Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Summing up Last Nights Real Chance of Love Finale

So I have realized that I've grown quite lazy when it comes to blogging. I thought I'd handle this blog thing like I would an online journal. Write down what happened during the day, possibly scoop up a few page views, and so on.

Unfortunately for me though, I feel like I'm talking to myself at times, and some would like to point out that talking to yourself is a sign of insanity. Maybe that's what a blog is though. A sign of insanity, because every word I write down here for you to read, is being spoken in my mind as I jot it down. So I guess in a way it qualifies me as being insane. I guess.

Anyhow, although this is off topic, I wanted to discuss last nights finale on Real Chance of Love.

If you are reading this, likely you 1. missed the finale, or 2. like to read gossip

Heheh. At any rate, whatever reason you're viewing is your reason. I did want to sum up the recap though as quickly as possible!

Real chose Cornfed (I wished he would have went with Bay Bay Bay, but whatever floats his boat), and Chance, who's sexuality I have been questioning since the get go, chose none. He cut Risky loose, and then he cut off Cali. He stated he was in love with neither. Too bad too, I think he maybe should have said something to Cali, before bumping with her.

Regardless though, the season finale was a little lame, with a lot of dick sharing going on. I know for sure by Bay Bay Bays actions that her and Real did the derdy derdy the day before he may have done it with Cornfed.
I'm pretty sure Chance nailed Cali, but it's speculation based on the editing that VH1 did on the scene they were in the bedroom together. I'm also pretty sure Risky was the only one who didn't put out. So bravo to Risky. Shes too damn pretty for him anyway.

Cornfed... ? Blah. She's too much of a cry baby to seal her own spin-off show, as soon as Real dumps her and Cali is going to be in I Love Money 2 though, so kudos to her. I hope she wins.

Friday, January 9, 2009

Sharon Osbourne Needs Charm School

Did anyone get to catch the reunion show to Rock of Love Charm School? You know, the one where Sharon Osbourne was the host?

If so I guess you too got to watch as Sharon Osbourne delivered a messed up line to one of the losing contestants Megan Hauserman?

Sharon had the balls to tell Megan that she shouldn't ever have children.

Megan naturally fought back with a cheap shot at Sharon's brain dead husband.

And then Sharon gets up from her seat, acts like she is going to take a sip of juice/soda and instead hurls the liquid in Megan's face full throttle.

I thought it was completely messed up, appalling, and honestly I think Sharon Osbourne should check herself into Charm School. She apparently has a thing or two to learn about class as well.

I'm with Team MH.

No one has the right to tell anyone they should or should not have children, and for Sharon to make such a rude, idiotic statement only shows that she is no better than the rowdy girls she was 'instructing' on how to behave properly.

It is also being said by Megan Hauserman that Sharon pulled her hair, scratched her, and pulled out pieces of her weave.

In all honestly I hope Megan presses charges, Sharon acted like an animal, and it was so classless for her to behave in such an out of control manner on national television.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Yay! I Love Money 2 Is Airing On January 26th on VH1!!!!

I absolutely loved I Love Money. The vH1 reality show featured a bunch of losers from past Love reality shows.

The show has a simple plot. Contestants must compete against a rival team in a challenge. Whatever team is the winner will not be up for elimination. Whatever team looses, a member gets sent home.

The catch is, the winning team captain for that week, gets to choose who gets sent packing.

Although the plot may not sound great, it's pretty funny because not only do you get to see the contestants compete in challenges, but you also get to peek inside of the mansion they are staying at to see what is going on behind closed doors.

Does anyone remember season 1, when Real asked Hoopz for her hand in marriage? Heheh... yeah, crazy stuff like that goes on (I still think though that it was a plot brought on by VH1, in order to better get viewers on the Real Chance of Love reality show, which aired a few months later).

Anyway, I Love Money 2 is also going to feature some past reality stars. Some include the new face of Milf, from Real Chance of Love, Prancer, The Entertainer (who was actually also in season 1 of the show, and I Love New York), Heat (another contestant from season 1 and I Love New York), Onix, Buddha, Buckwild, Leilene, Saaphayri (winner of Charmed School), Myamme, Tailor Made (winner of I Love New York; season 3 I believe), Cali (Real Chance of Love), and a few other reality stars whom some of you may already know.

