Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The City Is Coming Back To MTV For Season 2!!!

Last night I discovered that last weeks episode of The City was the final episode in the season. Although it ended on such a good note, with Whitney deciding to put her career ahead of her ex boyfriend, I still wanted more! The story (although finished well) needed more to it, a continuation, a season 2.

While browsing around the net, I discovered a few articles stating that Hollywood Reporter has claimed that MTV has renewed The City for yet another drama fueled season! Although I was not able to find any official release dates on when the show would be airing on MTV, I am still pretty excited on where season 2 will go. I'm hoping Whitney grows some balls and steps up to the troll Olivia. (A recent article in People stated that Olivia claims MTV misrepresented her- Haha! I beg to differ. Editing can only go so far, when you're nasty it shows- and PUH-LEASE stop misrepresenting New Yorkers. A lot of True New Yorkers are not A-holes like that!)At any rate, the show managed to get us to love Whitney, hate Jay, and despise Olivia. Although parts of the show may be scripted, it works. There is a story. We have A damsel in distress, a vampire in the work place, and a soul sucking foreign slob.Stay tuned to news on The City to find out how many episodes are being renewed, and when they will begin airing!

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