Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Rumor: Tmobile To Carry Nokia N900?

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I as well as thousands of others have patiently followed the news on the Nokia n900. I've jumped for joy with every newly released YouTube video, and I have followed Goggle religiously waiting for new words to be spoken about whether or not TMobile will be picking up the Nokia n900.

Fans of the n900 are buzzing on forums daily in hopes that Tmobile will hear their prayers and deliver the most wanted phone (since the iPhone) before Christmas.

As of right now the Nokia n900 does not have any carriers, and those who purchased the phone early had to pay a pretty hefty price (how does nearly $600 sound?). The hope is that Tmobile will be picking up the n900 for $199.99 that will lessen the price for those who sign up with a contract.

Although buzz around the Internet is all based on rumors, day by day it seems more and more likely that TMobile will in fact soon be carrying the n900.

After pecking around Google and finding more and more rumors regarding who will be carrying the Nokia phone, I decided to just call TMobile for myself. I'm already a customer of TMobile, but after the whole Sidekick data loss, I no longer wanted my Sidekick.

I asked the rep if she knew when they would be getting the n900 in. She laughed and told me I was not the first person to call and ask her about the n900.

Well duh right? I think it's on everyones 'must have' list this holiday. Tmobile would sell tons of these phones if they were to release them before Christmas, and the Holidays.

At any rate, she did not know if they would be carrying them or not. Sigh.

It makes perfect sense for TMobile to carry the phone though. With their 3G network, the n900 would work flawlessly...or as flawlessly as the network allows in your area. Ugh!

The main reason I want TMobile to pick up the N900 is that it would drastically reduce the price. As of now, at nearly $600 when bought alone, and unlocked... the price tag is way too high to even consider. At least it is for me.

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