Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Ghost Adventures, Magnolia Lane Plantation Recap

Voodoo, Hoodoo, Voodoo, Hoodoo.

Frankly I have got to give the trio mad props on the Magnolia Lane episode of Ghost Adventures. I sure as hell would not of performed a voodoo ritual before being locked down in this haunted location, where Voodoo was said to have taken place back in the slave days.

The plantation was the home of thousands of slaves who worked out in the cotton fields, many died from disease, and I'm sure many died under other circumstances.

At any rate, the place is said to be riddled with disembodied voices, tapping's and so on.

A typical haunt, only throw the word voodoo and hoodoo in there, and it freaks me out!

Not the Ghost Adventure crew! They decide it is a good idea to entice the spirits by preforming a ritual on the plantation before getting locked in.

The trio is split up this time. Aaron and Zak are locked in Cabin 1, while Nick is locked in alone in the plantations on site hospital.

Before even making it to their lock down cabin, they expeirnce one of the cabins lights flickering on and off on its own. It was strange, but in my opinion could be bad electric. It did however happen a lot, which was interesting considering the voodoo ritual took place shortly before.

In the hospital building, nothing really happens to Nick, but Aaron and Zak catch quite a few interesting voices, chantings, and screams which all sound pretty frigging convincing.

Zak manages to catch the attention of a spirit, or spirits- after daring the spirit to do voodoo on him!

Good Lord, this guy is crazy! At any rate, not long after that, he begins to hear screaming, and ritualistic chanting going on in the very room he is sitting in.

Frankly it scared the crap out of me, but not quite as much as the odd drum beat music that they caught in another room while no one was in it.

All in all the Magnolia Lane Plantation episode was pretty startling, and very scary. An episode I highly recommend you don't miss.

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