Tuesday, March 24, 2009

I Love Money 2: The Entertainer Is Sent Packing! Tailor Made Style!

It was a sad day in reality game show history last night. Mommas basement boy Frank The Entertainer was sent packing.

If anything I'd say I'm glad. His large mouth, and huge ego just got on my nerves, which is odd because I really liked him in season 1 of I Love Money.

This season though, being the veteran that he was, he went into the game thinking it was made for him; to own it, to rule it, to win it.

Unfortunately he should have kept his eyes open a little wider and not let the ego go to his head. Any reality TV junkie knows that Tailor Made is a sly, sneaky cat, and usually he gets exactly what he wants.

This week Tailor Made was chosen as the teams captain. Over on the other team they chose Saphayri as their team captain.

When the rules allowed 2 of the teams worst members to be dead weight during the hanging challenge, Becky lame ass buckwild could not throw the challenge like she did last week.

So this time the losing team finally had a chance seeing that Becky nor 20 Pack were able to sabotage the event.

Tailor Made and his team won! Finally!!!

The best part about this particular episode though is that the rival team wastes their 15 minutes deliberating on who will go into the box to be sent home. There are 3 people that must go into the box; making those 3 vulnerable to being sent home.

Tailor Made has been gunning to get The Entertainer out of the house for ages now, and seeing that the other team wasted their time arguing over who goes into the box, it is now up to the rival team to pick 3 members to go into the box.

Tailor does not hesitate. He sends into the box The Entertainer, Saaphayri, and Frenchie.

After an outing, you really don't know who Tailor Made is going to chose to send home.

He hands out the first check to remain in the game to Frenchie.

Two left. Saaphayri and The Entertainer.

A sad day for Frank, because his $250,000 check was voided by Tailor Made.

With Frank gone and no longer pulling the strings, the other contestants finally have a chance to win it, and win it all....especially seeing that next week it is every man for himself! Teams have been voided!

I must say, as annoying as he was, I felt pretty bad that he had to go back home to his parents basement. Oh well....better luck next time?

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