Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Chance and Hot Wings, The Aftermath of Real Chance of Love 2! Are They Still Together?

OK VH1 hear me out, I adore your love reality shows, as ridiculous as 'finding love by hooking up with a batch of girls' is, I still continue to watch your reality shows...but seriously if you want to keep a fan base when it comes to the reality madness, at least force your stars to 'pretend to be together'; at least for a little bit after the final show.

I knew Chance should have chosen Mammacita, the two of them hit it off so well, and she seemed to really love him. I guess the rolling tears and the love sob story given off by Hot Wings during the final ceremony sold Chance, so he picked her, while Mammacita stood in the background looking clueless. Damn girl, you should have tried harder!!!

No matter though, because even after picking Hot Wings, the relationship between Hot Wings and Chance died dead just as soon as the cameras shut off. How original?!

The sad thing however is that both guys consistently pointed out that they were looking for a real girl to kick it with, a real relationship, and real love. Phooey!

Hot wings shed real tears, all to be exploited for ratings.

No matter though, because Hot Wings shared a delightful interview on VH1 Blog to give us her side of the story, which was not much, considering all contact from Chance ended the moment the cameras shut down.

However Hot Wings has never been one to bite her tongue, she shared with fans a few details that were edited out of the show, which will probably surprise a few of you, so for the full dirt report, check out Hot Wings interview! Click here to be taken to interview.

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