Friday, July 31, 2009

Paul Mitchell Super Strong Shampoo: A Review

I recently picked up Paul Mitchell's Super Strong Shampoo because my friend kept insisting that all of Paul Mitchell's hair care products worked wonders for her hair. I couldn't argue, because frankly she has really healthy, shiny hair.

However I tend to skip on high priced shampoo's and conditioners, and Paul Mitchell shampoos range from $8.98 to $30.00.

With summer weather taking its toll on my hair though; leaving it brittle, dry, and knotty, I went ahead and picked up the Super Strong Shampoo, and the conditioner.

The shampoo comes in a very small bottle. You can buy a larger size, but seeing that I was new to the brand, I bought the smaller 10 ounce bottle for $8.98 as a trial. An expensive trial, but it was better than spending $25.00 on a larger bottle. I figured if it worked wonders I would buy the larger bottle next time.

The shampoo itself is rather thick, and in the shower it lathers like a dream. I had never felt shampoo lather the way Paul Mitchell, Super Strong Shampoo did. It felt more like foam than it did anything else, and after rinsing out it left my hair feeling moisturized, sleek, and soft. Usually shampoo leaves my thick wavy hair feeling parched, so I was impressed with how moisturized it left my hair.

It has a nice scent, but the scent has been done before. It's a fresh clean scent with a mild tinge of musk. Nice, but like I said, I have smelled this scent before.

Results were phenomenal after stepping out of the shower. My hair was knot free, smooth and felt silky. However as my hair air dried I noticed that it was left fluffy, and with far too much body. I already have very thick wavy hair, so any extra body just sucks.

I do believe though that those who are looking for added extra body will love this shampoo, but if you already have thick hair, you may want to steer clear of this one.

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