Monday, April 5, 2010

Nintendo's 3D Nintendo DS, News

So early today I decided to check out to see what types of new gadgets were in the news. I had already heard about Nintendo DSi XL, and frankly found the entire concept to be a major rip-off and let down for those of us who recently picked up the DSi around Christmas time.

Naturally kids are going to want the larger screen that the XL has to offer, but seeing that you will only get a lousy trade in rate on your DSi for a DSi XL trade in, it's a total rip.

A bit disappointment in Nintendo lately, but today I hear the news that they are going to be releasing yet another DS hand-held. Just as I thought I had heard enough about Nintendo, and their damn DS handhelds, this one particular one struck my interest.
This one was going to feature 3D technology, and the catch is, you won't have to wear glasses in order to get the 3D effects.
Immediately I began to wonder how that would work, but then thought about the way Nintendo may actually be interpreting 3D. I imagine that the picture on the screen won't 'jump' out out you, as you'd need glasses. Instead I imagined they would work the 3D into a long distance type of view, giving games depth.
Then I found this video on YouTube that pretty much displays exactly how I think the new 3D Nintendo DS will look. Click here to view.

All in all, it looks pretty gnarly even though the screen is so small. I do hope that they decide to work this sort of nifty looking 3D game play into a new Nintendo Wii console. It seems they have been paying way too much attention to their handhelds, while the console itself goes ignored.

At any rate, I'm really excited to hear what types of things Nintendo will have in store for us this summer at E3. Supposedly the 3D Nintendo DS will be revealed, and those who are interested will get a closer look at what this new hand-held will offer.

Americas Next Top Model, Cycle 14, Recap of Episode 4

This week on America's Next Top Model, Cycle 14, episode 4 I learned that I hated Anslee more and more, and was truly hoping that she would be sent home this week. The girl is under the impression that because she popped out a kid at 19 years old, she is so much wiser, grown up, and more mature than the other girls in the house. This frame of though just sickens me. Having a kid at 14, 18, 20, or 30 makes you no wiser than a woman without a child.

Her logic is just off and her attitude matches that of a 12 year old spoiled child, not to mention the fact that her presence is becoming more and more annoying.

This week, the girls are taken to some miniature theater where they will preform theatrical acting by using only their modeling skills. For instance, Anslee had to pretend she was cleaning a car, while being paranoid. No voice acting is allowed, and there are no props. They have nothing but their bodies to use to portray the particular scene asked for.

I was not really impressed, but it gave a big clue on what the girls challenge was going to be.

As it turns out, they will all be competing in a commercial for CoverGirl using only their body language. A commercial would play, and words would be spoken by a prompter, but the girls had no lines to recite. All they had to do was model on the camera while attempting to use their body, and facial expressions to match the words being read.

None of them did all that wonderfully, but the girl who impressed the judge the most was Tatianna. Tatianna is becoming a weekly favorite of mine.

Her prize for winning the challenge is a spread in CoverGirl, and a feature on the website.

Meanwhile Anslee once again shows her true blue mean girl colors by giving Alasia a gigantic foul and rude attitude over thawed out vegetables. Alasia is not pleased with the tone, so calls her out on it. As usual Anslee begins to talk down to her like she is a child, which is bull. Alasia attacks her back by asking her if this is how she treats her daughter. Anslee then has some sort of mid-life crisis roid rage, and turns bright red; looks like she is going to cry, and frankly I had, had just about enough of her face for one night. I fast forwarded past her BS. You got what you asked for, you want to talk down to someone, expect them to talk back. Such is life. Grow up and learn how to talk to other people in a respectable, non-Rambo tone.

Anyway, at that point I was hoping she would just fail the upcoming photo shoot; which by the way, was the funnest shoot I have seen since the show began airing.

Before getting into that though, Brenda gets a visit from a stylist to fix her horrid Chucky hair. I was hoping they would darken her locks and add a weave, because I seriously think they made Brenda look terrible. As if it could not get any worse, the stylist keeps her color, and shaves off the sides. Now what you are left with is a red head girl, with a mullet, a really ugly Joe Dirt mullet. I felt bad for her, and I agree, they just made the competition 100 times harder for her, because she looks terrible, and lost her fun sex appeal that she had when she first walked into the competition.

Anyhow, with the huge popularity that vampires have taken on since Twilight, it was no wonder they decided to throw in some blood sucking fun in this weeks photo shoot.

The girls are all dressed in wardrobe, and given white out contacts, which obstructs their view, rendering them blind. If they got anything from the challenges, they'd realize the white out eyes were done to see who was paying attention, and who wasn't. They had nothing to work with but their expressions, and body. Without being able to see what they were doing though, I knew this shoot was going to be interesting.

Their scenes will be shot in a blood filled bathtub, with a male vampire who will also be used as a model for the shoot.

I enjoyed watching Tatianna the most, as she jumped right into character, and I would have never guessed that she pulled off such a fun and energetic shoot while being blinded.

Alasia was my next weekly favorite. In her wardrobe, and razor sharp teeth she gave off a fun, flirty, sexy look while on set.

Everyone else sort of faded in the background for me. Nothing special. Brenda who struggled last week, started to funk up at the very beginning of her shoot, but pulled it together and delivered beautiful poses.

The bottom 2 were pretty obvious. Anslee flunked by failing to make a connection, and Simone just looked confused and rigid. I had a feeling that the girl going home would be Simone though.

When the elimination takes place, Alasia wins best photo of the week for 2 weeks in a row, and our bottom 2 are Simone and Anslee.

Please be Anslee. Please be Anslee. Please send her home.

Unfortunately they sent Simone packing for failing to impress the judges over the past few weeks. Anslee is safe for another week. It appears that next week though she's going to give up completely according to the sneak peek on next weeks episode.