At any rate the show is likely to feature a ton of drama, and maybe even a few hook ups... I mean haaay...Tailor Made is looking pretty hot lately.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Whitney Ports Reality Show; The City, Was Boring Last Night...

I have been following The City ever since it began a week ago. I watched the season premier, and it was actually pretty good. Whit is sort of hooking up with a wolf man, and he seems to be the shady guy who cheats on everyone, while Olivia Palermo makes a debut. Ugh.

This weeks episode though was exceptionally boring.

Whitney leaves her job early to go look at an apartment her wolf friend found for her.

Olivia on the other hand is upset about Whitney not listening to her superior words of wisdom (blah), about not getting the first apartment you see, and not relying on a man.

Whitney though is pretty independent, and I don't think she needs Olivia offering any of her wise, wise wisdom. Tah-ha! I mean hello, Olive, who's show is this? Hehehe. I think it is safe to say Whitney has her shyt together.

With that aside though...

Fast forward to a boring dinner between Whitney and Wolf, and we see that the two are struggling with this whole 'are you my girlfriend' 'are you my boyfriend' issue.

Other than the awkward dinner speech, nothing really exceptional happens.

Man, Bromance was even cooler than this episode. 'The L word'.

Monday, January 5, 2009

So Do Ben and Amy Get Married On Secret Life of the American Teenager?

So I'm bored out of my mind, and to be quite honest I hate this show, yet I continue to watch it based solely on the fact that I love making fun of all of the bad acting, and references to sex.

Seriously every other sentence has the word sex in it, and frankly it's really annoying. I though season 1 was horrendous, but I also thought that when season 2 started up the whole sex reference thing would diminish. Only...it hasn't.

Anyhow, I'm plowing through the season 2 premier right now, and waiting to see if Ben and Amy are actually going to tie the knot.

Let me make a prediction first and say no, likely someone will come and bust up this ridiculous teen wedding.

I wonder whom it will be though....

You're going to have to wait for me to fast forward through the commercials to get through the show though...so one moment please....

Okay so...

the verdict is in.

Ben and Amy go to the church and they are ready to tie the knot.

Amy sort of has a mini panic attack when she sees a bunch of the cast...errr...I mean kids from her school present at the wedding.

The two do manage to walk up to the chapel and exchange rings. Amy has no ring...wow!!!

They then join hands, and the usual wedding dialogue is said, and Amy says 'I do'. Then Ben says 'I do'...and now I can go have a giant laughing fit.

Can this seriously get any faker?

I think the best part was when Grace's handicap brother says 'we're next' after Amy and Ben are pronounced husband and wife.



Anybody else not get Christmas pay this year?

I'm in the same boat, but it does not bother me all that much. I know business has been pretty yucky thanks to the lovely economy. I like the company I work for, so it is understandable.

To better put it, I don't let things bother me to such a degree as to where I am angry and blowing a fit. I've learned how to control my rage... but for those of you like me, who got nattafukinthinga... take a deep breath, relax, and take it with a grain of salt.

To a degree it must bug me though, otherwise I'd never be blogging about it. hehe.

My niche though has always been writing, so whenever I'm stressed, or sad, or any other gloomy human mood, I write.

I recently got back from a mini vacation, only I didn't go anywhere, nor did I get paid. I just had some time off, and to be quite honest, the time off was really nothing.

I found that the 'home maker life' would never be suited for someone like me, because with all this time off you know I really didn't do jack squat? I played a few video games, and went online to make some money reviewing things. But honestly, I reviewed less, I did less, and found that I was slowly becoming a bum.

I'd stay up till 3 am watching TV, and sleep till 2pm. Pretty pathetic if you ask me. Unproductive to say the least.

My Tivo shows were all watched, and for the first time in it's history it ran clear of movies and shows that normally would be stored for ages. Yeah, sadly, I watched them all. Right down to the boring History Channel documentaries.

I did however get to spend more time with my family, and my dog got more attention than the little guy could handle. Sitting here now, I miss him.

Anyhow, I guess as bummish as I became I enjoyed the me time, which comes ever so rarely. I enjoyed the me time, even if it meant everyone else got a paid vacation but me. hehe.

So, how'd you spend your holiday?