Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Hey VH1 We Want a Reunion Show for Real Chance of Love 2

Hey darlings, I bet you are just as mad as I am.

Let me guess, you followed every single stinkin episode of Real Chance of Love 2, only to discover...uhm... nothing about the reunion show!

VH1 seems to think it is OK to just throw us out an interview or two on their blog with the shows winners, and that is that! Well, I am not having that. I want a reunion show. I want all the spit, slaps, and cussing I can handle, and I want to laugh as the women go head to head with their verbal insults on each other, and on the guys.

Apparently I am not the only angry fan of the show, there is a petition going on right now to have people sign in hopes that VH1 will pay attention and give us what we have been demanding, a reunion show!

We want all the updates, we want to see who got fat, who got thin, who looks uglier, and who looks hotter than they originally did on the show.

I personally think it's pretty messed up of VH1, we also have never been given any updates on Meghan Hauserman, and whether or not she will ever be given a new show. Personally I hope they start her off from scratch with a brand new show.

At any rate, you can sign the twititon for a reunion show, by clicking here.

Last years reunion:

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