Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Top 8 Things I Hate About My HTC HD7 Windows Phone

I have had my HTC HD7 Windows phone for close to a year now, and over the course of that time I have created a list of the top 8 things that I hate about the HTC HD7.

If you are thinking about getting one, keep these this list in mind.

1. Volume Level-

I can have my phone at the highest volume setting, and still it is hard to hear it if it rings in my purse.

I miss 50% of all of my calls due to the volume. That's not the only rant I have about the volume though; you see, on the phone itself there is a touchscreen where a button pops up randomly to set the phone to vibrate mode. If you have your phone in your bag, it can cause the phone to shift around, and the phone will somehow magically set itself to vibrate mode, in turn again causing you to miss a call due to not being able to hear it.

However, it does not stop there.

At the highest volume setting, if there is any noise whatsoever in the room where you picked up your call, you will have a hard time hearing the person on the other line. You can forget about ever answering the phone in an area where there is even a small amount of noise.

2. Camera

When they built this one, they did it all wrong. The cameras eye sticks out apparently too far, and mine ended up getting scratched so severely that I cannot even use it. The cameras eye should not stick out of the back the way it does, it should have been built sunk in, so that way no dirt, debris, or scratches could have occurred. This one however is poorly designed.

When the camera did work, before getting scratched beyond use, it sucked anyway. The touchscreen on the camera mode was awkward to use, and it was easy to drop the phone due to their layout of what buttons you needed to press.

3. APP Store

I really do not even need to go into full details on this one. The APP store they have included, aka the marketplace is horrible. It is down and not even able to load nearly 75% of the time whenever I try to look or browse on it.

When it does allow me to get into it, it will randomly freeze up, and if I want to go back to the screen I was on previously while reading about a certain APP, it will take me back to page 1, just causing frustrations to the point where I do not even care to continue to browse or shop.

4. Battery Life

I have to leave this pile of garbage on it's charger all day long while in the office. It will fully charge, and be dead just 10 hours later and that is when it was not even in use. The battery just drains all on its own accord.

5. Ringtones

You cannot make any of your own, everything must be purchased, and even if you are a Tmobile customer, and you had purchased ringtones for a previous phone, they are gone. You will have to call to make a complaint to get credited for your past purchases.

6. Internet

It's slow, it drops signal, and browsing is a nightmare on it. I do not even bother going on, even though I pay for data.

7. Texting


The touch keys are too close to one another, which constantly results in errors, and longer amounts of time wasted fixing typos. I hate texting now. I used to love it on my old phone.

8. Random Black Screen

For no reason at all, there are times when this phone will literally just go black and reboot itself; it could be while trying to make a call, trying to text, or on call. It's frustrating, because you have to wait for it to re-boot.

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