Monday, July 6, 2009

More Sims 3 Ideas

I have mentioned this before, and I will mention it again. The coolest thing I think Maxis could ever do would be to reward their fans.

I play Animal Crossing on Nintendo DS, and did you know that once in awhile, Nintendo will actually mail my character a gift every once in awhile that is delivered to my in game mailbox!?

With an Internet connection, and the Sims 3 game, this is a technology that Maxis should pick right up on, and quickly before their most recent game grows moldy.

Besides rewards, I have a few other ideas that I would like to see become a reality.

1. Wild Animals

Seriously, we have bugs and butterflies, and fish in the waters around Sunset Valley. But where are the chipmunks, squirrels, and bears. Why not throw in a pesky mosquito which could make my Sims sick if bit?

What about birds fluttering around, landing in trees, or some crows perched up on the creepy tree in my graveyard? Little details like this would really make my town all the more realistic; and frankly I would love it!

Wild horses that can be tamed would also be phenomenal!

It is the 'lack of detail' as of now that has managed to pull me away from the game so quickly.

2. Boat Rides

C'mon, seriously!? You throw an awesome lighthouse on some far away island, and you make it so I cannot get there. Ugh. Allow us to purchase and customize boats in order to dock on the shore. Rich Sims can have docks for their boats which will cause them to have to pay rent, and those who are not as rich could pay another Sims to carry them along to the island.

Maybe toss in a cute ferry boat that goes back and forth to the island at set times.

I'm hoping the news of the newest expansion pack will deliver such a feature! Sims 3: Destination Adventure

3. Mystical Creatures!

The coolest thing about The Sims 2 were the odd creatures that were presented to us. Witches, Big Foot, Wolves, Vampires, etc.

I would like to see Bigfoot in the mountains randomly while playing. Vampires would be cool too. I would like witches and vampires back, as well as sea creatures like Nessie, Mermaids, or weird water serpents.

4. Let My Sim Swim Already

It has been a request ever sine the original Sims game! For the love of God, let our Sims swim in lakes and oceans. I don't understand why there is, or ever was a barrier. We've got all this big open blue... and we can only fish in it? Gag me.

5. Weather With A Chance Of Meatballs

Okay so maybe it's not cool to rain meatballs, but seriously folks, can we get some weather up in here!?

6. Sports Activities

I want a skateboard for my kids, roller blades, skis for the water, skis for mountains, a volley net for the beach, a beach ball that actually does more than sit still looking pretty. I want jet skis, pool rafts, a pool table, croquet, hopscotch for kids, a kiddie pool, horseshoe game, a baseball field where children and adults can create teams, or just play with a small group of friends.

I'd like to see more activities added to this game. We are starved, and so limited with what the game came with!

I can go on, and I will.

Kick ball would be fun, as well as horseback riding, mining for gold, metal detecting for treasures.

7. Mystical Career/Objects

A tarot card reading shop, where a Sim can pay money, and events will occur depending on the reading. I want an Ouija board game, a deck of tarot card, a crystal ball, a frigging mystical career!!!

8. A Train That Can Actually Be Used For Transportation

That's right. I want a train that actually takes me places.

9. A Pirate Theme/Career

We have a lot of water in the game, and no pirates! I want a pirate ship. I want a pirate career; I want to look for buried treasure. I want to Sail the Simmy Seas.

10. I want a SimThemePark!!!

How neat would it be to have a theme park where my Sims could go to ride on some rides, play some games, and win things? It would be neat if I could actually go in and direct them to the fun, however with the way things are set up now, it will only look cool on the outside, and you are clueless as to what goes on, on the inside! Ah.... that definitely needs to be changed!

11. Death Career

Let my darker sims work their way up to a grim reaper type career. Where they are given a list of those who are due to die, and you as the gamer have the choice to come collect their souls or not.

For the record, I still want a funeral home added to the game as well! A church that functions as a church would be cool too. I'm NOT even religious, but I would like to see it added to my game! Maxis, likely they are too worried about lawsuits! Ugh.

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