are dead rats. New York's job is to crawl under and remove the rats. However while she peeps her head in she clearly sees a rat that is still alive and scampering around.

New York runs, screams, and tries again. She unfortunately fails, and leaves one of the crew hanging under the crawl space in which she was supposed to stay by.

After all 3 jobs are complete, New York returns back to the boss where the crew evaluate her job. The boss though is the guy who says whether or not she gets the check, or if she gets nothing.

The crew comes to the conclusion that New York hesitated and made a scene at the bee job, but she did in fact complete it. Same with the job with removing the snake, she passes! The last job however she fails because she ran away and refused to remove the dead rats.

At the end of the day though New York walks off with a $10,000 check!!!

Not for nothing, the guys who worked that day along side New York were probably pretty pissed considering they walked away with a check likely not even close to what she walked away with.

As far as entertainment factors goes, I have a feeling future runs of the show will likely be the same. New York will have to take on jobs that fans voted her in for, and she will scream, run, pass some and fail some.

It's entertainment yes, but I have a hunch it will grow old pretty fast.

The one thing that bothers me the most though is what goes down after the show ends. A screen comes up with a number you can text in order to vote for New Yorks jobs she will take on next week.

For instance if you want to vote for her to work as a pig farmer, or a construction worker, you can text the number in to your phone to vote on which job you want to see her work.

The catch is, each text will cost you $1.00!!!


Tuesday, May 5, 2009

The Hills, Season 5, Episode 6 Recap...Playmates Bring the Drama

So last week we all watched as Audrina smiled a big girly smile when she came back into her hotel room which was being shared by LC, Lo, and Stephanie.

It turned out Audrina ended up bunking up with Brody. Now its never officially announced if the two boin boin boinked, but it looked a little obvious that something sexual happened, especially with that big freaky scary smile she had on her face.

At any rate, LC warns her that Brody's girlfriend Jayde is not going to be all too happy! Well duh!!!

So we fast forward to last nights episode titled Playmates Bring the Drama, which is of course, season 5, episode 6.

The show starts off with Lauren asking Audrina if she is going to be going to Frankie's (one of Brody's friends) BBQ, the conversation then drifts to Brody.

LC asks her is she has heard from him since Hawaii. Audrina says no, and LC fills her in that Jayde knows, and that Jayde is pissed.

I think she has a damn good reason to be pissed. It's not like Audrina didn't know Brody had a girlfriend, but at the same rate, if Brody was so in love with Jayde as he claims, he'd never of cheated on her.

Poor Jayde though, she should have dumped his grimy ass, because now she's the one looking like a fool on national television. Looking like she has no ego, and looking like her self esteem is shot to the bottom of the lowest septic tanks. Why on earth girl, would you stay with someone who messes around with other girls?

Anyhow, Audrina shows up to the BBQ and right away the tension is sky high. Brody is nervous, you can tell. Jayde begins spatting nonsense out the mouth on how she wants to punch her for showing up. The girl has more bark than bite. She talks a lot of game, but not once gets up to aggressively go at Audrina.

As the night goes on the two eventually have a face off. The playmate of course brings a posse of playmates to back her up. Ugh, how lame.
Anyhow, Brody tells the other girls to leave the two of them alone, and to let them talk together in a more personal level. The two sit, and Audrina tries explaining that nothing happened.

Jayde isn't buying it, acts all tough, huffs, puffs, and tells Audrina that she does not even want to look at her. She then storms off.

Ouch, Jayde once again looks like the idiot here. Holding on to a guy who has a wandering eye!? Frig that!

Anyhow, to make Jayde look even dumber, Brody goes and gives Audrina a hug goodbye. Jayde watches on like a wolf would its prey. She confronts him for hugging Audrina goodbye, once again making herself look like a foolish twit. Seriously girl... DUMP HIM!

Now lets movie on to Heidi vs Spencer

Heidi discovers a text message from Stacy on Spencer's phone. The message basically asks Spencer if he is going to come hang out at HWood (a club) .

If you have been following, Stacy is the jacked looking girl who Spencer was hitting on at some bar. She was the bar tender, and he was attempting to pick her up.

Heidi gets the message and tells Stephanie about it. They plan to go to the club to see if he shows up to meet with Stacy. Immediately Stacy notices Heidi, Stephanie, and Holly all sitting down nearby. Naturally Heidi would be easy to spot, seeing that wherever she rolls, so does the cameras.

Stacy confronts Heidi, and Heidi pretty much asks her why she keeps trying to date he boyfriend. Stacy of course has a bland boring egotistical answer on how 'there will always be other Stacy's, and that she's not the issue, Spencer is'.

Ugh, as much as I cannot tolerate Spencer's Gremlin like features, Stacy seems to be just like him. They even share the same Gremlin like features. Frankly they should just hook up, and have Gremlin pods together.

Anyhow after a short lame exchange of words, I couldn't help but get that de ja vu feeling of the whole scene being staged.

