Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Craving At The Moment: 1980's Bonkers Candy

They bring back everything, they can remodel Strawberry Shortcake, make Popples look like shit, and I'm pretty sure the toy tycoons are scheming up ways to resurrect Nosey Bears.

But hello...


The retro candy was discontinued. I heard that they remade it, but it was not the same candy, nor the same company.

I am craving my delicious watermelon bonkers for years now, and have yet to find anyone selling these yummers.

Seriously, I would eat it if it were 10 years old, JUST GIVE ME BACK MY BONKERS!

I found this nifty petition online- a hope for enough attention to bring back the marvelous, perfectly delicious retro candy, so sign it!!!

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