Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The Hills Season 6, Episode 8: Can't Always Get What You Want Recap

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November 17th 2009 launched a horrendous expansion pack of The Sims 3. After pulling my hair out with those glitches, I decided to un-win to the most recent episode of the Hills. That would be episode 8, of season 6, even though MTV will label it episode 18 of season 5? Whatever.


Last nights episode was relatively just as boring as last weeks episode.

To fill you in on the good points let us get to Kristen and Jade.

Jade sent Kristen a text message to meet up with her so they can talk things through. Brody thinks it is a bad idea, but Kristen decides to go anyway.

The girls meet, and to be honest I was on 'Team Kristen' a few weeks prior, but after the girls had a sit down to talk matters through, Kristen goes into the conversation like a raging know it all. Jade is not having it, and she holds her own while Kristen acts like a moron. The height of this whole meet up was Kristen calling Jade a bitch, and Jade telling Kristen to go back to where she came from.


Moving on to Heidi. She is still in baby mode, and her master plan is to stop taking the pill without telling Spencer. Yeah, one bright idea after another huh?

Seriously the Heidi Spencer drama is just getting old, and drawn out, and its not even interesting to watch anymore.


Moving on to Audrina. A whole lot of nothing happens in her world on this weeks episode. She meets up with Heidi to give her a quick recap of the dinner the two had on last weeks episode. Audrina pretends she is over him, and blah, blah, we heard it all before. It's clear that Audrina is still hung up on a freak that does not even care about her.


Who else, who else?

You're probably still wondering if anything ever came of the drama about Heidi's sister and the drinking problem. Yeah, I am still wondering too. That is sort of left in the air, and nothing was mentioned about her. The drama unfolded, and now MTV is likely hoping we forgot about it. Yawn


Stephanie was not even in this episode, and if she was her lines were so uneventful I don;t even recall them.


We left of with Kristen listening to a voice mail from Justin. I once again could not hear what the heck he said, even though I could have sworn Audrina's name was mentioned in the message.

At any rate, Kristen and the bar girl apparently live together, or Stacie is paid to sit on Kristen's couch every night and morning, because its where the two always meet and chat.

Anyhow, Kristen decides to go to Vegas to get away from all of the boy drama, and this is where we left off.

Sneak peeks of next weeks episode show that Kristen is in Vegas and she has a guest. Justin came along too. How convenient.

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