Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Charm School With Ricki Lake: Brittanya Sent Packing!!! Recap Episode

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God dang-it! Last night Ricki Lake sent home one of her hottest students; Brittanya!!!

Anyhow, we learned last week that the girls would be shipped off to New Orleans to help restore the community that hurricane Katrina lashed through.

Before getting down to work though, Ricki sets the girls loose in town during the Mardi Gras. Some of the girls party like they are rock stars, while others remain low key. Marcia in particular was having a difficult time being a part of the party scene due to the fact that she cannot drink.

Just when I thought Marcia was about to break down, and join the party by drinking, she proved that she was in fact ready to take her drinking problem on, head on, by avoiding it all together. She cut the night short for herself, went home and got an early nights sleep. Marcia is smart, and knew that the following day there would be a lot of work to do.

Ashley however parties it up, and swallows down shot after shot. Britannya is also partying with her, but it appears that she is not as drunk as Ashley. Risky stays close by, enjoys the party scene, but stays pretty sober, while keeping a close eye on her competition.

Ashley, Brittanya and Risky all head home at around 3am. No less than 3 and a half hours later they are all awoken to begin their days work.

Ashely however is still tipsy from the night before...or I should say few hours before. Ashley however pulls it together, and really impressed me with how far she went during the course of the day.

The challenge begins at a school, where the girls are put to work on beautifying the school grounds for the children.

The day does not end there though. After this hard work, the girls are told that whomever they think worked the hardest, can go back to the house, and relax. Everyone votes that Marcia worked the hardest, due to the fact that she worked through her lunch break.

Marcia gets to go home and relax, while Ashley, Brittanya, and Risky are moved to another location. There job at this location is to help prepare meals for the homeless.

As with the school work, after this job is done, the girls once again are to vote on whom they think worked the hardest. This person will get to go home, while the remaining 2 girls continue on and work into the night.

Everyone agrees that Brittanya worked the hardest, so she is free from the remaining nights duty.

The camera cuts to Marcia and Brittanya sitting back at the house. Brittanya is munching down on some food, and Marcia begins to antagonize her by calling her a follower, and then mentioning how wonderful a mom Ashley is to her son. Although she did not say it, Marcia was suggesting that Brittanya is a bad mom, which is just messed up. I was shocked to see Marcia pushing Brittanya's buttons this way.

The following day Marcia decides to tell everyone that Brittanya has not changed, and that she wanted to fight her the night before. Marcia seriously planted an evil seed that was not true. She definitely failed to mention how she herself led Brittanya to an aggressive stance.

However sitting across a table and telling someone to shut up, is far from 'fighting'. Marcia led her on, and when she got the rude reaction she was looking for, she made it larger than it was. Brittanya was not going to fight her! I was pretty impressed with how she held it together, because frankly I would have jumped across the table and had Marcia eating gravel.

Anyhow, Ashley and Risky continue on to help unload a truck for their final task. I'm really not sure what this job was, or how it was helpful to the community because there was a lack of detail on what exactly the point of them being there was.

During expulsion Ricki sends home Brittanya due to the fact that she felt she was only there for the money, so she could pay her lawyer fees and stay out of jail.

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