Monday, January 5, 2009


Anybody else not get Christmas pay this year?

I'm in the same boat, but it does not bother me all that much. I know business has been pretty yucky thanks to the lovely economy. I like the company I work for, so it is understandable.

To better put it, I don't let things bother me to such a degree as to where I am angry and blowing a fit. I've learned how to control my rage... but for those of you like me, who got nattafukinthinga... take a deep breath, relax, and take it with a grain of salt.

To a degree it must bug me though, otherwise I'd never be blogging about it. hehe.

My niche though has always been writing, so whenever I'm stressed, or sad, or any other gloomy human mood, I write.

I recently got back from a mini vacation, only I didn't go anywhere, nor did I get paid. I just had some time off, and to be quite honest, the time off was really nothing.

I found that the 'home maker life' would never be suited for someone like me, because with all this time off you know I really didn't do jack squat? I played a few video games, and went online to make some money reviewing things. But honestly, I reviewed less, I did less, and found that I was slowly becoming a bum.

I'd stay up till 3 am watching TV, and sleep till 2pm. Pretty pathetic if you ask me. Unproductive to say the least.

My Tivo shows were all watched, and for the first time in it's history it ran clear of movies and shows that normally would be stored for ages. Yeah, sadly, I watched them all. Right down to the boring History Channel documentaries.

I did however get to spend more time with my family, and my dog got more attention than the little guy could handle. Sitting here now, I miss him.

Anyhow, I guess as bummish as I became I enjoyed the me time, which comes ever so rarely. I enjoyed the me time, even if it meant everyone else got a paid vacation but me. hehe.

So, how'd you spend your holiday?

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