After this incident, Spencer and Heidi meet up in the couples counseling room where Heidi confronts Spencer on the whole text message. For the next few seconds you hear a stupid exchange of... 'Why were you looking through my phone?" ...and...'Why do you have shady text messages?"..."Why are you looking in my phone...."

Blah bla, back and forth boring.

Lets skip to Audrina vs Jayde round 2:

Audrina seems to follow Brody everywhere he goes. We fast forward to another event where Brody will be, and naturally so will Jayde. It seems like it's some sort of club, but I failed to catch the name.

At any rate, Audrina rolls up and plops her ass directly across from both Brody and Jayde. Yeah smooth move ex-lax.

Jayde once again is whispering to Brody and to her friends wondering why she is here, and how she wants her to leave. Audrina however feels she'll be okay because she knew Brody longer, and they are friends and he will have her back. Gosh, bright star!

Brody tells Jayde to tell Audrina to leave herself, and that he will not do it because she is his friend.

Jayde's friend instead gets up and tries to start some lame catty fight. Frankie breaks it up before it happens...but the looks of it, nothing was going to happen. The friend sits back down on her romp, and then Audrina gets up and starts spatting at Jayde. The two yell back and forth... and that was that.

Audrina storms off and tells Stephanie that shes angry Brody didn't have her back. Well duh hunny!

Brody eventually wanders over, and gives some speech about letting it go... Audrina leaves, and confides in LC for some advice.

The scene skips over to Lauren meeting with Brody for lunch where the two discuss what happened. Lauren asks why he didn't back up his friend. He states he didn't know what to do. Lauren tells him he should call Audrina and apologize. He basically refuses, because it is all too fresh.

Overall, the episode was sky high with drama, but nothing really stood out as good drama. I wanted to see a slap, a kick, a punch... or something. But really there was a whole lot of nothing. The amusing part was basically how Audrina thought Brody would have her back...I don't know what parallel universe she was on that day, but the guy is dating Jayde... naturally he is gong to take his girlfriends side...even if he created this drama just as equally as Audrina had.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Top Ghost Documentaries Ever Made!

I love paranormal documentaries, not all are created alike though, some documentaries are good, while others get embedded into your brain due to the most excellent bodacious scare that it offered.

Nothing gets my blood pumping more than a good tale of demonic spirits, ghosts that haunt to the extreme, and ghost hunters who are on the prowl while putting themselves in the line of such paranormal fire.

Not all are create alike though, some manage to scare me so much that the story forever remains in my mind. Seeing that I have seen a good fair share of ghost television shows, and documentaries I had to share my all time top favorites.

The Number 1 documentary hands down goes to The Booth Brothers on their ultra scary documentary called Children of the Grave.

This documentary is done so well that you get that hair raising creepy feeling each and every step of the way. The crew explores the unmarked mass burial grounds of children who have long been forgotten, but besides that sad eerie part of the video, the brothers venture down to Zombie Road, where they manage to capture some shadow people, or shadow children on camera. This haunted woods is not only the romping grounds of shadow people, but it is also rumored to be the stomping grounds of those in dark cults.

This particular documentary manages to grab your attention tightly from start to finish, and it's just about as scary as ghost hunting documentaries can get.

The Booth Brothers have other DVD's that you must check out as well. Each and every one of them offer something that will scare the hell out of you!

Be sure to check out their latest documentary as well:

The next top scary documentary comes from the crew of Ghost Adventures.

The brick throwing Ghost Adventures documentary actually landed the crew a regular slot for the series, which of course is called Ghost Adventures, which airs on the Travel Channel.

What makes these guys different from other ghost hunting crews, is that they are actually locked into the alleged haunted locations from dusk till dawn. No key, and no way out.

They use other means to contacting spirits as well. Instead of playing nice, Zak (the lead) uses interrogation and speaks ill of those who may lurk in the shadows. He manages to instigate activity, and holy heck his formula works!

Once and only once did the guys actually physically destroy a window to escape a haunted location, thus making it the most talked about paranormal documentary in a long time.

What caused them to bust out through a window was an actual assault that took place in the lower section of the location. A brick was actually picked up and thrown at Zak. Now only that, when they took a closer look at the footage, other things were moved as well at the exact moment the brick was thrown.

The premier documentary takes the crew of Ghost Adventures to a haunted hotel, which in turn made the Ghost Adventures famous. It is not to be missed, and by far one of the best documentaries I have ever seen when it comes to actual raw footage of a violent angry spirit.

The next must see episode comes from Ghost Hunters, where the men actually capture a very creepy image on video. In this episode titled Eastern State Pen, the crew captures a very chilling figure on camera that seems to run from the camera. It also appears to be wearing some sort of dark cloak.

Although the particular episode was not 'lose sleep and have nightmares' chilling, it was in fact very creepy, and definitely deserves a slot on the top ghost documentaries due to the evidence they captured.

Another documentary that deserves a slot on the Top list goes to A Haunting in Connecticut.

This 2 part documentary is part of the Haunting series which airs on the Discovery channel.

