Monday, April 18, 2011

Audrina on VH1, Season Premiere Recap

I do not watch commercials anymore, in this day and age the magical fast forward and record button was introduced to us VIA Tivo, and other recordable TV boxes. I had no idea that VH1 was airing a reality show based off of one of my Laguna Beach/ The Hills stars, and when I decided to channel surf I discovered to my luck that the season premiere to a new reality show, called Audrina would be airing that same night! Man TV stations need to come up with new means of advertising, because commercials are only seen by...well... I have no idea?

I was wondering how VH1 got hold of her, as MTV was the airing station of The Hills, where we last saw Audrina.

Instead of drama brought on by peers, this reality show focuses in on Audrina's actual family, which is interesting. We meet her mom, dad, and sibling's, and fans of The Hills may recall her tattooed sister as well. The neat thing about this reality show is that we get a more in depth inside look at what really goes on in Audrina's life.

The season premiere starts off with a glimpse at her doing a bathing suit shoot. Audrina looks fantastic as usual, but I did not really get the point of it, sex sells though, and I guess it was a good start to sucking in some male viewers who didn't follow the previous shows she has been in.

Anyhow, after the shoot, a whole lot of nothing of importance goes on. Audrina announces she wants to move out of her home, which was burglarized, and her argument with her parents is that she does not feel safe living there anymore. For some weird reason though, her mom does not like the idea of her moving. The show must go on though, and Audrina and her brother Marky go out looking at some real estate.

We get an inside look at the homes she is viewing, and it is more like MTV Cribs, featuring Audrina house hunting though.

Next we pull up to the household of Mr. & Mrs. Patridge. They are all seated for dinner and Audrina announces that she is attending a fashion show and wants her mom to come along. Her sister however is pissed and says, 'I wanna go, Mom is old!'

Really nice... really, really nice. Uhg. I liked her in old reality shows when she showed her face seldomly on The Hills, but I have a feeling by the sneak peeks into the season of Audrina, that I'll dislike her more and more. I guess what it boils down to, is that some just don't stop to realize that they have 1 mom, and only 1 mom. That's just my take though, in this case, it is what it is, but it sure is ugly.

The show ends rather quickly only giving a taste of what is to come, so far though it does not look all that worthy as of yet, for there to even be a consideration of a season 2.

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