Thursday, December 11, 2008

No One Wants Photos Of Ashlee Simpson's Baby!?!?!? Yeah Right!

Many years ago, I remember watching a reality show on Ashlee Simpson. To be quite honest I found her to be pretty ugly, with her hook nose, and black hair. Not to mention the horrid annoying sore throat sounding voice she had. However though, I continued to watch, and even though the whole series was a train wreck, it gave Jessica Simpson's little sister a ton of publicity, and she even managed to scoop up a few fans thanks to the show.

Ever since the show, I grew to like her. I was never a fan of her music, but she had this sweet personality, wanna be rocker chick vibe going on, which made her likable in that weird way.

The news began circulating sometime last year about her marriage to Pete Wentz, and shortly after fans all discovered she was pregnant with his baby.

The baby came along this November of 2008, and today I got hit with the news that the couple has been trying to pimp photos of their baby Bronx Mowgli to magazines, and have so far scored no takers! (I have huge doubts about this story though)

Wow though! How humiliating.

I personally never understood this horrendous ritual of selling out your child to a magazine for your own personal profit. In fact I find it to be disgusting and morally messed up.

As of now though it is being said that the rumors are not true. There are even more rumors going on though, about how shes spending time outside of her home while leaving the child behind at home.

To me, it looks like the media is about to turn Ashlee into their 2009's worst mom of the year. Britney held the title for so long... and apparently they don't want to torment Jamie Lynn Spears with this title... so by the looks of it, it appears that the focus will be on Ashlee as of now. Poor thing!

I really like Ashlee, and I can just tell that these awful rumors are going to tear her apart.

Regardless though, this media frenzy over the baby photos, is sure to rake even more money in for the photos of Bronx.

It's unfortunate the media can't leave people alone and let them live their lives... but such is horrors that come with fame.

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