Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Yay! I Love Money 2 Is Airing On January 26th on VH1!!!!

I absolutely loved I Love Money. The vH1 reality show featured a bunch of losers from past Love reality shows.

The show has a simple plot. Contestants must compete against a rival team in a challenge. Whatever team is the winner will not be up for elimination. Whatever team looses, a member gets sent home.

The catch is, the winning team captain for that week, gets to choose who gets sent packing.

Although the plot may not sound great, it's pretty funny because not only do you get to see the contestants compete in challenges, but you also get to peek inside of the mansion they are staying at to see what is going on behind closed doors.

Does anyone remember season 1, when Real asked Hoopz for her hand in marriage? Heheh... yeah, crazy stuff like that goes on (I still think though that it was a plot brought on by VH1, in order to better get viewers on the Real Chance of Love reality show, which aired a few months later).

Anyway, I Love Money 2 is also going to feature some past reality stars. Some include the new face of Milf, from Real Chance of Love, Prancer, The Entertainer (who was actually also in season 1 of the show, and I Love New York), Heat (another contestant from season 1 and I Love New York), Onix, Buddha, Buckwild, Leilene, Saaphayri (winner of Charmed School), Myamme, Tailor Made (winner of I Love New York; season 3 I believe), Cali (Real Chance of Love), and a few other reality stars whom some of you may already know.

At any rate the show is likely to feature a ton of drama, and maybe even a few hook ups... I mean haaay...Tailor Made is looking pretty hot lately.

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