Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The Winner of Daisy of Love Is.....

So, last night was fueled with VH1 reality show finales. We watched Risky win Charm School with Ricki Lake, and we watched as Daisy made her final decision on who she would chose to be her rock-star (lover).

The finale basically displayed dinner dates with the guys.

Left are the 3 finalists, 12 Pack, London and Flex. The show started with the men getting all get cozy in their new Hawaiian suite. The guys give London a hard time, but nothing really too dramatic.

Shortly afterward they are delivered individual letters all for them, written by Daisy. She tells Flex she thinks that her has anger issues, she tells 12 Pack that she is not sure how she feels, and she tells London (who apparently did not graduate 2nd grade English class) she worries about him taking off again.

Afterward they are all taken to dinner where they meet up with Daisy. Before getting intimate and one on one with the remaining guys though she is escorted to learn a Hawaiian dance with belly dancers. The guys drool, I puke in my mouth a little...and the show goes on.

Daisy begins speaking with London first, and Flex naturally interrupts the speech with his hate focused on London.

After London gets his turn sort of speaking, 12 Pack is up next. He fears speaking with Daisy about how he feels in front of the other guys. Its obvious Mr. Muscle is insecure, but he eventually gets around to telling her he loves her. Flex however interrupts yet again, with all the things he loves about Daisy. At this point, as a viewer I couldn't help but feel sorry for him. At the same rate though I was praying he would lose, because I think she's pretty repulsive.

The following day, the guys are all driven to the airport, where an elimination is going to take place. I honestly thought she would send London home, but instead she says goodbye to 12 Pack. I must say I was pretty floored, I thought for sure that 12 Pack and Flex would be the final 2 contestants. Alas, I was wrong. Daisy for some odd reason likes London, and with all of the ridiculous scripting that went on during the season, I was not too shocked. I was at this point wondering if she knew London prior to this show. She only hung out with London but once or twice, and he bounced for more than half of the season... then he comes back, and she is suddenly in love with him. Sorry, I just ain't buying that crap my friend.

Anyhow, after the airport incident, Daisy and Flex fly away in a chopper to view Maui from above. London is taken away back to the resort in a limo.

Apparently Flex's one on one date was taking place, and London would get to go on a date with her tomorrow, or later that night. At this point we are not sure because we are not clued in.

After the chopper ride, they go to dinner, and back to her place to cap the night off with some lovin. I do believe they had sex, but don't want to think about it too much because I may heave.

Anyhow, the following day Flex rolls in with a big grin on his face, and London is taken on his date. London gets the crap end of the stick, because his date consists of horseback riding. Yay!

London's date also seemed much, much shorter, and there was no night cap for him that night because eliminations would be taking place. Yeah he got jipped.

It didn't matter though, because in the end, Daisy ends up picking London as her rock-star. Yep, I must say for once I was happy with the end result. I knew Flex was the better guy for her, but frankly I believe he is the better guy for someone else; as in he can do way the hell better than the silicone queen.

So we watch as some weird mating ritual happens where London and Daisy are kissing one another in a way that looked like they had both done this before. It was also really awkward and gross, like 2 ugly birds pecking at one another's faces. I wouldn't doubt if they were a couple prior to this show.

Regardless though, this seems like a nice way to end a really lame show. I am sure VH1 is already writing a season 2.

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