Monday, June 1, 2009

XBox Fluid Sounds Awesome!

The wold is buzzing about the unveiling of one of the coolest XBox 360 gadgets to ever hit the market! It;s being called the XBox Fluid and this nifty little gadget is sure to impress even the most picky gamers there are.

XBox Fluid is like something out of an old scifi movie. A technology advancement that gamers probably did not imagine they would see on the market for a very, very long time. A technology however that gamers have dreamed about for decades. Will the XBox Fluid deliver our wildest dreams?

What The Buzz Is All About:

The XBox Fluid works similar to how the Nintendo Wii controllers work. It incorporates players movement right into the games, only the XBox Fluid is one step ahead of the Wii considering the fact that no controllers will be needed. You will need nothing more than the device and...Just your body!

That's right folks, hands free gaming. The XBox Fluid instead captures the movements of the players by using a built in camera. When you move, the game will respond, and this nifty invention is sure to be an all star winner when it comes to gaming. Like the Wii, players will get a closer sense of virtual reality, control, and will likely get a pretty sick workout as well. Similar to the Nintendo Wii, the XBox Fluid takes gamers off of the couch and drops them right smack dab into the action.

The XBox Fluid is being unveiled today June 1st at the E3 Expo, and enthusiasts will likely be able to find a ton of hands on previews of what the Fluid is all about. As of now, all we know is that it will (and is) be one of the most wanted items before it even hits shelves.

I am pretty excited to take a look at some hands on reviews on the XBox Fluid, I am keeping my fingers crossed and praying that the device will be executed in a flawless manner, which for years has been a gamers dream.

Imagine finally being able to slaughter enemies in a game using the motions of your own fists. If done properly this is exactly what the XBox Fluid will deliver, and it is the next gigantic step into gaming technology! Are you ready?! I know I am!

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