Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Paris Hiltons My New BFF, Recap Season 2; Paris Says Goodbye To David!

As if we did not see this coming!

Anyhow, the episode starts off with everyone in the mansion as usual. The buzz around the house is still focused on David. Everyone seems dead set on getting him out of the house.

Today's challenge is focused on the paparazzi. Paris has all of the contestants dressed in very tight, and very short leather skirts. The guys are not void of the dresses either. Instead they are given Scottish looking skirts to wear.

Without knowing what the challenge is, the contestants are to ride around in flashy high end cars. Their mission is to get out of the car, while paparazzi are swarming. Their job- to keep their private areas out of the cameras view while getting out of the car. As stated, they are unaware of this task, however anyone who knows Paris Hilton well enough, knows she has had her fair share of embarrassing mishaps.

Amanda seems to 'get' that this is a challenge and is smart enough to cross her legs while getting out of the car while cameras are snapping around her left and right.

Afterward, they all go to lunch with Paris where they share a little bit about themselves, and Paris shares a little bit of herself with them. She begins to cry when she mentions having her photo snapped when she was getting out of a car. She recalls the day like it was yesterday. She stated she had on green underwear and someone photoshopped someone elses vagina into the area, and that it was NOT her private part. She was disgusted by it, and teared up over the incident, because as she stated -it hurts.

At any rate, it was nice seeing a real side of Paris, although later on during the night I believe I caught a side of her world that made me second guess her, and those she rolls with.

The contestants are all brought to a night club where they will party with Paris. Everyone seems to be having a good time, ass kissing Paris...except for David. He is trying to make buddy buddy with Paris boyfriend Dough.

Later on however, if you pay close attention you can see that Dough is laughing really hard over something, and I have a hunch that, that something was David. It was a mocking look, and it disgusted me. I don't know who he thinks he is, but seriously, he has no neck, is very ugly, and has a greasy face. He is better than no one, so if he was laughing at David, it's actually okay, because his karma is stuck with him for life. That fool was hit with an ugly stick at birth. There is no fixing that.

Later on when David is eliminated, Paris also throws some comments out about David, which was uncalled for. He never did anything to her, for her to talk crap like that. Likely her, and her hit with the ugly stick boyfriend, were talking so much crap about him the night before.

So much for being so real, and so nice. What did he ever do? Nothing. If she is going to call him a tool, likely she views everyone competing in this 'game' a tool. I mean she calls them 'kids'. They are all her tools.

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