Thursday, December 11, 2008

Bahama Dreams

I recently got back from my first out of state vacation. I never ever in my life thought I'd ever take a vacation to the Bahama's or anywhere where the water wasn't black and murky in color. Before arriving, I never in my life expected things to look as beautiful as they did. I always imagined that those picture perfect tropical dream images you see on Corona commercials, or on postcards were nothing short a fantasy... perhaps airbrushed to look more beautiful than what they really were.

To my shock, things in the Bahamas are exactly as that postcard, exactly like the Corona commercials... and honestly it looks even better in real life. Nothing compares.

The picture you see in the middle, was where Pirates of the Caribbean was filmed on Gold Rock Beach. This beach was a true gem, untouched, unspoiled, and when arriving, we actually had to stop and take in what we were seeing. Pinch me I must be dreaming type of view!

I was able to catch soooo many different types of tropical fish underwater with my Olympus 1030sw, which takes a wicked nice photo, but at the same token had issues after I got home, when I realized the inside chambers eroded a bit. It still works of course, but this should NOT have happened. At any rate, the photo of the jellyfish was taken with an Olympus 1030sw waterproof digital camera. Pretty snazzy wouldn't you say?
The one issue I had there was watching others at our resort stepping on coral. So I figured I would stress it here in my blog to all of the idiotic selfish morons out there.... keep off of the coral, it is alive!!!!
Not only that some coral is poisonous, so you could land yourself a trip to the hospital!!! Not that you wouldn't deserve that though!
At any rate though, my mind has been there ever since. I have been considering buying myself a little tiki hut on the beach, and just living it up like a bum... truly, I know I'd be happy. All possessions left behind... without my TV, without my computer, a true tropical paradise just outside my little palm door... I couldn't ask for more. Ahhhh....

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