What makes this particular documentary so eerie is not only the horribly scary story that is told, but it is the special re-enactments that were presented to us in the documentary.

Whomever was responsible for creating such a superb re-enactment deserves major kudos.

This particular episode was also so scary that it managed to produce 2 books, and a movie which was released into theaters this past March.

All I will say is possession is the name, and scary as hell is the game.

Paranormal State: Possession, Return of Six, Recap Episode

Last night I got the opportunity to catch an episode of one of my favorite ghost hunting clans, Paranormal State. Although I think Ghost Adventures is by far the best ghost hunting film crew out there, I still enjoy Paranormal State because they incorporate the use of psychic Chip Coffey, whom I am fond of.

In this episode the team is called to a home in Kentucky who claim that they are being haunted by a demon. The demon is said to have spoken to the female head of the household Debbie, to her sister Donna, and had been spotted several times. The demon though has the body of a man, but the head of a ram/goat.

It freaked me out pretty badly, because her encounter with the demon seemed pretty real, at least the way she told it.

Next though Ryan and the crew learn that Debbi's sister Donna told her sister Debbie that the demon had come to her, and spoke to her. That it told her it was going to help her. A week or so later, Donna waded out into the Mississippi river and committed suicide.

It all sounded like a damn creepy story, and frankly I didn't think that Ryan or the crew would be able to rid the home of something that wicked!

Chip is called in, and immediately picks up the presence of this demon. He however never called it a demon, at least not at first. Ryan sort of gives it away, and then for some odd reason asks Chip if this demon followed him and the crew, or if the demon was there to begin with.

Chip tells him the demon had been there, and that it came from the water. (Mississippi river)

Alas though, a few moments later Chip ties in the I Am Six episode, with this demonic case.

The means to getting the demons name though was pretty ridiculous looking. They taped ping pong balls over Chip's eyes, threw on some weird red light bulbs, and supposedly by closing off all mental stimulation's Chip would be able to better read the demon....or err...something like that?

Pretty quickly into this odd little ping pong ball thing, Chip begins screaming, 'Six, six, six... I am Six!'

It kind of confused the hell out of me, especially after the phone call Ryan gets after working on this case.

Remember the family (how convenient) from the I Am Six episode? Yeah, they end up calling as Ryan is working on the new case. I had a weird feeling that this was totally edited into the plot of this episode, and that it did not at all happen this way. I mean hell, what are the odds? At any rate, it was creepy, and weird, and fitting.

I followed the story to see how it would unfold.

Ryan packs up his team to head back to the home in Illinois where Lara lives. If you remember correctly, Lara is the one who was possessed by this demon who kept referring to itself as Six.

Fear not though folks, Ryan had a cussing priest cleanse the home for Debbie and her family in Kentucky before bouncing.

They get to the home where Lara's parents describe that the demon is back, and attacking Lara worse than it ever had before. It pulls her hair, chokes her, and when I got a glimpse of what she looked like, the girl seriously looked like she was anemic, pale, sick and in need of some sort of help...paranormal or doctors?

She says to Ryan that she is in so much pain. Which is weird, because that was exactly what Donna (Debbie's sister) said before to her sister before she commit suicide.

Chip tells Ryan it is the same demon, and that it is likely using the same river to bounce from one place to another. The Mississippi river is dubbed the home of some demonic force!

Anyhow, while they are in the home a stupid little tiff unfold where Ryan says he wants to use the shakti helmet, which is basically a device that straps on to his head, which will send magnetic transmissions to the brain, which will in turn amps up your perception to paranormal activity. Or something odd like that.

One of the crew members who works with Ryan hesitates and claims he does not want Ryan using it, as if it is some sort of huge freaky deal. They exchange this little tiff back and forth, and act like using this helmet is dangerous, yadda, yadda, badda, boo! It was sort of lame, and could have been cut out. I mean we like the helmet, hello... just use it! Thats right.

In the end Ryan ends up putting the shakti helmet on, having ping pong balls taped to his eyes, and having the red bulbs turned on in his face. Sort of like the same thing Chip did in the other house back in Kentucky.

Ryan immediately begins to pick up on something in the room. He sees shadows, he thinks someone has entered the room. Then quickly it leaves the room! Ryan seems to know that whatever entered the room is now headed for Lara!

He sure is on it, because sure enough the thing, demon, or whatever it is, is attacking Lara on the bed.

The whole thing just seemed so damn bizarre, and so finely scripted to give viewers the eebie jeebies. Unfortunately it was probably the only episode I wasn't buying into.

Shortly afterward they do an exorcism, and the conclusion from Ryan is that Lara does not want help, or something ridiculous along that line. He calls it the perfect possession, and reaches out to his viewers by asking us to pray for Lara and her family.

My thoughts on the entire episode was that -heck yes, it was a very good story, but as far as believing it, I am having a difficult time. Now I do 100% believe in ghosts, demons, and all of that, but this episode just seemed so ...err... yeah?

I'm hoping it's not another one of those episodes that will get a movie made out of it. Like A Haunting in Connecticut!