Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The Hills Season 6 Coming This Fall

Can you feel it Laguna fans, can you feel it Hills lovers? MTV has been airing reruns of The Hills all month long, back to back and side to side, the reruns can only mean one thing! That The Hills season 6 debut will begin very soon!!!

Unfortunately there is not yet an official air date, but fans know its set for this fall, and it will be airing on our tubes before we know it!

This season however will not allow us to peek into Lauren Conrad's life, however fans are hoping she will do some scene drops. I mean hell, she's friends with a few of the characters left on the show, and I'm sure Speidi will make sure to name drop her initials once in awhile. All hope is not lost.

Season 6 is going to be following Kristen around....remember her? She was LC's number one enemy back in the Laguna days, so I'm sure MTV hiring her enemy to fill her shoes was a slap in the face for Conrad.

Now I'm not sure if the show will be narrated by Kristen, but I'm pretty confident in saying that likely it is how it will pan out. I'm still however left wondering why they didn't scoop up Audrina for the narration job.

At any rate season 6 is said to be packed filled with drama, tear drops, and lots of designer duds, so keep your eyes and ears open for the season premieres official launch date.

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