Friday, January 6, 2012

Sims 3 Showtime, Expansion Pack Coming In March 2012

I like thousands of other Sims fans get giddy with excitement whenever we hear about the upcoming release of new expansion packs for our beloved games.

Sadly when it comes to this installment of the franchise- Sims 3, nearly every expansion pack has been a huge disappointing pitty party whenever we install the new expansions and have a gander at what each one has to offer....which is not much.

The very last expasion pack, which was Sims 3 Pets, was so horrendously dissapoinnting that I have not played the game since the release.

It is sad that it takes a new expansion pack to rekindle my love affair with this game.

I am not so sure my love affair will last that long when it comes to Showtime though.

This new expansion pack that is set for shelves this March 2012, just may be the ticket to getting me back into the game, and jazzed up again. This one is titled Sims 3 Showtime, and I feel like this one is more like an update to Ambitions, or a newer version of the original Sims Superstars.

With the not so unique vibe being present, I had to spy across the web for information on what this new expansion pack really would offer. Hopefully it was not just a re-make of what fans have already seen, unfortunatley EA is legendary for delivering the same crap, with an amped up look. Or not so amped up?

My Take:

So the game is pretty similar to the whole theme we saw in the original Sims 1- Superstars. However, with that being a reality, Showtime features an all new and interesting aspect to gameplay.

You have the option to travel to other Sims towns... thats right---- real life friends--- once in their town you can preform gigs, or just go on a tour.

I have to say this has to be one of the more attractive features about the new game...but what worries me is this:

Say I allow a friend of mine to visit my town, and they meet their actual character that I have created?

Yep, I am one of those players who create Sims based off of real life people. Like Facebook, I wonder if this new feature could actually ruin lives, or embarass the hell out of people.

At any rate, I feel that with this new 'visit your real life friends towns' feature, the game could be killer cool, or reallybad deoending on the situation.

Word to the wise, just don't be friends with your crush, and allow him into your town. God forbid you are married to him in your Sim Town. Haha.

I however pray that EA did not focus entirely on bringing us this new feature, and not adding much else besides that.

What I like though, is that EA seemed to have listened to my non-stop pleas to make the game more like Animal Crossing, where you could visit friends towns... they brought my lifelong want into a reality, and I am excited to see how it all works.

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