Wednesday, December 16, 2009

MTV: The City, Season 2, Episode 8: Forget About Boys Recap

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The City starring Whitney Port has actually been a hell of a lot more entertaining that this season of The Hills, and frankly I cannot wait to see what goes on in the working girls world every week.

I used to hate Olivia Palermo, but lately I have found her to be softer, and sweeter than I initially thought. Although she has some rough edges, she's quite charismatic, and beautiful.

At any rate, before getting into Olivia's drama, let us take a look at Whitney's.

This week we learn that her friend Sam has set her up on a blind date. Although she is reluctant to go, she decides to go through with it. Roxy also has a date tonight with a guy she's really starting to like.

Whitney's blind date went horribly wrong. If you ever saw the old 80's movie Can't Buy Me Love, starring Patrick Dempsey then you can envision what Whitney's blind date looked like. Only pump him full of snob.

Anyhow, the date basically went all wrong, with him asking her to 'Join Forces' when it came to paying the bill. Where I am from, they call it 'Going Dutch', but usually a guy will never ever ask a girl to go Dutch with him. Not a normal guy anyway.

Roxy on the other hand had a very good date with her interest, and all seemed to go well. So much so that she wanted Whitney to meet him, so they scheduled a little meet up at some local bur, or club.

Meanwhile, back to Olivia. She is on some sort of shoot, where clearly she still will not get over her hate towards Olivia. Whenever Olivia enters a room, or speaks, or even moves, she is rolling her eyes and acting like Olivia is a waste of air, and not even worthy of being in her presence.

Olivia however impresses Joe with all of her help while on the set, and thanks her afterward. He also invites her to a small little cocktail party afterward. Naturally Erin will be attending as well.

So we fast forward to this little event, and Olivia has her graceful game face on. She presents herself in a classy, professional manner, while Erin sits across from her rolling her eyes, acting bored, and presenting herself in a childish manner. Perhaps this was just how MTV edited it, but honestly, I doubt it.

Anyhow, after most of the clients leave the table, Olivia is sitting there and is asked about her preference in music, where basically she is being mocked. After she politely excuses herself, Erin naturally has something to say in a negative nature.


Back to Whitney and Roxy.

The two are getting ready to meet with the guy that Roxy is somewhat involved with. They go out to the club where they were all supposed to meet, and through the door walks Roxy's date, who brought an entourage of women. He gives Roxy the cold shoulder, talks crap about her to the women he came with, and then tries to go up to Roxy to act like they are cool.

Scum move! Dumb move...but whatever.

Back at People's Revolution the following morning Roxy and Whitney are loudly gabbing about the events that went down the night before at the club. Kelly, their boss overhears them, as well as the entire staff close by.

Kelly calls Whitney into her office, and lays it on her about doing her work, and not having chit chat gossip sessions with her little friend. Clearly Kelly is smart and sees Roxy as a bad friend, if Whitney is really serious about launching her clothing line.

We leave off with Whitney eyeballing Roxy. Perhaps her thoughts are where they should be; focusing on her career. Hopefully! I don't think Whitney can afford another bad career move, as she has seemed to disappoint Kelly time and time again ever since Roxy came to town.

Next weeks sneak peek episode looks pretty neat though. It seemed like Kelly was about to duke it out with Roxy, while Olivia confronts her nemesis.

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