Saturday, November 28, 2009

Sims 3 World Adventures, My Sim is Invisible, and Stuck on Vacation - How to Fix It

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Those of you who went out and bought the expansion pack The Sims 3 World Adventures on its release date were presented with a heap of problems, bugs, and annoying glitches. From disappearing towns, vanishing Sims, and the dreaded error code 16 while attempting to save.

The issue I was presented with goes as follows:

My lovely Laura Sim decided to take her very first vacation to China. Everything went well without an issue. She completed missions, went diving in hidden cave pools, and even found some relics to bring back home with her to Sunset Valley.

Her vacation ended in 3 short days, and eventually she was sent packing. She made it home without any problems, and I even was able to place her relics inside of her home for decoration.

Then I went to save. I got the dreaded error code 16 while trying to save. I tried and tried again, with the same problem. I eventually got frustrated and quit the game without saving.

When I went to re-load the game. I noticed immediately that in the menu box there were no photos of my Sunset Valley town. They were gone. The blank file was still called Sunset Valley, so I clicked it.

When the game loaded I ended up in China, only my Sim had vanished, so all I was able to do was scroll around and look at China.

I didn't know how to fix it. I had nothing to do, my Sim was gone, and Sunset Valley? Hah, I had no access to it.

2 days later EA released a patch to fix the error code 16 problem.

I thought the patch would fix it. I figured my Sim would be back, and so would Sunset Valley.

When I loaded the game though, the same problem was still there. I was stuck in China, Laura had vanished, and Sunset Valley still was not showing up as a playable option.

I decided to take matters into my own hands, and it worked!

In China, I chose the edit town feature. I built a small house, and then went into my family inventory where Laura was. I chose her, and moved her into the home I just built in China.

Once she was in the home, I went into her inventory, dug out her cellphone, and would you believe it!? The option to 'Go Home' was presented on her caller list.

I chose Go Home, and immediately Laura was sent back to Sunset Valley. However she no longer lived in the original home she had in Sunset Valley. Her mind was still set on China, where she had a home. I decided to move her into an empty lot in Sunset Valley, where the game has worked without issue---so far.

So basically that is all you have to do.

If you are stuck on vacation, and your Sim, or Sims vanished, just edit the town, and move them into a house, or empty lot. From there, use the cell phone and chose the 'go home' option.

It will take you back to your hometown. From there you will have to set them up in a new house, as they will no longer recognize their original home, in their original hometown as their home.

Thank God for the fix! I thought I lost everything. I just feel sorry for all of the gamers who un-installed the game and lost everything


  1. I tried this and I could not move into a house when I could not make an interactions. Been trying for a solid month to find a solution to this problem...

  2. I saved the game when my sim was invisible, and then quit the game. When I opened up the launcher and the main menu appeared the portrait of where your sim is supposed to be was blank, like those empty family portraits. So I loaded it up thinking it was nothing but all I could do was scroll around France, where I had traveled to and saved, but there was no menu bar, no nothing.

    How could I edit town if there was no option?

    If you can help me, add me on msn
    Much appreciated.