Thursday, March 31, 2011

Jersey Shore, Season 3 Finale Recap!!! Sam & Ron Spit For Good?

We left off in the Shore last week with Ron discovering from Arvin that he had in fact lip locked with Sam. Viewers were left anticipating the final blowout between the 2, unfortunately MTV made us wait for the finale

show down on the season finale, which took place last night.

The episode starts off right where we left off, Ron storms out of the duck phone room and starts the cuss fest with Sam.

Sam decides to call Arvin for herself in the midst of this battle. Mike is on Ron's side like a mosquito pumping his head with rage, while Sam tries to get Arvin to lie and say they never made out. Arvin is not having it, and I believed him, because why would he lie.

Ron is sick of hearing her yapping at Arvin on how they never kissed, and he yanks the phone from Sam and slams it down.

Sam runs away and somehow this fight ends up not being as bad as it could be, which is odd, either that it was edited severely, because the next skit shows the group having dinner together, and everyone seems just fine. This is why I am led to believe that this scene was edited, and happened before the fight.

At any rate all is kosher, or so it seems on the surface. The two talk it out, and Ron discovers that Sam did lie, that she did kiss Arvin, but it was way before she even knew Ron. He should just leave it alone, and not even care because it was so many years ago, he can't let it go though, as she did lie, and did in fact call him up to meet her at the club a few episodes ago. However he says that its fine, you know this is just the beginning to another explosive fight that will likely take place later on.

Anyhow, the group has an invite to a BBQ and they are allowed to bring 2 guests each.

We got to watch last weeks episode when we saw a new side of Vinny, who is usually the only down to earth guy in the Jersey house; transform into a real gigantic annoying obnoxious jerk. I guess like the Sitch, fame has gotten to his ugly little head.

He ends up steering his beady eyes over to Lisa, one of Deena's guests at the BBQ, and clearly he wants to have sex with her. Deena on the other hand should really learn to filter out her friends, because if Lisa was a good friend she would have just stayed away from Vinny, but instead, later on in the house, she asks Deena why Vinny is calling her a c*%k block. Basically Deena was protecting Snooks from getting hurt, and did not want Snooki mad at her if Vinny and Lisa were to hook up. Good call Deena. Snooki has feelings for Vinny, and like a good friend, she did not want to see Snooki hurt.

Lisa however continues to try and be near him, regardless of what Deena says.

Vinny on the other hand grows malicious and begins to taunt her throughout the remainder of the show, and goes as far as calling her Angelina.

Meanwhile Sammi is squawking in Ron's ear about how she dislikes Mike, and how she cannot be with someone who is friends with the likes of him. More psychotic control issues; Ron though is not having it, he tells her in a nutshell, 'too bad', Mike is his friend.

Oh sucka punch, he walks away.

Clearly though Ron puts Mike up to apologizing to Sam as he finds her the following morning and politely airs his apology and attempts to mend his meddling, and even though Mike can be a jerk at times, this season he actually seemed like the most level headed cast member. Yes, he likes drama, but honestly most of the drama he got swirled up into was never his actual doing, for instance, when he ratted to Snooki on where her stuffed animal was, and got dubbed the Snitchuation, he was in bed and had no clue a prank was going on.

With the Sam Ron drama, he was always pretty much on Ron's side, as he, and the others grew tired of Sam's antics.

Anyhow, fast forward to the final night, where they are all out in a club having a good time. Roger asks JWOW to be his official girlfriend, and the rest of the crew act like the new relationship status is an engagement announcement. A little overdone, but nonetheless, we cannot focus on JWOW or anyone else for too long, because as viewers come to realize, the majority of this show, even since the beginning has been focused on the toxic Ram (Ron/Sam) relationship.

Ron is nowhere to be seen, as we focus on Sammy yapping and laughing with a group of juice heads. Ron is near the bar and is onlooking. I had to ask myself, how would she act if that was Ron over there with a bunch of sexy girls, laughing and yapping, having a good time? She would go psycho, yet here she is, doing just that to Ron, while he looks on, growing more angry in the eyes.

Sam notices he is not there, and tries to wave him to come over to them.

He ignores her, and she walks over to him asking to come hang out. He states those are your friends, and I am with mine.

Uh oh!!!

Meanwhile, Snooki is already home, making a grilled cheese sandwich for a guy she brought home from the club. It's creepy, because this guy has the same voice as Vinny, her crush. They end up smooching.

Anyhow, Deena, Ron, Sam, Mike, Pauly, Vinny and JWOW end up leaving the club afterward and the beginning of the next fight starts.

Sam is drunk, probably more drunk than I'd seen her this entire season. She begins to mosquito question him on how he could leave his girlfriend alone. I'm confused now, I thought they were broken up?

He airs his anger out, and walks quickly ahead of her, leaving her behind like the tool she has been all season. Sam is clearly sad by this, and confused about why this fight is even happening.

The two end up having a blowout of a fight that ends up in the toilet, possibly some hidden meaning about the relationship finally going down the 'sh*&&er'.

The rest of the crew listen on.

The fight does not last long, but apparently it was bad enough for our poor muscle head Ron to walk away crying. Mike consoles him.

The final morning, during breakfast Sam and Ron step outside to have yet another conversation. Sam attempts to mend the issue, but clearly there is nothing even left to mend. Sam asks Ron if they are still going to be together, he says he needs his space. She asks 'Single?' he rises up, gives her one last look, and says 'yeah!'

The crowd cheers, Sam is left yet again looking like a fool.

The crew packs their belongings, and focuses primarily on the exit of Sam. Afterward Ron is right behind her, and you are saying to yourself, 'please Ron, do not call her name... do not!!!'

Thankfully he doesn't.

The seasons is wrapped up, and we will see what happens in season 4 when the cast heads to Italy.

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