Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Summing up Last Nights Real Chance of Love Finale

So I have realized that I've grown quite lazy when it comes to blogging. I thought I'd handle this blog thing like I would an online journal. Write down what happened during the day, possibly scoop up a few page views, and so on.

Unfortunately for me though, I feel like I'm talking to myself at times, and some would like to point out that talking to yourself is a sign of insanity. Maybe that's what a blog is though. A sign of insanity, because every word I write down here for you to read, is being spoken in my mind as I jot it down. So I guess in a way it qualifies me as being insane. I guess.

Anyhow, although this is off topic, I wanted to discuss last nights finale on Real Chance of Love.

If you are reading this, likely you 1. missed the finale, or 2. like to read gossip

Heheh. At any rate, whatever reason you're viewing is your reason. I did want to sum up the recap though as quickly as possible!

Real chose Cornfed (I wished he would have went with Bay Bay Bay, but whatever floats his boat), and Chance, who's sexuality I have been questioning since the get go, chose none. He cut Risky loose, and then he cut off Cali. He stated he was in love with neither. Too bad too, I think he maybe should have said something to Cali, before bumping with her.

Regardless though, the season finale was a little lame, with a lot of dick sharing going on. I know for sure by Bay Bay Bays actions that her and Real did the derdy derdy the day before he may have done it with Cornfed.
I'm pretty sure Chance nailed Cali, but it's speculation based on the editing that VH1 did on the scene they were in the bedroom together. I'm also pretty sure Risky was the only one who didn't put out. So bravo to Risky. Shes too damn pretty for him anyway.

Cornfed... ? Blah. She's too much of a cry baby to seal her own spin-off show, as soon as Real dumps her and Cali is going to be in I Love Money 2 though, so kudos to her. I hope she wins.

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