Tuesday, December 16, 2008

The Saddest Person In The World

The snow stopped about an hour ago; pretty disappointing too, because I was really excited to go home and possibly get some snapshots of the winter wonderland that graced our presence for an hour. Traces of it can be seen on rooftops, but other than that... nada. Besides, I don't think anyone would really be all that interested in snowy rooftop shots. Pretty bland and boring if you ask me.

I keep looking out the office window at people passing by. I usually only examine them to pick them apart. I'm cruel that way, but I always figured so long as I was silently picking on someone, my Karma would still be in check. They have no idea that the cruel crone behind the office desk was thinking wicked thoughts about their large noses, fat rears, or absence thereof.

Today though there is something different about all of those passing by. Today they are smiling. I know that they too are sort of similar to me, they too managed to get hold of some of that good ol Christmas spirit due to the snow, so they are in a good mood. I didn't pick on anyone today based solely off of the fact that everyone seemed so cheery. Even me.

Usually when people pass by this window I hear them yelling at their kids, screaming at someone on a cell phone, or they are alone with a deep seated sadness written all over their faces. The images are truly contagious, because usually I go home in a grumpy mood- somehow through the pane of thin glass their moods manage to stick to me like a disease. The views today though...they were pleasant.

A week ago the small office next door to ours had a huge blow up of cussing, arguing, and scuffling! I love when things like that happen though, because it gives me something to do. At any rate, this fight was so deliciously good that I actually had to rise from my seat, and hold my ear to the wall.

The walls here are thin, and the guys next door fight so often that I always think a stray bullet is going to come sailing for my head one of these days.

Anyhow, from what I got, the fight was over... I bet you already know....money!!!! That's right... as usual the roots of all evil. It can cause a sane man to go insane. I have only a little... so I'm only a little insane.

The fight though seriously went on for a good 20 minutes... men screaming like women, and dear God, did I just hear a cracked voice...one of them were crying?

Wow! Now it made me feel bad for eaves dropping, but it made me at the same time realize that everyone has their own set of problems, and for the most part no one gives a crap about them... until you are eaves dropping, and you tune in to the problem, only does their story become a sad story.
A sad face walking by in a sidewalk...you could honestly care less, but if given the opportunity to listen to why that face is so sad looking, it could actually effect you, make you want to help....or become that persons protector. Weird how that works.

Someone is always sad about something; mostly though their sadness is petty- take me for instance, I'm sad about the lack of snow.... bah! I'm such a pathetic creature.

I wonder who the saddest person in the world is? There has to be somewhere on this planet, the saddest person in the world. I wonder who they are, and I wonder what their story is. How selfish of me, to be sad over snow.

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