Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The Sims 3 High-End Loft Stuff Pack Coming in February!!!

With the Sims 3 store, I assumed that stuff packs would become a thing of the ancient Sims 2 past. I figured whenever EA were to release new stuff for the game that they would simply make the new items available in the Sims 3 Store, yet low and behold today I stumbled upon the news that a stuff pack was due to be released, and it's an actual title that you can buy in real stores.

I was not able to find word on whether or not the stuff pack would be available in the Sims Store, but odds are it will be.

Anyhow, what is this new pack all about?

First it is not an expansion pack, so don't get all excited. If you are new to the Sims franchise I could see how you could get confused. Pioneers of the original games should already know what a stuff pack is, but for those who are new, do note that this stuff pack is nothing more than a bunch of...well...stuff!

Old stuff packs belonging to The Sims 2 were primarily $20.00 worth of disappointment's. Hopefully The Sims 3 does not follow that same disappointing pattern.

The new High-End Stuff pack will be a collection of high-end goodies to fill your Sims homes with. New upscale furniture, clothing, and electronics are expected to flood out of this pack.

The first stuff pack in the Sims 3 is expected to hit shelves on February 2nd, 2010.

As a special gift to fans of the game, you will find 3 items that were used in the original game, and the Sims 2 game. They include the heart shaped vibrating bed, the electric guitar, and the aquarium.

Unfortunately we have yet to see our beloved pool table, and piano which would have been 10 times more appreciated.

Although I'm not too thrilled about the release of a stuff pack, I'm glad to see it being done, even though I find it unnecessary considering the fact that we have a Sims Store. Now what I would like is some news from EA on the second expansion pack. Even a hint would satisfy my curiosity!

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