Monday, July 6, 2009

Sims 3 Expansion Pack News

So the rumor buzzing around the Internet that the very first Sims 3 expansion pack will be titled The Sims 3: Destination Adventure!

As of now the news is only a rumor, but there are sources saying that this will most likely be the name of the first expansion pack for the game. Some foreign sites already have it listed for a November release.

Due to the news of the expansion pack, many are imagining what the new expansion pack will offer their games!? I myself am wondering. With a title like Destination Adventure, I have to of course take into consideration the most obvious: vacations for my Sims.

I wonder though, will the vacations be added on new lots on the games town, or will it be a load screen town that they can travel to? Will it be a separate town like the one buyers could download?

Will it offer new features such as hair, objects, and things that Sims can actually interact with?

A lot of fans, and those who are less than thrilled with the Sims 3, think that it will likely be similar to Bon Voyage.

Personally I will be disappointed if the first expansion pack does not include weather. The biggest want fans of the original Sims 1 game, was weather. We finally got the delivery in an expansion pack in The Sims 2, only to discover a lack of changing seasons on the newest Sims 3 game.

Personally it has been a month since the game came out, and less than 3 weeks later I have already grown tired and bored of the game. Although the game is a lot funner, and more polished, it does not appeal to me as much as the Sims 2 did due to the lack of things to do, and the lack of custom content.

Till the expansion packs flood us up, and more custom content is released, I probably won't be entirely happy. However I do think that weather in the game is a must.

Hopefully this next expansion pack brings us weather.

The first rumored expansion pack was said to focus on jobs. I guess the original rumor has been laid to rest due to the announcement of the first expansion pack.

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