Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Beyonce... Yah Know... I'm So Poor It's Embarrassing....

I mean if you are so mortified, and embarrassed of your wealth why not share it with some poor saps like me huh? Huh Beyonce...hmmmm?????


Beyonce is quoted as saying:

"I never imagined I would be so blessed. I just wanted to be financially stable, and it embarrasses me, and I don't feel comfortable talking or thinking about it. "I'm not a flashy girl, and I don't flaunt it."


Gee... I mean not for nothing... but if I was so embarrassed of my wealth, I certainly wouldn't go mentioning it to others... and what's with the whole 'I don't want to flaunt it' bullhooey?

Man, I seriously wonder how many poor people fans she lost due to this stupid comment. I for one never thought much about her, but I did like some of her music. However... to her I must be an organism, so I decided today... to no longer like her and her conceded 'I'm so rich I'm embarrassed' face.

Sorry, but the majority of people are embarrassed by their 'lack of wealth'.

And one more thing... Be-once-ey... why not donate 90% of your 'embarrassing wealth' to a good cause- I mean if it bothers you so much- why not? Sheesh.

I'm not talking a million to some child hunger charity... I'm talking 20 million to some child hunger charity. Put your money where your big mouth is.

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