Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Paris Hiltons My New BFF, Season 2: Have My Back, Recap

This week on Paris Hilton's My New BFF, Paris decides to show up at the mansion to hand out American Girl Dolls to her remaining contestants. The dolls however have some sort of ridiculous microphone hooked up inside of them, which gives Paris control over what the dolls say to the contestants.

It's a little funny listening to these demanding mouthy dolls, but listening to the dolls is not the only task the contestants have.

Paris lets them know that they will be going to a store to pick out outfits for the dolls, for a doll fashion show.

Basically their job is to clothe the dolls, and show them off to Paris. The one who dresses their doll best, will win a pass from getting eliminated. The one who does the worst, will automatically be up for discussion.

Paris had another agenda when she stepped into the mansion. She came dressed in what she considered a hideous outfit. Her plan was to see who lied to her and told her she looked good. I must have no fashion sense whatsoever, because I thought she looked pretty cute, minus the weird sunglasses.

At any rate, her pet for the week was to report back to her later on, to let her know who lied to her when everyone said she looked cute.

It was a stupid superficial request, Desi kept with her word stating she thought Paris looked cute, while the others agreed her outfit was not that great.

Anyhow, all of the contestants are taken to some doll shop, where they pick outfits for their dolls. After choosing outfits, they have their doll runway fashion show for Paris, and guest star Lil Kim.

David and Amanda impress her the most with their doll outfit choices. Stefanie however lost the competition with her green bathing suit choice, so naturally Stefanie is put up for discussion.

Shortly after the competition, Amanda and David have some stupid fight over a joke that Amanda's doll made her pull. You see Paris speaks through the doll using some voice thing, and the contestants do as the doll requests. Amanda was to remove all the laces from David's shoes, and tie them together.

She does as requested, and not long after that a giant piss fight erupts, which end up making them all look stupid. Amanda begins telling fictitious over dramatic tales on how David put his hands on her, when the reality is, the bitch was just looking to get him removed from the house. Hell, if I were him I would of thrown her down the stairs if she dared take a pile of my clothes and try to throw them in a pool. She's of eaten concrete.

I was hoping Paris would cut the chord on Amanda, but unfortunately Desi ends up getting sent home, due to her thinking that Paris' outfit was hot.

Good Lord. Can we get any more superficial?
Desi is expelled for her poor choice in fashion. Ugh, whatever!

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