Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Whitney Ports Reality Show; The City, Was Boring Last Night...

I have been following The City ever since it began a week ago. I watched the season premier, and it was actually pretty good. Whit is sort of hooking up with a wolf man, and he seems to be the shady guy who cheats on everyone, while Olivia Palermo makes a debut. Ugh.

This weeks episode though was exceptionally boring.

Whitney leaves her job early to go look at an apartment her wolf friend found for her.

Olivia on the other hand is upset about Whitney not listening to her superior words of wisdom (blah), about not getting the first apartment you see, and not relying on a man.

Whitney though is pretty independent, and I don't think she needs Olivia offering any of her wise, wise wisdom. Tah-ha! I mean hello, Olive, who's show is this? Hehehe. I think it is safe to say Whitney has her shyt together.

With that aside though...

Fast forward to a boring dinner between Whitney and Wolf, and we see that the two are struggling with this whole 'are you my girlfriend' 'are you my boyfriend' issue.

Other than the awkward dinner speech, nothing really exceptional happens.

Man, Bromance was even cooler than this episode. 'The L word'.

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