Friday, January 9, 2009

Sharon Osbourne Needs Charm School

Did anyone get to catch the reunion show to Rock of Love Charm School? You know, the one where Sharon Osbourne was the host?

If so I guess you too got to watch as Sharon Osbourne delivered a messed up line to one of the losing contestants Megan Hauserman?

Sharon had the balls to tell Megan that she shouldn't ever have children.

Megan naturally fought back with a cheap shot at Sharon's brain dead husband.

And then Sharon gets up from her seat, acts like she is going to take a sip of juice/soda and instead hurls the liquid in Megan's face full throttle.

I thought it was completely messed up, appalling, and honestly I think Sharon Osbourne should check herself into Charm School. She apparently has a thing or two to learn about class as well.

I'm with Team MH.

No one has the right to tell anyone they should or should not have children, and for Sharon to make such a rude, idiotic statement only shows that she is no better than the rowdy girls she was 'instructing' on how to behave properly.

It is also being said by Megan Hauserman that Sharon pulled her hair, scratched her, and pulled out pieces of her weave.

In all honestly I hope Megan presses charges, Sharon acted like an animal, and it was so classless for her to behave in such an out of control manner on national television.

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