Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Review of Lush, Vanilla in the Mist Soap

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I've not ordered from in quite some time. I refuse to buy anything from them online anymore because I find shipment prices to be absurd. I have patience, I love Lush, but I can surely wait for them to open up a store locally on Long Island.

My most recent Lush goodie bag came directly from a Lush store, brought back from NYC by my mother, who sacked me up quite a hefty supply of Lush products. In the sack of bathing delights was a sliver of soap labeled as Vanilla in the Mist.

Vanilla in the Mist is somewhat new to Lush, and a soap I had never tried before, so I was eager to hop into a bath and give this soap a try.


My cut of Vanilla in the Mist was a decent cut which included nice chunks of vanilla scented bark piece. The soap at the top had what looked like fine mist of cinnamon spice. The soap itself has a creamy french vanilla coloring to it, which is really soft.


Vanilla in the Mist smells comforting, warm, and oh so delicious the second it is unwrapped from its wrap. It's a creamy mix of what smells like french vanilla and a small spice of cinnamon. I loved the scent, and hoped that it was one that would stick with me like Lush's Karma soap does.

My Use:

In the bath, Vanilla in the Mist goes on in a milky cream type manner. It's not soft and moisturizing like I was expecting (Sultana of Soap), instead it was runny, milky and did not do a wonderful job at working up a lather; no matter how hard I scrubbed the soap onto myself.

The scent fizzled down as well. The delicious warm french vanilla latte scent it first gave off was weakened the moment the bar of soap touched water. It was quite disappointing.


Vanilla in the Mist was a fizzle. It smelled fantastic initially, but once it hit water the scent diminished significantly. The creamy vanilla scent also does not stick to the skin or moisturize. All in all it was a nice gift, but not a soap I'd buy myself.

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