Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Paris Hilton Is My New BFF, Season 2, Episode 2 Recap

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So the season shines on as Paris puts another group of girls through torturous hell. What kind of torture did she whip up for her potential BFF's in episode 2, season 2?

Let's just say Paris is one gross girl, and frankly you'd have to be an idiot to put up with this garbage. But hey, degrading yourself on National TV is cool these days right?

If that's the case, than all of these girls are hella cool.

Before getting into what happened further on during a bachelor party gone wrong, Paris makes her girls a home made blended concoction of diarrhea and makes them drink it.

It's not actually poop, but she puts in caviar, anchovies, pickles and pickle juice, and an assortment of other disgusting foods into a blender, blends it up, and serves it to the girls in a shot glass. Only one of them barfs all over the place, I was expecting more to hurl; sort of like a hurling domino effect, you know, one pukes, another sees puke, and then begins to puke... a big puke fest. I nearly puked just watching it, so I was shocked only 1 contestant yacked it up.

Oddly the girl who yacked up the concoction gets chosen to be Paris' pet. If you can recall the role of the pet from last season, you already know that the pet gets to choose a girl to go up for discussion during the elimination ceremony. Paris has the overall decision, but the pet has some pull.

Due to the fact that she barfed though, the other girls are pissed that she chose Ms. Puke-a-lot over them, to be her pet.

Next Paris had the contestants host a bachelor party for one of her guy friends who will be getting married.

We all know in advance things are going to go horrendously wrong, and naturally they did.

The girls however are not the ones to fully blame this time. Their instructions were to be good hosts at the party. The bachelor, (who I pray is not REALLY getting married, and was some hired pervert actor) was the one attempting to get the girls to give him lap dances, and to kiss him. It was pretty disgusting of him, so this is why I hope his marriage plans were not true.

He gets his wishes, one girl named Monica gives a dirty lap dance, while another one later on makes out with him before the party comes to an end.

The very next day, Paris introduces the bachelors wife to be to the tongue whipping chick. The girl apologizes, sheds a lousy tear, and doesn't even bother to pin the tail on the real ass. The woman's scummy husband to be.

Next we have a really lame show down that takes place in the hot tub between 2 girls, and a drama queen who jumps into the middle of it without an invite.

One ends up crying like a baby and the other is acting all tough because she was pined the role of being Paris' pet.

At any rate, I cannot even recall the girls names, because the show is seriously not that interesting. Maybe Paris should have given them new names, like 12 Pack, or New York. Maybe it would have been easier to remember these contestants if they were patched up with official fake reality TV names! We love fake reality TV names!!!

During eliminations, the girl who made out with the bachelor was sent packing. However Paris does something else which we had never seen before. She scoops up a girl who is not even ON discussion to go home. Monica who did the dirty dirty lap dance was sent packing. Apparently Paris claimed to have seen her private parts, or something like that.

As if we haven't seen hers! Gez. Give the girl a break.

At any rate, poor Monica was sent home in a really harsh and embarrassing manner. No worse than last seasons chicks who were placed in a limo, and silently sent to the airport to go home. Ouch!

So whats in store for us next week?

Superficial makeovers! Yay Kiddies!

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