Wednesday, November 4, 2009

We Want To See Becky Buckwild and Frank The Entertainer On VH1, On Their Own Show

never really leaned towards liking the villain's. Frank was the bully on I Love Money 2, but originally came to reality fame thanks to I Love New York, I Love Money, and probably a few other VH1 reality shows that I cannot even recall.

Becky Buckwild scooped up her fame to reality shame thanks to Flavor of Love, and Charm School, where we saw a more humble and innocent side of Becky.

Throw this dirty playing pair into a beautiful mansion together, and watch the flames ignite as they work and fail together.

Becky and Frank got really close in I Love Money 2, and Becky seemed to be moving around like the little Entertainment pawn she was. Yep, Frank charmed her, he had her under his thumb.

After the show came to an end though, the rumor mill began circulating that these 2 were a sort of couple, but no one was surely for sure? There were even twitter fighting going on between the two. I didn't bother to follow it.

At any rate, even if the relationship is real or fake, what a frigging cash cow the two are together. Frank is nuts, Becky is nuts, and together VH1 could easily break rating history.

People love to love Frank, and love to hate him (gosh, even having his parent on the show would be killer for ratings), the same tune rings for Becky. One minute she is a humble angelic beautiful person, and the next minute, the lighting hits her face at a bad angle and her evil colors shine through..thus making us hate her again.

Hate them, or love them though, Frank The Entertainer, and Becky Buckwild would make for one hell of an awesome show and VH1 should make note of that.

These 2 are reality star pioneers, and fans want to see them again, we are not quite done loving, and hating the duo. Give us more!

If you can remember that lame reality saga with the Brady Bunch guy, and that chick from America's Next Top Model, Adrienne, then you will see the direction I'm headed at.

That Brady stuff was boring compared to the stuff Becky and Frank could come up with. VH1 hear us!

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