Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Charm School With Ricky Lake... The Winner Is....

Last night I finally got to sit down in front of the tube, and watch my Tivo recorded, final episode of Charm School With Ricki Lake.

Without even getting to the very end, I sort of had a huge hunch on who would take how the prize. My assumptions were right.

During this episode, Ricky reunites the remaining 3 with loved ones. Riskys mom, Marcia's Mom, and last but surely not least is Ashley's boyfriend, and her adorable son.

One by one, the reunited families go into one on one counseling sessions with Ricki Lake, and the psychiatrist woman. I forgot her name because frankly she bores me. At any rate, at the session with Risky and her mother we learn what happened to Risky, but without actual full detail. It is quite clear something very, very horrible happened to her when she was a child, and her stepfather is the culprit.

Ashley is up next, and her session is not quite as teary eyed as Risky's, but we definitely get to take a peek in at why she is the way she is, and frankly it made me love her all the more.

Marcia is up at bat next, and she is told to tell her mother about her drinking problem. Marcia however refuses to tell her mother that her stepfather was the reason for her drinking problem. Marcia refuses to tell her mother this, because she does not want her mom to feel guilty about it. I have to give mad props to her for not wanting to hurt her mother, and not wanting her mother to feel guilty. Why the shrink chick wanted her to do so was beyond me. Remember one of your lessons moron? Make love, not war. Gosh, stupid woman should take some of her own advice. Besides, why force her to strain her relationship with her mom? Seriously.

Anyhow, not to long after this whole ordeal, the girls lounge around, nothing exciting happens, and finally we make it to the near end, where the girls give their speeches. These final speeches make or break them at Charm School, as always.

Risky had me bawling, and we find out her secret. Her brother is in jail for bringing violence to the man who molested her (the stepfather).

Ashley had a wonderful speech, as did Marcia, but any fool could tell who would be winning this season, and righteously so, it was Risky, so I must say congratulations to Risky, you beautiful, beautiful woman.

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